Circular Economy Integration in Supply Chains

Thesis title question: What are the impacts of Yang Ming`s circular supply chain activities on sustainability?

Recent societal developments and gradual enhancement of economic constructions of the world have rendered the environmental situation, global production, consumption, and trade patterns highly severe and unsustainable (Preston, 2012). Whatsapp This effectively means that, should the condition remain unchecked or unaddressed, the current level of consumption will lead to the depletion of a majority of the earth’s natural resources. This calls for a change in the manner in which the sourcing, production, delivery use, reclamation and regeneration of products is carried out (Hazen et al., 2017). The realization of this change is dependent on the adoption of the circular economy as opposed to the conventional linear economic model of taking, making and disposing. Circular economy is a strong driver of sustainability and integrating it into supply chain management will provide various advantages with regard to the realization of sustainability of supply chain management (Genovese et al., 2017; Nasir et al., 2017). This integration of sustainability (circular economy) in supply chain management has given rise to concepts such as sustainable supply chain, closed-loop supply chain and environmental supply chain (Gurtu et al., 2015), which can be used interchangeably to denote the incorporation of sustainability in supply chain management (Ahi and Seacy, 2015). This study explores the circular supply activities of Yang Ming and seeks to discover whether those activities have had any positive impacts on sustainability.

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