Effective Time Management Strategies for Exam Preparation

Study time table

Study time table


Preparing the time table for the exam helps in managing the time effectively. Developing a study timetable is an effective strategy of time management, and succeeds in the exam the student should work on allocating in a study time while preparing adequately for all the subjects. Time table for review is a great help as it helps the suitable to plan the studies systematically, and not wasting time unnecessarily. The time table further works on analysing the weak and robust subject so that the student can allocate time according to the same. As a nursing student, it is essential to manage time between studies. The nursing course involves several subjects that need to be prepared with equal dedication and importance. Balancing studies with other activities can help in distributing the survey related task and the expected questions.

The study timetable is distributed on the basis of days. In a week, there are seven days six of the days are allocated for studies, and one day is kept as a leaf to refresh the mind. The first-day dosage calculation pharmacology and the concept of nursing study with dedication for 18 hours. The second day maternal, neonatal and parent-child nursing courses adopted with the same duration. The three topics are chosen as they are more or less similar in nature and interconnected. The interconnected nature of the issues can work on reducing the stress associated with study making learning a comfortable and practical experience. The third-day acute care and medical-surgical nursing are adopted. Critical care nursing is often needed after the intervention of a medical surgery procedure. Medical-surgical nursing and acute care nursing are interrelated to some extent, a more comfortable topic and hence paired with two complex issues giving relaxation to the student. In week four, patient advocacy and psychiatric nursing are practised coupled with improvement in communication skills. Psychiatric nursing demands improvements in communication skills and as both are practised side by side. 5th day works on practising analytical skills and focus on building trust. Finally, in order to prepare for the examination grammar and sentence correction practice is made in order to make sure that the exam is executed correctly. The sixth day works on assessing the knowledge gained over the course of 5 days. Once the cycle of 6 days is completed, then the systematic procedure is followed from day 1.



The exam tests the content knowledge and ability of a student to manage time effectively. The setting of the exam time table is an effective way to manage time and succeed exam one should allocate equal time to prepare adequately for all subjects. This was my first experience in building a time table all by me. Initially, I was associated with various study groups that work on building study time table to make sure that the learning was flawless. In the mentioned section, I make use of Gibbs reflective model to reflect on the strategies that I have implemented in my current policy. I additionally work on enhancing my future strategy in developing the possible ways that can be applied in ensuring better learning prospects in the future.


Preparing for an exam, in the stipulated time is always a challenging task. I made myself by having a clear objective for the exam. For the same reason I noted the dates for each review and planned out the possible ways how they are space out affecting the amount of time I can dedicate to each of them for studying. I realise it is crucial to break the study time into short sessions rather than having along. All the in my time table I dedicated a minimum 6 to 7 hours in a few specific subjects, I realised continuous studying could make the brain tired leading to ultimately no influx of relevant information. My motive to dedicate the hours of study encompassing small breaks


Initially, I was overwhelmed by a feeling of tension and helplessness, as I clearly had no idea about preparing a time table and working based on the same. Furthermore, I had no one to seek help from. This worked on creating additional pressure of academic performance while setting up my own time table. I was visibly aware of my shortcomings and exhibited a reduced level of confidence while designing such intervention, targeted to make me feel confident about taking control of my own study schedule.


This experience of creating a study planner or timetable helps me in managing my own time while making space for brakes. As stated initially, I had no experience in making my own study timetable and always looked up to my friends or peers to help me with the time. However, this time I was able to work independently and plan a strategy that helped me in memorising my subjects. Most importantly, I made a study plan that works on improving my academic performance with my communication and analytical skills. The strategy of enhancing my existing communication and analytical skills can help me in developing my professional career in future

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I realised working independently can provide immense help in shipping my academic career in the present while moulding my professional career in future. This activity of planning an examinations schedule is not a mere academic task. This worked on providing me and inside about prioritising my mission and the strategies that can be implemented to design the job as per their importance. The gap between the studies helped me in refreshing the mind and worked on analysing the possible ways a subject can be learned. I realised that I kept one day for revising the topics I learn over a period of 6 days. I should have made the hope of revising all the subjects learnt in a day within the same day itself. The thing I did is studied for a stretch of 6 days, keeping one day for revising the lesson and evaluating my knowledge through a series of questions. However, it becomes important to note, a clear idea about all the subjects and revising it on the same day can work on producing a better learning experience.


Based on the experience gained during the course of study planning, I realised the importance of strategy. The act of managing time and study is indeed a strategy that needs to be rightly undertaken and made sure to be done within a stipulated time. I do understand the fact that I have limited knowledge in making time table for studies. However, I plan to improve myself gradually.

Action plan

The gradual improvement can be facilitated by practice. I need to work on practising the possible ways that can be implemented in ensuring that the time table is rightly formed and maintained. I plan to keep a journal of all my activities and plan them as a schedule for gaining promising results in the future.

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