Importance of Transparent communication in business development

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Why transparent communication is important in business development:- Companies are more transparent and open in communication and business operations these days. An important key to success and long growth is open communication. Companies can attain employee trust and loyalty of customers and employees through it.

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Transparency and open communication can substantially improve the organizational performance and is a basic requirement for achievement of desired organizational goals and objectives. Communication can be considered as the thread that holds each and every department of an organization together and create coordination among them that further leads to an organization’s success. For open and transparent work culture, it is important that every employee is able to quickly access all relevant information and expertise required to get the job done. Transparency is not only about sharing information, but it requires putting all facts on the table and being open in taking every action. As well, it is about making employees able to have discussions where opinions can be shared and questions can be answered in an open and transparent way. Many companies fail to sustain and achieve success due to poor performance of their people. Unless employees are satisfied and inspired, organizational goals and objectives cannot be attained effectively. Today’s employees are different from their older colleagues in terms of attitude towards work, preferences as well as motivational factors. Apart from getting the adequate pay, today’s employees feels motivated when they get recognition, invited to participate in management, providing suggestions and sharing innovative ideas, etc. Open and transparent way of communication encourages them to give better performance and they help the organization to achieve desired goals and objectives effectively. Rapid advancements in technology have helped business firms to enhance communication within the organization; the internet has become the common tool for sharing information with others at a broad level. Today, most of communication within or outside the organization is done through emails and the internet. This is considered as fastest mode of communication that help in quick decision making.

Numerous research studies have concluded that when communication is open and transparent, it tends to motivate employees to work better which further result in enhancing the organizational overall performance. In order to make employees more involved and dedicated towards their work, it is important for manager to share information and other business matters with employees and thereby make them aware of what is happening in their company. With a view to attain desired work results from employees, it is essential to let them know about the goals of the company and what work is required to be done to achieve the goals. In addition to this, challenges that company is facing should also be shared with employees as well as their suggestions and opinion to address the business challenges should also be invited. The management should therefore attempt to create an open and comfortable work environment where employees can freely express their opinion regarding company’s inability to implement certain strategy and making critical decisions. Many studies have proven that companies that involve employees in decision making and other management related matters are more successful than others. Furthermore, companies that invite feedback of employees regarding the working style are more efficient in their performance and their employees are more dedicated in achieving the organizational goals. Attributing to this fact, employees should also be encouraged to express their discontent with management and leadership style of their employers; this will prove to be beneficial in forming completing transparency within the organization and at all levels of management.

The poor and ineffective communication is worst of all; it not only leads to reluctance to express opinions and innovative ideas but also leads to conflicts and business issues in many cases. Lack of transparent and open communication discourage employees and make them insecure about their job. As well, it impedes them to share creative and innovative work ideas and suggestions with management. Besides affecting the collaboration and smooth flow of operations, poor communication tarnishes the image the company in public as well as among shareholders and business partners. In many instances, lack of openness and transparency leads to duplication of work, delay in decision making, work conflicts, lack of coordination among departments which results in affecting overall business operations negatively. Furthermore, lack of transparency within the organization makes employees disloyal towards the company and thereby compels him/her to disclose internal information to rival. Transparency within enterprise helps in minimizing such issues and also reduces inefficiencies in operations. It also helps in enticing competent and loyal employees who can direct organization towards the path of growth and success.

It is evident from the vast literature that organizations with an open and transparent culture have better chances of getting success in today’s dynamic and highly competitive market. This is because openness and transparency in communication, reduces business conflicts and issues, leads to generation of creative and innovative ideas, makes employees feel more connected with organization and thus leads to better work performance. Companies are increasingly making their work environment open and transparent by keeping employees well informed about organizational goals and objectives, challenges and financial position, as well as by enabling them to freely share their opinion, suggestions and creative ideas with management. Open communication at all levels of management is a key step towards organization long term sustenance and success. All the leading organizations are developed and succeeded on the basis of trust and transparency among all levels of management. It can be rightly said that open and transparent communication is of paramount importance for organization’s long term success ad survival in the present competitive business environment.

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