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This essay going to explain about the main functionalities of a word processing software. Digital communication and technology is highly being associated with current lifestyle of people. Uses of software and technology has given greater opportunity to mankind to ensure development. After this covid-19 pandemic more business are coming up with online management and ideas here comes the utilization of word processing software. Nowadays humans are unable to live life without technology and they are using the word processing software in their work activities as an essential. This particular software enables human beings to write a text and store that electronically. The display helps to see whatever input is given to the system. Modification of commands and characters from the keyboard can also be seen.


The printing functionalities are enabled by the word processor. Appropriate use of word processors helps in improving efficiency and quality of communication. Word processors are coming up with some quick parts that allow a placeholder text to be added inside the action. Changing cases and the creation of custom tabs help in the quick utilization of components. The features include converting a list into a table. It also encourages the conversion of a bulleted list into SmartArt. Changing font color is enabled on the word processing package that improves writing efficiency. The report intends to focus on identifying the used of word processing package for human development and uses of VLE as a medium of improved student education during this situation.

Main functions of the word processing package

Word processing software is one of the most useful computer software package that helps in the main such as composing, editing, saving, and printing.


Composing means work that allows a person to type directly into the word processor. It allows to create a document in any format. It can be compared with a typewriter. The processing program helps in copying, pasting, moving, and deleting texts within a document (Brysbaert et al. 2018). There are formatting functionalities that allow computers to utilize computers in the best possible manner. Creator can create a document in the name of “Author” is possible.


After creation the major function is to manage edits anywhere in the document if it is needed. There are also several quick selection methods offered for managing the work of common people. Improved digital pen features along with translations help the word processing package to become one of the highest demanding and most needed software (Mukhedkar, 2021). It comes with formatting features such as changing font types and styles. Bolding in sentences along with adding quick designs makes any writing impressive. For example, if creator writes the assignment tile in plain it will not be effective on the other hand it creator write in “bold” then it looks better. Another feature that helps in giving symbols is the superscript and subscript method.

Sharing and saving

All the work done inside word document can be saved for the further use in future. For example, a table on population is created and used in future. Sharing feature is given so that a creator can share the document with a bunch of other people in order to make any required changes in it. Word package helps in faster and easier writing without using a hand. Storing documents on a computer is possible as it is essential in today's date to accompany people to work to be indulged in a proper manner (Qurbi, 2021).

Comparing and scanning

The function is used by academic professional to identify any similarities by comparing the process. There is also an advancement gained on scanning the documents to a make a soft copy of the hard copies. For example PDFs can be considered.


Word processor includes multiple font sets and spells checking. Automatic text corrections are some of the improved conditions that work in favor of a person using a word processor. HTML conversations and publication projects such as newsletters help in managing the components.

Additional features

Seven tabs are there inside Microsoft Word and these are “Home, Insert, Page Layout, References, Mailing, Review and View" (Kuteeva, and Mauranen, 2018). Specifications are also included as a part of managing basic letters, memos, and email formats. The application comes with different shortcut keys as well.

Website texts presentation in academics

Plagiarism refers to the method when a person takes credit of work which is not done by him originally. Hence, there are certain methods that needs to be followed in order to ensure that each text is represented in original manner without altering its meaning (Zoolkafli, 2019). The credits to original author is given via referencing.


Paraphrasing in own words or allowing quotations to be inserted inside the writing in a well-to-do manner is important for website text representation. Academic text is identified as a “critical, objectified and specialized text” that is usually written by professionals in a particular field of study (Kuteeva, and Mauranen, 2018). Adding one's own opinion is the first and foremost requirement in terms of managing writing from websites. Like one sentence is “She made me angry when she was rude at dinner.” The paraphrased version will be I became angry at her while we were having dinner due to her rude behavior.


Direct copying from websites is defined as plagiarism which is a punishable offense (Kuteeva, and Mauranen, 2018). It indicates stealing some other researcher's ideas, contents and views. Using other people's work from websites without giving credit to the author is not acceptable. Website content copying can be easily caught by using detecting software that works to identify similarity content matching (MacDermid, 2018). Plagiarism can be avoided by using ("") mark and adding filter of excluding citation so that the direct quotations do not come under the plag tag. Process of avoiding plag include:

Writing in own words

Giving credit to original author by adding in-text citation

Keeping track of sources used

Referencing and citing appropriate sources

In-text citations and the originality of the author should be kept intact. Proper citation format should be used as a part of submitting student papers and a focus should be given on university referencing guidelines. Using theories from websites should be adequately managed and a person should be 100% scrupulous in note-taking to understand paraphrasing and keeping up the writing practices up to the mark (Verma, 2019). The citing examples include [“Author name” (year), has explained that plagiarism is punishable offense].

Researching and linking with multiple sources

Any website which is used for data collection should be referenced thoroughly. It is important to ensure that all the sources used in academic writing are coming from credible accounts.

Draft composition

Rough drafts can be designed to manage the assignment requirements. It is always better to write a draft and get it evaluated by instructor first before final submission.

Main functions of VLE

VLE refers to the virtual learning environment which refers to the academic and professional purpose.

Online learning system introduction

The main functions of VLE include the delivery of learning materials to students via the website. In today's world of technology dominance, student tracking and collaboration is done online. Virtual learning helps in extending educational experiences and does not enable accessing the greater resources of students (Herrera Mosquera, 2017).

Grading system improvement

VLE defines a different type of grading system that suits the current need of the education system and academic resources are readily available in the VLE.

Physical classroom like experience in flexible interface

Even though a physical classroom is not available, a virtual learning environment can be used as a part of learning effectively in a flexible interface. There can be a personal touch given to the students via actual teacher and facilitator-like experiences (Majid, and Hasim, 2019). Real-time chats with peers are possible for submersion into courses and allowing the incorporation of augmented reality.

Multimedia lessons

The learning activities and contents should be recognized as a part of managing the strength of studies and handling online assessments. Using soft copies and notes for learning associates with the multimedia learning of students. For example the link of an active VLE can be given as follows:

Testing software

Not only the study is conducted online, all the test are also going to be conducted online using software where students can submit their tests within given time.

Reasons for using Turnitin

Reasons for using Turnitin software are majorly identified as a part of removing any kind of plagiarism. As an individual, people are using turnitin to make sure that interactive means of understanding and applying citations are understood so that referencing technique is well-adopted in students work (Brysbaert, Mandera, and Keuleers, 2018). The examples are:

Detecting and checking plagiarism

Detecting and managing plagiarism in a flexible platform is done. Plagiarism can be defined as a process where copying directly from internet resources is done. Turnitin is one aspect that demands the adoption of a holistic approach towards the management of academic integrity (Balbay, and Kilis, 2019).

Identifying similarity between the same contents

Integrity will be maintained if the author and date are referenced well and direct quotes are well cited. In one word Turnitin is one software that helps students to produce their “best and original work” (Verma, 2019). Turnitin is the most trusted software in the management of efficacy in academic learning and organizing. It also leaves an impact on the grading system.

Privacy of the paper

Turn-it-in manages the privacy of the paper by comparing all the writings of classroom and finding similarity in between (Balbay, and Kilis, 2019).

Finding actual source of writing

Writing fraudulent is checked by turnitin by checking recent sources such as current and achieved web content, books newspapers and journals along with student paper submitted to it (Al-Azawei, and Al-Masoudy, 2020).

Grading system

Turnitin having a good user interface for grading system, instructors are found to be adding in necessary comments and information about the paper and student can easily find the attached when in need.

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Communication and digital sector is seen to be helping the academic sector in making multiple improvements. Several academic contents are scanned and vast range of technology use is encouraged. It has been observed that students are allowed to work efficiently and deliver lessons to students in understandable situations using VLE. Accessibility of time and place is needed to take account of improved student attendance in online learning and using software. Hence, it can be concluded that with a fast acceptance of technology more improvements are going to come in the pathway of education sectors.



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