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University students expend myriad their hours thinking and worrying in regards with what they will major in at college, when the alternative of major is less significant than perceptive of how to get extra-ordinary grades in the college. Most of the traditional majors possess the skills needed by the students to carry through a life being filled with many jobs and multiple careers (Girard and Musielak, 2012). Further, it also includes the required core courses which are demanded in most of the colleges. Whether, the student is going for Internship or graduation, the main thing will be focused there is the student’s GPA in order to agree on how smart the student is (Branstette, 2012). Thus, it is attributed that employer or graduate school, both look for good grades and in order to survive in both these fields students are required to score good grades. In this regard, the present article will throw light on various ways and methods that should be consider by the students in order to survive in internship as well as graduation.

When the students are aware about how to score good marks or grades in the college, it shows their hard work and their ability to understand the material. It is always not good for the students to ask for the good grades, as they need or want them. If the students have not done their work, it is better to finish off the task being assigned or they should engage themselves in the class activities (Ann and Adams, 2011). The apprentice cannot depend upon the professors to change their grade from C to B. If this is so, than it is the learner’s scholarship, which is at risk. In other words, it can be attributed that it is the student’s job to learn the methods of scoring good grades in the college and universities. There are many such ways and some of them are being described in the subsequent paragraphs (Baxter and Elizabeth, 2010).

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If the students adore their subjects then it becomes very easy to search for the related materials. It is a normal tendency that most of the apprentice approach first for the easy ones with more willingness as compared to the difficult ones. This is actually a wrong approach; instead the students should figure out how much time is being required to accomplish the hardest task and then they should tackle it when they are freshest and alert (White, 2008). This is the only way they can focus on difficult classes and subjects. For scoring good grades, it is important to complete the tough task first. Another important method is to think carefully in regards with the subjects that are being enjoyed by the apprentice. For instance, if someone uses visual learning styles in their subjects than this is being considered as the best way to get good grades in all the subjects of college (Linnell, 2009). If this part needs to be move further, focus should be made on finding the viable space for studying. There are some students who needs total silence while learning things and thus, library are the best room for those. Further, if the students need some level of background noise then they want such study space which has some ambient noise.

In addition to the above methods, it is also equally important for the students to learn how to read. Making it to the college does not signify that the apprentices are aware how to read in order to get good grades. However, it is vital that they must read with access to a dictionary or glossary (Ann and Adams, 2011). It is essential to know what they are reading. Reading and turning pages is just not enough. Additionally, if the students are searching for the key concepts and evidence to sustain them, they just need to look at the table of contents and introduction part so as to see what the author wants to say in that book or paper. After that it is crucial to read the middle portion to seek for examples where the author makes the reader believes or understands the key concepts and evidence (Girard and Musielak, 2012). Just the once, if the reader understands what they are looking for, it becomes very easy to read faster and suitably.

It is an unfold truth that most of the students get good grades in the college only when they read in a difficult field and they ask themselves that why it is significant and relevant for them. The main idea behind any study is to determine the crucial ideas or facts. It is equally necessary to devise the tools and help yourself to retain the materials. It is you, who will be going to make your future and thus, tools should be determined which can help you to remember varied documents (Branstette, 2012). This can be done by making flash cards, notes in the margins of the study rooms, printing the notes, if it is online and many more. For good learning, students should have a record of the key concepts and they must know how they can be hand together. For visual learner’s it is good to make diagrams and pictures and rest can make a short summary. If they are not able to summarize it properly, it indicates that they have not learned appropriately or either, they have not understood the materials. Those students who are scoring good grades in the college are not going it alone (Hustad, 2008). There are some subjects, which might prove difficult to some of the students. In such a situation, they just need to seek help from professors, tutor or TA. Their school might have sufficient resources that can offer online tutoring, which in turn will support the students to get higher level marks and grades and they can successfully survive in graduation.

Moving the article in the other direction i.e. surviving the internship, consideration is required to be made on how to survive in the internships where the situations are not in favor or students want to excel with good grades (White, 2008). If the environment, ambience or conditions of the internship is not favorable or the students are finding themselves in one later, the very first question comes in their intellect is how to survive? They should be relax and must take a deep breath. In order to make the internship experience better, the students are required to practice and adopt certain tips. Firstly, they need to determine the negatives of the internship and make a list. This will help them to pinpoint the problems and will support in filtering the positive facets (Linnell, 2009). Than it is crucial to take a hard look and indentify why it is so bad. Is it because of the boss, poor communication with the supervisor, less challenging task etc. Through this, students will be able to bring out some possible solutions that might help them to experience better internship. Furthermore, on the other hand, it is necessary for the interns to identify the positive points about their internship. This will build up the confidence and will render a supportive hand to sustain in the organization. Other than the above, becoming a proactive is also one of the most important tip that one can follow. The interns should volunteer for extra-tasks and they must propose a side projects (Baxter and Elizabeth, 2010). This can be done by seeking help from the professors, surfing library of the college and universities and discussions with the peer group and friends.

Other than the above, there are many things that need to be taken care off in order to survive in the internships. The very first is to prove them wrong, as the organization always think that interns are the only losers. For this, the students are required to accept any tasks without thinking that they will succeed or shine. Interns need to conquer boss by showing him or her, there personality and genuineness (Landes, 1997). Secondly, it is a unique experience for the students to learn new things and commit mistakes. As it is very rightly said that, “The best teacher is your last mistake”. Hence, students must come out from their comfort zone and should make necessary efforts to do difficult and different tasks.

If someone asks to define an internship, it is nothing but all about learning experience. Each and every experience offers a new learning opportunity. Speaking at the very least, the students will learn that which type of workplace suits them and can make an idea that what type of peer worker they want in future (Girard and Musielak, 2012). They are just required to take away all the things that they have learned, even if it is not of their choice and expectations. This will ultimately help them to survive in internship. To conclude it can be said that it is the attitude, confidence, right methods and right time that makes the difference. All these things, if done in an appropriate manner, can never stop someone to excel in every field and will survive them in graduation and internship as well.

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