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Dear Philip Hult

Hult International Business School

I do sincerely hope that this letter finds you well rested and in good spirits.

First, I wish to acknowledge that serving Hult International Business School in the period of 2nd February 2012 to 8th Dec 2015 was a true blessing to me because I was able to learn a lot and I was even exposed to high level of professionalism that I still adhere up to this date.

On my part, I believe I made immense contribution to the corporate vision and mission of the organisation by continuously meeting and surpassing my targets. In particular, during my tenure I was ranked as the top recruiter worldwide for 4 years in a row. Consequently, this resulted in me recruiting more than 300 students during that period. Additionally, I undertook numerous initiatives that aided the company to grow its Master’s Program in South Asian region.


Before my contract ended after signing the “Service No Longer Required Contract” I was set to be paid bonuses amounting to XXXX by September, 2015 based on my previous yearly performances and targets achieved. However, this payment was put on hold as an accusation was levelled against me of attempting to steal Hult’s data that was stored on salesforce, of which I had only accessed the aforementioned platform/data with intent to give it a second try of gaining an employment position at Hult. My reasoning was that if I knew the numbers well I could strategically select another region where Hult operates and thereafter make an application to that specific region’s HR office. In addition, knowing the numbers would have been an added advantage during the interview as I would have appeared to know the company well. Lastly, I wanted to use the numbers to ensure the region I will target is well developed and hence guaranteeing my tenure security, which means I wouldn’t suffer the same fate as I did in the South Asian region that closed down after few months of operation.

This innocent and aggressive tactic that I had employed resulted in unexpected hostility from some of the managers and it was unfortunate that I could not travel to the London office to plead my innocence since it is at the same time that I was nursing my sick father. Even at the moment my current status hinders me from getting a UK visa thus it is practically impossible to travel to London but it is something that I am working. However, after numerous telephone and email conversations with Stephen Hodges (President of Hult International Business School, London), he was able to come up with an option to validate my innocence and this entailed withholding of my bonus for a period of 2 years as they monitored system activities (I have his written email from him).

I gladly agreed to this since I wanted a peaceful and amicable resolution to the accusation that was levelled against me. Moreover, I was at peace since this proposal was put into writing and I was assured that since Hult’s corporate culture was based on integrity and high level of professionalism there was no need to worry as this agreement will be honoured.

It has been very unfortunate that after two years this agreement has not been honoured and I am now required to follow up the matter with Hult CFO rather than Mr. Stephen Hodges (President) who had made the initial proposal to me. Up to this moment, there is no clear indication that the company intends to acknowledge its promise to pay me the bonus that I rightfully earned purely from hard work.

I ask that your office treats this matter with good faith and with acknowledgement that I had earned the $25,000 bonus from my hard work. Moreover, I would want you to put in mind that I have undergone so much mental trauma and financial difficulties arising from this unpaid bonus and I believe it is time I am released from this jail of depression as I had already paid for my innocent mistake by waiting for 2 years with the hope that the amount will be released.

There has never been any proof that I gained from the innocent access of the salesforce data, which I will live to regret till this day. In addition, if I had made financial gain from this mistake to a point it wasn’t worth it to fight for my bonus then I would have cut my losses earlier rather than making follow ups 2 years later.

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I am an innocent man who has already been punished for a crime(bonus kept on hold for 2 years) I did not partake in and I wish for you to call an end to this. I am struggling financially whilst the bonus could be a life changer. Please I plead onto you once again that you release me from this mental trauma and financial despair that I have lived for the past 2 years.

I will be readily available to address any additional concerns that you may have but I hope for a speedy resolve and as such I am sure you will contact me soonest with a bid to conclude the matter.


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