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Universities in the United Kingdom are considered as the best places for higher education. British universities are getting more recognised due to their better quality of education. There are so many potential benefits of higher education some of them include A higher-level qualification The vast majority of research on graduate earnings show that having a higher qualification means you are likely to earn more in your career. Studying in higher education also provides students with the opportunity to study a subject in depth and encourages students to see the world in different perspectives.

Higher education adds value to individuals and to society” (MacMohan 2009)

Most of the students are not quite cognisant of the critical significance of the making of accurate choices regarding the value of the subscribed higher educational sectors and the impact which could be generated by such sectors on the prospects of career development and progression as well as on the opportunities which a graduate could avail after completion of the studies. The current issue which are faced by the Educational Institutions such as the Universities of the United Kingdom are multifarious in nature and extensive in number. The corresponding assignment would be taking into consideration the various impediments which the students could come to encounter in their discourse of higher educational studies within the United Kingdom. The assignment would be also considering the best possible and most suitable methods of overcoming such hurdles.


Time management

This is considered to be a significant concern and impediment for the students which they could encounter in the higher educational sectors. The most significant challenge is the management of time on a daily basis. This directly affects the prospects of higher education for the students within the United Kingdom as well as on the overseas sector. University can be academically challenging for many students University courses require much more time than college or high school classes and most of the Time students are struggling to keep on top of everything. Universities should identify ways in Which they can promote success among their students it also depend on how an individual manages their time . The crucial measure of time management could be understood from the fact that a person with effective time management skills could adapt to the changing circumstances and could handle emerging problems with greater effectiveness as well as could readjust the existing work processes to manage the most favourable outcomes. This requires a combination of strategic scheduling of tasks, planning and delegation of responsibilities which could outline the dependability of an individual. This is highly favoured by any individual

It is experienced that any of a wide Range of wellness issues that can confound and hinder a students successful experience and And ultimate graduation from college for e.g. A first year student hasn’t learned any time Management skills. The embracing of time management as a necessary Strategy for success can be seen while (Reis hebert, Diaz, Maxfeild and raitley 1995) found that More time management led to under achievement . sometimes maintaining good relations with Others is challenging because of limited social skills. The impacts of poor time management by students range from the academic to personal (balduf 2009) found that the lack of studying material early in a term contributed to time management. The success prospects of students depend upon the effective time management which is a positive skills and could enable the students to achieve the most productivity and efficiency from their time investment and through avoidance of stress and haste. Time management strategies should be created in order for students to manage time Efficiently and specific goals should be created for students to be able to do their work smoothly

Student Disability

The horizons of the education are getting expanded for all of the students as more students from various circumstantial background are attempting to access the University Educational services. “Students with disabilities should never be held back from pursuing their dreams, backgrounds or circumstances” Alcock (2018). Gathered data from the statistics of higher education outlines the increment in the number students with disabilities who are entering the sector of higher education. The available statistics have shown that 94120 students with disabilities have taken admission in the Universities of UK in 2017/18 and this has been a marked increment of 6000 more cases in comparison to the previous academic year. There had been under representation of students with disabilities in the higher education services as has been outlined by Hanafin, Shevlin, Kenny and Mc Neela (2007). Apart from these, the higher educational services of the United Kingdom are legally mandated to undertake anticipatory adjustments which have to be reasonably facilitating of the requirements of students affected with disabilities. However, other studies have attested to the fact that the numbers of the disability affected students are relatively lesser in their working ages in comparison to the adults who are affected by disabilities. This could be the reason that a greater number of such underage disability affected personnel could be undertaking the option to study. El cock (2014) has averred that specificity does not refer only to the individual students but to the program requirements as well. The undertaking of the disclosure of the expectations of the students is also another problematic aspect in providing student support. Additional support provision could be a possibility in hope of the expectation that the disclosure of the disability could take place prior to the admittance into the higher educational sectors and the Universities are required to provide impetus in this context (Jacklin 2011). (Carey 2012) has however outlined that the compulsion of disclosure of disability is voluntary and not mandatory.

There has been research to indicate that students with a disability in higher education in receipt DSA were likely to continue on university course than disable students not registered with a Disability. As part of the governments commitment to bringing down barriers student with Disabilities have got various support services available to them depending on where there live Such as disabled support allowance these are grants to help students with any extra costs that May incur as a direct result of their disabililty. “Living with a disability should never be a barrier to entering university. We all have a collective responsibility to break down these barriers one by one and make our universities work for everyone” (chris skidmore university minister)

Student depression/well being,mental health

Depression has been a major issue in the recent times. Students enrolled in higher education Are most likely to get depressed sucide,mental instabililty,sexual harassment are some of the Most serious issues faced by the universities. Depression can have significant consequences in Many different aspects of a persons life.
Universities have an imperative task to provide support to the students in the higher educational sector in light of the fact that higher educational students could face considerable difficulties because of the unfamiliarity with the study environment in the UK. This could have a greater and glaring effect for the students who already have particular illnesses. Condition can be exceptionally distressing specific for the individuals who as of now have a fundamental ailment. Higher educational studies subsequently pay attention to the psychological aspects of the students to offer proper support.

An ongoing report demonstrated that students who are seriously disturbed psychologically do consult the student support programs. Various financial constraints and external influences could impact the psychological wellbeing of the students considerably in health maintenance and academic performance. Extensively disturbed students have to access these support mechanisms. Administrations in the UK has prompted concern over the incremental cases of financial difficulties in this perspective and research has been undertaken in this perspective to outline the causes whether such problems increase after the University enrollment. Other studies have outlined the various different challenges which can contribute to the uneasiness and gloom of the students. These studies have outlined the fact that various students who could not access the support they require could be afflicted by the issues regarding the available service standards. The studies have utilized the framework of a mixed methods based design to assess the different experiences of the students from the perspective of the National Health Services. There has been a 5 fold increment in the number of first year students who are suffering from mental health related conditions in comparison to the conditions which had been observed 10 years ago. The Universities have been experiencing increment in the number of students who have been suffering from mental health conditions and have been attempting to access the mental support and the health requirements of such students are not always fulfilled. The reason is the dearth of specialist treatment availability and students could be stranded often without the appropriate help which they require.

This will have a significant impact on their learning. Universities priority is to ensure students have access to support when necessary either through University counseling or other support services.students who use this support services report High levels of satisfaction.
To help support the mental health of students universities need to continue their role to promote Health and well being and in the UK the nhs requires increased resources to deliver specialists Mental health treatment that can meet the needs of students.


The research is oriented towards the enumeration of the influence of Brexit in the higher educational scenario since the vote of UK to egress from the European Union has been the source of much discomposure in such a sector. Though universities and higher educational groups remained steadfast in their unanimous support to the vote of egress, there had been dissenting voices from personalities such as lee jones and chris bickerton (2016) who had been of the opinion that such an effort has been the focal point of great concern and some of the academic circle subscribed to such notions which, in some cases, almost led to panic. The prospect of uncertainty exists with the entire case regarding the probable outcomes. There are various areas of concern such as following: __ The resultant implications of Brexit taking place on the various students from other EU countries who are currently studying at UK. _Access to the funding being generated from EU for UK universities regarding research processes. _ The abilities of the UK universities of recruitment and maintaining staff from EU nations could be impacted through Brexit. __ The abilities of the students from UK in studying abroad could be impacted as well. Other concerns from the higher educational authorities are the impact of Brexit on the international status and income prospects of the universities of UK regarding the possibility of declining number of students from EU countries as well as lesser amount of funding. Universities UK (2015) has reported that this sector provides 10% of the export volume and services of the country and this also amounts to the generation of 3% of the GDP as well as 2.5% of the entire employment scenario.

This specific assessment is of the indication that the most glaring prospects of concern regarding the higher educational sector originate from Brexit. This is compounded by the administrative transformations and the manner in which this entire process is handled and more specifically through the constrictions of migration through more stringent controls (mayhew 2017). Brexit decision and the subsequent choice had perplexed the entire UK higher educational sector. University College London researched the prospects of the potential effect of Brexit over the entire Sector and this has been hardly a surprise that UK is anticipated to be most affected. The UK has considerably contributed to the general EU expenditure and a section of the grant of research as well as the income generated from payments of the UK establishments of higher education was also provided by the EU governmental educational sectors as well as the 9% of the other amount also originated from the European Union as well form global sources. The holders of educational grants at EU have been preferring the UK greater than any other destination. Apart from these a critical extent of the income pay of UK universities have been generating from the global students. The UK higher educational circle is thus unsurprisingly concerned of having to lose the international educational subscriptions and various educational circles hav voiced their concerns regarding the unequal impact of Brexit district wise throughout the UK.


Students in higher education and institutions are facing a lot of changes due to various reasons some of them are political,social,physical and emotional reasons. These are some of the challenges I have conducted a report on some of these changes. Institutions are facing problems especially in the uk due to not getting enough support especially regarding the outcome of brexit negotiation’s also various support or research should be conducted to support these challenges.


it is vital that higher education institutions provide students with the adequate level of support or materials they require to help overcome their challenges. time management strategy should be created by considering the specific goals and devising a routine/schedule for the day and prirotising their work. Distractions minimized,delegate tasks various support funding for student with disabilities. higher education institutions should listen carefully to the changing needs of ths students and provide support. the government has proposed institutions that demonstrate good practice with student mental health a wide priority. policies should be put in place for funding research and scholarship for students.

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