Various leadership styles and its impact on followers

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There are varieties of factor which may affect people within the organization. Leadership style is one of the factors which have a huge impact at the subordinates and followers. There are usually six leadership styles which are present in today’s organizational setting. The six leadership styles are autocratic, participative, laissez faire, transformational, transactional, situational leadership styles. All these leadership style has its own impact and consequences. The availability of effective leadership not only determines the better decision making and organizational success, but the growth of individuals could also ensure. The most significant aspect of leadership style is that it controls all the activities and mainly affects the organizational culture. It includes values, ethics, and code of conduct, norms and beliefs. Thus the leadership style is supposed to adopt in very painstaking manner. The description of such leadership style with respect to impact at followers is as follows:

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Autocratic leadership style: It is very significant style of leadership in which a leader takes all the decision on the basis of his gut feeling and whatever he is thinking towards the situation. The role of employees and followers is completely negligible in taking the decisions. Before assessing the impact of this style there is a huge requirement of creating certain situations. As here the impact of leadership has been measured on employees so the situation could be related to the experience or inexperience level of employees. The impact of leadership styles could vary as per the working pattern of employees as well. It is to acknowledge that if the employees are highly skilled and have a sufficient amount of experience, then using the autocratic leadership style could put negative impact on them. It can prevent them to showcase their potential and most importantly, they couldn’t be in the position to use their talent freely. The worst impact is that it can stop their growth as they are not able to utilize the talent due to the autocratic behaviour of a leader. On the contrary, if the employees are indiscipline and inexperienced then the autocratic leadership style can put positive impact at followers. In such situation, the leader can guide the followers in proper way and can ensure their growth as well. It provides a huge level of learning opportunity to the subordinates. But this element could be successful only if the followers and leaders share health relationship with each other and follower have trust on leaders. Thus, in this way the autocratic leadership style can put both positive and negative impacts on followers but there is need of ensuring the accuracy of situation.

Participative leadership style: It is another leadership style which is very common within the organizational settings. It is just opposite to the autocratic leadership style. Here in participative leadership style, a leader includes employees in the decision making process and it also has both positive and negative impacts at the followers. Again the situations are same as above. First is that if the employees are highly experienced then they feel motivated and in order to impress the leaders they nurture their potential and try to use their experience so that the innovative ideas could be provided into the decision making process. It removes the stress and high level of job satisfaction among followers could be noticed. On the contrary, if the leader is supportive or believes in participative leadership style then it just provides the growth opportunities and most importantly develops the confidence among followers who have less experience. They can apply their mind and followers get a proper chance to showcase their potential. It is considered as a most ideal leadership style that could be adopted by any leader. The only negative impact of participative leadership style is that decision making could be delayed as discussion is the basis of this particular style of leadership.

Laissez faire style of leadership: This leadership style has freedom in its base. The leaders are not bothered for the involvement in the decision making process and the followers have complete freedom to take decisions as per their gut feelings and experience level. In this style of leadership the employees who are inexperienced they face lots of problems and their learning ratio also got hampered. This kind of leadership is actually negative for its followers even worse than the autocratic leadership style. The followers have no chance to focus on new things and they can’t even take right decisions due to lack of experience. It again lowers down their confidence. Therefore, less availability of learning as well as growth opportunities could be treated as the negative impact of laissez faire leadership style on inexperienced employees. On the contrary, the old as well as experienced employees may lose their edge due to lack of guidance of leaders. The leaders always work as great supervisor who not only motivates but also shows the way to go ahead and finding a way to success. But no interference of leaders can make the experienced followers highly irresponsible and it could be negative for their growth. Therefore laissez faire leadership style should not be put into practice until and unless the employees are not motivated and have self learning attitude.

Transactional leadership style: This kind of leadership style has no relevancy with the decision making process or the involvement of employees within the organization into any decision. It simply focuses on building stronger organizations within the organization. If the leaders are relying on this leadership style then it has definitely inherited the discipline and punctuality within the company. The major impact at followers that they need to follow the basic fundamentals of the management else strict actions could be taken against them. Followers need to follow all the legal aspects as well as policies. Here the leaders might follow the traditional management principles rather than innovative management activities. The leaders get stuck to traditional and whole organizational culture also got designed accordingly. It is to acknowledge that the major impact on followers is that they can control their growth or failure path by them only. As the philosophy of a leader is that the punishment should be given for poor performance and appreciation should be provided if employees perform in excellent way. Thus the followers can determine the behaviour of leaders by their efforts only. It is clear that leaders motivate the employees either through punishment or rewarding them through performance so it creates a huge level of satisfactory environment for followers.Hence it could be stated that transactional leadership style also puts favourable impact at followers.

Transformational leadership style: Again, this style of leadership is completely differing than all other leadership styles. Here the leader is not a concern for the organizational culture or for the decision making process. The entire consideration of a leader is given to bringing the effectiveness within the organization and transforming the business operations at very rapid speed. The transfaomrtional leaders focus on innovation and accepting the change at very large scale. The major positive impact on followers is that they usually work in the highly competitive environment and it just enables them to increase their competitiveness. Here, skill, talent, hard work, learning attitude and a positive attitude are the only key to establish within the organization. The employees may get a chance and growth opportunities and overall development could be noticed if the leader is transformational. However the scenario here seems to be very much pressurized and stressed, but the leaders also have solution for it. They always provide the motivated working environment for the employees and foster the team environment where experience and inexperienced employee both work with each other in a collaborative manner. Thus the transformational leadership style also puts positive impact at the followers and makes them more innovative and competitive.

Situational leadership style: In modern era, or it could be said that in order to handle the globalization it was required to bring innovation into the leadership style as well so situational leadership style comes into existence. The philosophy of situational leadership style is that the leader can’t behave in the same manner in all the situations. Thus the major aim of situational leadership is to handle the management issues or various employees in a different manner as per the situation rather than any particular leadership style. It is a combination of all above leadership style and manager have to assess that what kind of leadership style could be effective under what circumstances. Here followers have advantages that they can build understandable relationship with a leader and the most importantly the message is clear from leaders that the benefit of organization is most significant or prioritized element. Another positive impact is that the follower’s remains relaxed due to the leader’s positive energy and situation handling capacity. Thus, in this way these are some of the major factors which corroborates towards the positive as well as the negative impact of leadership style on followers. It is a responsibility of both followers and leaders to identify the most appropriate leadership style and behave accordingly. Its impact could be experienced for the longer period of time and effective leadership legacy could also pass on to upcoming leaders.

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