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Training and Development of Human Resource


Training and development is one of the very crucial elements that help in eradicating the problematic aspects into the organization and providing leading edge to the competency of people. Further there are various advantages of training and development package; one is that the potential of individuals could be developed as per the requirement of company and as per their expectations the employees could be trained. Second is that the productivity of an organization could be improved at very large scale (Training and Development, 2009). Here also the special consideration has been given to developing the training package so that training and development sessions could be implemented in an effective way. The resources, planning etc. every significant aspect to be included in any training sessions have been explained in current report.

Organization and staff cohort:

Here the selected organization is Tesco that is UK’s largest supermarket retailer store and they have their operations in all over the world. It is clear that the company has its outlets at various parts but one thing is at core of their business which is customer satisfaction. The company provides large range of products under one roof. The vision of company is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by delivering excellent services. For the same purpose the cited organization is dedicated to bring changes at all operational and functional areas of business on the regular basis.

Tesco is one of the largest organizations that have gained success in various dimensions and handling the customers as well as their queries is one of the fields that have been dealt in proper way. Thus here the organization is providing training to its newly joined employees with respect to increasing their communication skill. Increasing their understanding about the expediency of dealing with customers in proper way is the need of Tesco in case of newly joined staff people. Thus they are the people need training as they work at lower level and their role is immense in dealing with customers (Kratz., 2005). The training package with respect to delivering the excellent communication skills has been provided in an articulated manner. Hence ground staff at outlets is the staff cohort that needs training to accomplish the main objective of an organization.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Human resource development need:

The need of human resource development is immense in current scenario. The human resource is the area that has direct relevance with the company’s performance and rapid growth. The staff is the face of company and represents the values and intentions of an organization. The development of human resource is something that helps on the ground of changing the perspective of a business entity. Thus human resource development need is completely aligned with organizational growth and development. The competitive advantage could be improved if the human resource is able to align with recent changes took place into the environment. Through training program package they can learn the one dimension of their skills set i.e. communication skill (Skiff, 2009). In its categorization set it includes the listening skills, expressing skills, talking and most importantly the relevancy and usage of gestures.

Program objectives:

There are certain objectives of this training package which are described below:

  • To make lower staff competent and confident while communicating with customers
  • To ensure the increment in standard of lower level staff with respect to company’s international standards and reputation
  • To identify the areas where lower staff lacks and repairing that particular issue or challenges
  • .
  • To make lower level staff aware with the need of communication and its impact on their individual as well as company’s performance

Thus these are certain objectives of particular program which are completely revolving around the communication skills and improvement related to dealing with people who visits at store. Various ways and techniques have been taken into special consideration that can help in making lower level staff confident and competency while exchanging few words with customers. Ahead the dimensions of communication that could be benefitted for various parties have also prioritized as the basis of particular training program package. At last the identification of staff’s problematic areas is also an indication of concrete training program package. However individual could not be tested on this parameter due to set and specific program schedule. But the most common problems and issues could be notified and solutions could be provided for the same.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Program schedule:

This section provides the overview about the program schedule that undertakes to conduct the program package. Every day 7 hours long training sessions has been provided for 3 days. It starts at 10 o clock and continue till 5 in the evening. During this session one hour of lunch periods has been allotted.

Thus it is a complete program schedule that has been taken into special consideration in current scenario. It is clear that it may help on the ground of delivering the appropriate program package to the employees of Tesco. The level of communication could be improved immensely.


There are various resources that might be used for the purpose of making the training sessions highly effective and result oriented. It may helps on the ground of increasing the effectiveness of whole program package and convenience could be promoted to the audience. The list of resources includes the instructions that could be related to all the directions and guidelines with respect to undertake the training sessions. The instructions or guideline may possess all the details regarding the step by step process, language, way of delivering the training and discipline measures etc (Nothhaft, 2010). These instructions are very significant resources as it may increase the professional approach of trainer and the audience could take the program package very much seriously. Other than these guidelines or set of instructions the power point slides are most essential element for the purpose of program package. It is a resource which can’t be neglecting any training sessions. It has been considered as most powerful media for professional or corporate trainings due to its expressive power or potential. Thus the power point slides are another source for the current program package. Along with power point slides there is huge requirement of handouts as well. It might help in noting down the significant points and most importantly the situation analysis regarding the progress of audience could also do. The changes in handouts could be done as per the progress report. But it is a resource which should be prioritized at very large scale. The handouts enable to make alignment with important points to be explained. For learning activities also there is need of some sort of resources. Like in role play sessions the items and certain products might be required (Sheldrake, 2003). The chair, table, shelf, artificial store environment etc. these are certain resources that can enhance the quality of learning process. These resources could be provided by organization itself or could be arranged form outside. Pen, register etc. these are very common resources which must be available in every training session. Without these training sessions it is impossible to conduct the training and expect from audience to be serious towards their learning.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Learning technologies:

The role of technology is immense in every aspects of business. The training or current program package is also affected by the technology and its implications. It is to acknowledge that the technological aspects have been taken into special consideration in current scenario (Matiza, 2013). The first and foremost technological element is the well equipped training hall or conference room. In that conference room the sound system is quiet effective so that people scattered in every corner can listen whatever lecture have been delivered by the trainer. It is clear that such kind of conference room could be helpful in increasing the level of training. Further the computer and speakers are another very significant component of technology that can be used within the program package (Downs, 2008). The computers could contain the power point slides and those slides could run with help of projector. Thus the projectors are another element of technology that could undertake in current training session. The learning process demand the role play sessions so it is clear that with the help of such equipments the audience could get proper understanding. The gadgets could be used like cell phone, laptops, and cameras in order to provide the use of these items and products while explaining the usage to the customers (Analoui, Doloriert and Sambrook, 2013). These gadgets are just for the demonstration purpose into the training sessions. Therefore these are some of the crucial learning technologies to be used within the training program package.

Learning theories:

There are various learning theories that could be utilized by the trainer in the training package. The relevancy of these learning theories is immense in increasing the learning process and most importantly the interest of audience could be maintained at very large scale. The applicability of these theories is required so that the staff can understand the concepts in proper manner and as per their convenience. The most tricky decision making is to use these learning theories at required point of time as per their nature and expected results (Berghman and Vloeberghs, 2003). The accuracy of results helps on the ground of increasing the understanding level. Here the use of multimedia learning has been taken into special consideration. It is top acknowledge that multimedia learning refers to a pattern of learning in which the use of computers and video conferencing is immense. As mentioned above that in current scenario the used technology is projector so video has been used for the purpose of enhancing the learning process. Its usage has been treated as most significance by the psychologists. According to them it is clear that when people saw something in front of them it automatically create their interest and attention as well (Heaney, 2004). The level of concentration could be increased. As compare to verbal lecture the results of multimedia learning is immense and large. It is a basis of entire training program package. It could be used at various instances especially to commence the training schedules and explaining the points to be considered or learned. The power point slides could show only through multimedia learning. It is a kind of visual learning and it is good for the people who understand well by seeing.

Ahead the use of VARK learning method is clear into current training program package. Above the usage of visual learning has been depicted whenever the trainer is intended to explain concepts through power point slides (Lifelong learning, 2013). Further the use of audio is when the trainer is explaining the handouts to the audience about the expediency of various communication types or patterns. Here it could come into existence when the trainer is dedicated to explain the points written in power point slides in detail. Further the audio learning style or theory could be used in case of question answer sessions. In these sessions there will be no usage of multimedia and other technique as it is completely based on effective listening from both sides. Its applicability is quiet effective in making the training program lighter and removing the stress or boredom situation by cracking jokes or by sharing any funny experience Thomson, K. and (Hecker, 2000). It helps in maintaining the light learning environment and improves the listening skill and brought back the attentiveness. Here the role of reading is very less as the audience need not to read much through power point slides. However this is a part of very crucial stage of training process. The importance of reading is not significant at training place. It comes into existence after the training session when self learning attitude come into charge and influence individual to learner read whatever he has noted down during whole training sessions. It is to acknowledge that self learning is very significant learning theory which is required for the purpose of improving the level or quality of such training programs package. So in this way the reading could be used by trainer to instruct the audience to learn or read the noted concepts after the training session and recalling the learning which they grasped whole day (Ubeda and, 2013). At last the kinesthetic learning style is also a part of learning theory to be used in current scenario. It is used to make the learning process effective and highly result oriented. It is actually a basis of entire learning and fostering the high level of interest among the audience. It is used by trainer in the form of role play sessions. Here the live environment could be created and the audience can understand the expediency of communication through live experience. So in order to foster the enthusiasm the concept of learning by doing or practicing or following has been taken into special consideration. Thus it is most common learning theory and style that has been used within the training program package to intact the audience with training session and its real objectives (Zepeda, 2011).

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.


On the basis of above study the construction of training program package has become clear. Further the role of communication process is something that could be treated as huge learning of current report. It is to acknowledge that the major outcome of study is related to grasping the knowledge related to applicability of learning theory at various stages of training program package. At last the role of resources required for undertaking the training program package is also clear. Overall it could be stated that all the principles and fundamentals that can help in ensuring the success of training sessions is the positive outcome of study.

This essay is an example of a student's work


This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.


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