Enhancing Organizational Performance through Flexible Working Patterns

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  • Published On: 19-12-2023

Flexible working patterns and practices are a set of activities that are conducted by the HR personnel of a business with the purpose of providing the employees and the people in the workforce with a flexible schedule that allows them to start or finish their work as per their convenience. The practice is specifically focused towards maintaining a leniency in relation to the schedules of a workday for the employees while assisting the same in addressing their priorities. There is a pre set target that the employees are required to achieve without any time constraint. It has been witnessed that most of the employees’ work morals are affected through the insufficiency of work- life balance. In this connection, the implementation of the flexible working schedules or shifts allows the businesses in improving the degree of operations while addressing the work- life balance related expectations of the employees. On the other hand, it has been observed that the development of the flexible working hours supports a business in keeping the workforce motivated and focused which assists in experiencing a reduction in the staff turnover rates in businesses. Therefore, most businesses have taken the initiative of devising flexible schedules for their employees for reducing turnover rates and improving the overall organizational performance.

Flexible shift working schedules are in various patterns like part time where an employee is required to work for half of the actual working shift hours. The flexi time is again another important flexible working pattern that is used by the organizations with the purpose of facilitating the employees with a flexible shift of working and a core working hour rather than creating a fixed time of operations. For an instance, a organization might apply flexi shift timing with 8 hours of operations while not mentioning the start and end period of the operations. The facilitation of the core working hours with the employees support an organization in providing the employees with a privilege while empowering their work as per their convenience. The facilitation of the flexi- shift timing supports a business in managing the work- life balance based requirements of the employees and keeping the same focused of their work and reducing the rate of staff turnover in business. Compressed hours of work is a type of facility that is provided by the businesses with the purpose of reducing or compressing the hours of operations of the employees while ensuring the efficiency of the business processes. Therefore, the development of different patterns of flexi work schedule supports a business in ensuring the continuous growth and development of the business performance and reducing the staff turnover rates.


The flexible working strategy of an organization provides the employees to operate on their convenient time while ensuring the fulfillment of their work life balance. The flexible working strategy being embedded in the total rewards offer of an organization ensures the motivation of a workforce towards achieving the common strategic targets and goals. It has been observed that most of the employees prefer to operate as per their convenience and autonomy. The flexible working hours provide the employees with full autonomy and responsibility on the operations which attracts and keeps the employees motivated and focused towards their different areas of operations. The nature of change in the organizational operations is reliant on the active participation of the employees. Therefore, businesses tend to take the initiative of developing capability on addressing the flexible working based needs of the employees while providing the same with autonomy. The autonomous functioning of the employees improves their capability at work while ensuring the fulfillment of the organizational objectives and goals. The flexi shift timing is conceived as a total reward to the employees while providing the same with an opportunity of working autonomously. Therefore, the flexi shift routines support businesses in reducing the instances of exhausted workforce while meeting their daily targets and improving performance and keeps the workforce motivated resulting to reduced rates of turnovers.

The potential merits of adopting flexi shift routines in a workplace is based on the autonomy that the business is capable of providing to the workforce while addressing their health and wellbeing related needs through convenience operations. It has been observed that most employees prioritize work- life balance and increased tensions with extended hours of work or a fixed mechanical; schedule might wear off the efficiency of the operations that are conducted by the employees. However, the implementation of the flexi working shifts supports an organization in providing the employees with a privilege of completing their tasks as per their convenience. Moreover, it has been observed that the adoption of flexi work routine supports an organization in maintaining motivated workforce and thereby reduce the rate of turnovers among the same. The reduced staff turnovers support an organization in improving the performance while addressing to the strategic goals or objectives. However, it has been observed that the flexi shift timings have certain demerits which might incapacitate an organization in empowering their success factors. It has been observed that the implementation of flexi shift timing in a workplace setting might affect the capability of the business management in tracking progress. The workforce might misuse the process and deviate from their respective daily targets which become non- manageable and controllable by the management. Therefore, the implementation of the flexi shift timing in an organizational setting holds both positive and negative impacts.

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Organizational goals are mostly facilitated through the development of the flexible working patterns. It has been observed that flexi shifts are induced by the organizations with the purpose of maximizing talents and creativity in a business operation. It has been observed that the creative and talented people in an organization expect autonomy of work which is provided by a business through the implementation of flexi shift timing. On the other hand, organizations provides a part time based operation with the purpose of reducing the operational expenses while leading cost efficient processes. Part time workers are paid less by organizations while the operations are established well through the part time facilities which supports a business in reducing costs of operations.

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