Ethics and Leadership Approach

Jack’s Auto Recycler

Vision: To enhance sustainability in the auto repair industry by recycling.

Mission: To provide customers with effective auto spare parts at all times.


  • To supply high quality auto spare parts
  • To treat our employees, customers and supplies with respect and trust
  • To operate in a safe and clean work place that conserves the environment.
  • To ensure timely delivery of orders to our customers
  • To utilize the best business practices in a professional manner

Type of Business

Jack’s Auto Recycler is the best source for used spare in USA. We believe that we do offer the best auto parts to customers. We also provide brilliant knowledgeable and friendly support to our customers at every step from search to procurement.


Jacks Auto Recyclers is located at 24102 Middlebelt Rd, New Boston, Mi 48164 Phone: (add your own) Fax: (add your own)

According to the latest report, New Boston has 4,808 people, 1968 household and 1,334 families. Of the 1968 households, 47.8% are married couples living together. In the city 26.6% are below 18 years, 7.8% lie between 18 to 24yrs, 25.2% lie between 25 to 44 years, 21.5% from 45 to 65 years and 18.8% are 65 years and above

Staff members

Jack’s Auto Recycler has the following full time workers. Each of them heads a specific department and is liable to any issues concerning the department.

Staff members

Task 2:

a) Business structure

There are many forms of business structure. They include; sole proprietorship, corporation, and partnership. However, Jack auto employs sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship is a form of business structure where a business entity has a single owner who provides labor and hires. In this form of business structure, there is no sharing of profits that remain after the business expenses are deducted. The owner is also responsible for making all the business decisions (Fontana, 2010).

I found this form of business structure to be the best because, first, it is simple as it just involves one individual who owns and operates the business. This means that I have full control of what happens to the business meaning that I can hire productive and skilled staff and fire nonproductive staff among many other responsibilities. Secondly, the tax aspects are also very appealing since the income and expenses from the enterprise are included in my income tax return. This is referred to as pass-through taxation. This means that the business assets and liabilities are together with my assets and liabilities. Thirdly, a sole proprietorship doesn’t require too much formality as opposed to a corporation. Laws concerning sole proprietorship vary from state to state. However, there are very few requirements to register and thus favorable. Lastly, I found this form of business pleasing since there are low start-up costs required. Without the legal binding and complicated operating documents, there is no need for an attorney thus reducing costs significantly.

a)Leadership approach

Leadership entails the mode of governance in an organization. I would employ transformative leadership approach since it would allow me to determine the nature of operations within the business and areas that need change, create and instill a lasting vision among employees and inspire workers to work for their success and that of the company (Shields, 2010).

The main advantage of transformative leadership is that it promotes motivation which in turn leads to high productivity. As such, I would spend more time with workers to understand their identity and preferences and consequently form a collective identity which all workers can identify with. To inspire employees, I would give employees autonomy to make free decisions regarding simple but essential matters such as their schedules and when they would like to work overtime.

By doing so, I can also understand their strength and areas that need improvement and use this information to encourage everyone in the business to look beyond self- interests, and accomplishment and aspire for collective growth of everyone within the organization. This means that workers need to work as a team and to promote teamwork, I would divide employees into groups and allocate tasks that require their collective effort and expertise to accomplish.

3. What could be done to shield Nissan from the negative effects of Brexit?

Importance of the structure

As (Morgeson, DeRue & Karam, 2010) noted, successful leadership approaches focus on ends or goals and this can only happen if the balance of benefits and costs leans towards the benefits. This leadership approach enhances rationalization through intellectual stimulation and focuses on empowerment which inspires employees to be positive and has a strong vision. Furthermore, this enhances competition in the market which can enhance the realization of strategic goals.

c)Organization Control

Organization control mainly focuses on events that happen before, during and after a certain process. These types of organizational control are formally referred to as feedforward, concurrent and feedback

Feedforward controls

They are sometimes referred to as preventive controls or the preliminary controls. It is a mechanism of preventing problems before they occur. This is done by closely monitoring the business performance and reacting where need is to maintain a given identified level (Orosa & García, 2012). In Jack’s Auto Recycler, there will be careful recruitment of workers based on merit. In Jack’s Auto Recycler, we do carry out screening tests to ensure that only those with the appropriate skills and abilities are employed.

Concurrent Controls

This is a technique which is used to monitor ongoing processes and behaviors of employees to ensure that they conform to the set quality standards. The controls mainly rely on the rules and regulations applied to guide employee behaviors and tasks. The main objective behind this technique is to ensure that desired results are attained. In Jack’s Auto Recycler case, we use the GPS fleet tracking system. This allows me to monitor where the company vehicles go to deliver spares to customers and how long they take. The system prevents employees from using business vehicles for their own needs. Also, the system gives room for me to predict the delivery times and hence improve customer relations in the business.

Feedback controls

Feedback control mechanism involves reviewing the available information to check whether the current performance meets the set standards. It is an evaluation tool used by managers to evaluate how effective the teams achieve the already established goals at the end of the production process. At Jack’s Auto Recycler we have set out a target of improving our sales by 10% every year. To ensure that this target is achieved we do carry out monthly meetings to check our track record. For instance, if our sales increased by 3 % in the last four months, then we conclude that we are moving as per the schedule.

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