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7 Dissertation Blunders you must avoid at all costs

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Despite the fact that, preparing for the dissertations required lot of efforts, deliberation and precision, many of the students faces a handful of high-stakes materials and literatures. A good dissertation does not mean having a good quality and in-depth study of the subject; however it is also the way things are being presented and put on view, the clarity of the topic selected, the way of literatures are researched and many more (Baumeister, 2003). A wrong method being preferred for data investigation and analysis will result in a meaningless gibberish and the dissertation will ultimately a disaster. For this reason, this article is focussing on the blunders that should be avoided at any costs while writing dissertations. The subsequent article will throw light on the flaws that students commit habitually and offer their research to others in an incomprehensible fashion.

Firstly, the foremost thing is to determine the purpose of writing the dissertation. Most of the students are not aware about their purpose and their flight of study lands up in a wrong direction (Neuman, 2009). Thus, while preparing the report, it is important to identify the main objective of carrying out the study and then, investigating the information as per that. Students must have a clear goal, as some wants to advance theory, conceptualization in regards with the certain patterns of behaviours and many more (Frankfort-Nachmias and Nachmias, 2001). In part, determination of the purpose of the study goes hand in hand with understanding the type of audience. For the purpose of having effective dissemination of the research information, the character of the reading audience is vital for the writer (Bloomberg and Volpe, 2008). For instance, if the researchers are interested in reaching to a particular audience than they must talk in regards with the issues and concerns related to that particular commune.

Often most of the students do not delineate a supportive structure and this is the second most blunders they commit. In general, the written reports should be segregated into various segments conceptually such that it becomes easy for the readers to understand each of the segments of the report (Webster and Watson, 2002). Supportive structure or visuals signals here means, inculcating major headings which help in offering signals for the readers to follow. They can be divided upon their levels of reflecting the crucial information. All vital points or specific headings should be highlighted with capital letters or with some symbols so that the crux of the study can be presented in front of the readers in an understandable fashion. While writing a research paper or dissertation, it is a common gaffe that it does not contain a specific order or in other words, a series of section that is requisite is not followed (Hertz, 1996). Regardless of the topic, each and every research study must have a series of sections such as an abstract, which offers a brief description about the whole study, the introduction, which presents the basic research question, the literature review section, methodology, analysis, findings, discussions or implications and finally, references (Webster and Watson, 2002). If all the above sections are not presented in systematic manner than the research study is nothing more than gibberish.

The third mistake that should be avoided at any costs while writing an effective dissertation is deficient independent thought. This is being considered as the most common weakness in the research study of most of the students (Baumeister, 2003). They include very less or almost negligible matter, which are unique in terms of independent, thought and critical analysis. Most of the point or conclusion being made by the students are either copied or relate with the other sources and thus, they fail to go beyond. In addition to this, most of the students spend too much of their space in describing the things rather than analyzing the major concepts and theories (Aveyard, 2011). It is to be bear in the intellect of the students that the reader or professor already understands the material and hence, if the students keep on introducing the concept rather than showing what the concept actually means, than it cannot be termed as a study. Therefore, it is important for the students to pay attention on how to make use of the concepts in order to evaluate the topic of the dissertation.

Talking about the other common mistakes the students should avoid while writing the dissertation is selecting the right papers and articles (Zaporozhetz, 1987). Although it may go without saying that the researchers should embrace truthful, reliable and documented information, however it may not be as obvious that it should be interesting as well. When the researchers are doing a qualitative study, it becomes important for them to take into consideration valuable and reliable resources and at the same time it must be such that it continues to attract the attention of the readers at its very end (Aveyard, 2011). The research study must be creative and it can be possible by using several sources and references that are related with the topic.

Other than this, there are some instances where the students forget to put adequate references in their work and the result is, they ends with a satisfactory grades. The reason behind, almost each and every paragraph should be referenced to prove its authenticity (Bloomberg and Volpe, 2008). Every section of the report other than the conclusion part needs to be referenced to a legitimate source. Furthermore, all those sources which are not valid and authentic should not be referenced. Papers, articles and all other good sources is mirror of the researcher’s work. Therefore, if it is not in the proper order than it gives a negative impression and reflects that the students have skimped their research study (Neuman, 2009). Hence, to create an effective dissertation that can score higher grades, broad and lengthy set of credible sources in the entire study is required subsequently.

There are many students who always feel a sense of relief when they reach at the conclusion part of their study. They feel as this is the best part where they can just paste the sub-conclusions from the previous sections and in few seconds, it’s over! However, this is the biggest blunder they make it in the path of a good research study. They should be aware that a good and appropriate conclusion involves more than this (Hertz, 1996). Only re-listing the previous sections is not enough. Rather, it is important for the researcher to tie up the things together that has been done in the previous sections with the problem statement of the research study. Another common mistake being done by the students is they forget to proofread their work. A research is something, where many articles, papers, journals and many other credible sources are being researched (Zaporozhetz, 1987). Ample of materials accumulates and it becomes difficult task to analyze which can be best fitted to make the study more interesting and valuable. In such a scenario, it is quite vital to proofread the work being done. Before handing over the assignments, it is required by the students to proofread the assignments so that the silly mistakes can be rectified (Webster and Watson, 2002). Spotting and determining the mistakes is being considered as a best way to get a higher mark in the assignments.

Last but not the least, most of the students commits mistakes in the sneaky tactics. It is equally essential to change the margins, font size and line spacing for the purpose of meeting the requirement of the paper. They are needed to present the research in an effective way. A research study being offered in an adequate manner often attracts the readers and makes it easily visible (Bloomberg, L. D. and Volpe, M., 2008). On the other hand, if such things are being avoided than the investigated information or data will not be put on view in a proper way. Whether, the materials or data being researched is of good quality, it won’t make any difference if the sneaky tactics are being used by the researcher. Thus, it can be attributed that without margins, font size and line spacing, the research work will be ruffled up and becomes easy to spot by the professor (Frankfort-Nachmias and Nachmias, 2001). Further, it also shows a lack of respect for the professor and will undoubtedly hurt your grades. Hence, manipulative tactics should be avoided at any costs in order to prove it a best research work. From the above enlightenment, it is imperative to say that while writing a research paper or dissertation various things are required to be taken care of. There are many gaffes such as not determining the purpose of writing the dissertation, unreliable references and sources, inadequate structure, improper materials and papers, adopting sneaky tactics and many more. All these blunders and mistakes should be avoided at any costs in order to get higher marks and to present a research study in magnificent manner. If these things are not given importance and considered than, the study will be nothing more than gibberish.

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