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The researchers try to focus on academic writing style and develop required knowledge and skill set to develop good academic papers, projects and thesis papers. The academic writing style is important to be maintained in the research projects, term papers, conference papers essays, abstracts, reports and thesis papers. The major features of academic wring style are appropriate structure of the paper and formal writing where the writers are able to represent the information in a systematic way (Slater and Beckett, 2019). The aim of this essay is to identify the differences between the academic and other writing forms by discussing the features of academic writing. Though the study, it is also possible to identify the essential skill set that is required for the academic writers to develop a good piece of academic paper by maintaining the quality of the paper. In depth critical analysis will be developed to understand the existing differences between the academic writing practice and other forms of writing as well as provide clear information about skills required by the writers to develop thesis papers, projects and academic articles.


Differences between academic writing and the skills required for academic writing

Precision is important factor in academic writing as well as the punctuation and grammar where the academic writing is a systematic way that the writer must follow appropriate structure to complete the research and submit a good thesis paper. The other forms of writing do not follow any particular structure to share information and it is more casual, where the academic paper is a formal structure of writing. The other forms of writing are such as letters, emails, newspapers, articles, and dairy and journal entries, where the academic writing is utilised in the research, projects and conferences, where formal language is mandatory to be followed well to develop an error free paper (Huerta et al., 2017). Another major difference between academic paper and other forms of writing is that, referencing and citation. Referencing is mandatory in the academic writing to maintain the authenticity of the paper, where other forms of writing do not have any particular referencing and citation forms. The researchers try to cite the authors name and year to maintain validity of the information and maintain reliability of the papers. The academic papers have research aim, objectives, good language and concise manner, and the researchers must develop background of the study to improve understanding about the research topic and evaluate the data and its implications in real life (Huerta et al., 2017). Hence, it is essential to represent the academic paper in a structured way, for example, major purpose of academic writing, research questions and significant of the study must be developed well. Instructing, informing and educating others can be possible through maintaining good academic structure and represent the information in a step by step process so that the future researcher can understand the research successfully.

In addition to this, third person is utilised in order to develop thesis paper and other academic papers, for example, particular name, whereas the first and second person is utilised in other forms of writing, such as I and You. In order to develop other forms of writing, the writers use I and You to share information, but in academic writing, only third person is used. The writers should develop reference list in order to maintain validity of the paper and cite the information without data manipulation (Cottrell, 2019. Hence, data manipulation and data hacking are not allowed in the academic papers, so that the researcher can develop authentic paper. Personal opinion is expressed in other forms of writing, but the personal opinion cannot be represented in the academic research, rather the researcher must develop evidence based personal opinion. hence, evidence based personal opinion can be allowed where the researchers first represent the information and data with proper citation and then for developing discussion, the researcher can evaluate the gathered data and information by applying the existing theories and concepts related to the research topic. Hence, the academic forms of writing is quiet different from the other types of writing. On the other hand, p Perfect spelling and grammar along with good English language are required for formal writing, which is min feature of academic papers, where the writers do not follow spelling and appropriate grammar in developing informal writing like letters, online blogs and other (Slater and Beckett, 2019).

Good command over English language and grammar, punctuation md sentence construction must be correct in order to maintain the academic standard. For submitting an error free paper, these are essential to be followed so that the future researchers can understand the research successfully and the readers and develop the knowledge and skill set in future. Conventional structure is there to develop a good piece of paper along with good sentence construction, grammar and punctuation as well as spelling must be corrected efficiently (Slater and Beckett, 2019). The researchers need to proofread the paper after completing to maintain the quality standard and also be concerned about plagiarism free wok. Hence, citation is mandatory to represent the information, theories and concepts and copying any instruction is not accepted in the academic paper. In order to avoid the issue of plagiarism, the researchers must follow the information, maintain ethics of representing the information and data and develop evidence based personal opinion for critical analysis. For time management, the writers try to develop Gantt chart and it is also essential to complete the research project within the allocated time (Tanujaya, Mumu and Margono, 2017). The data collection and analysis practice are also clearly stated in order to develop error free paper where ethical considerations such as validity and reliability of the information, maintaining confidentiality, managing participants and data protection must be ensured. the writers follow informal language in representing own opinion in the other form of writing, but in academic writing the actual data and information are mandatory to maintain authenticity as well as there should be effective referencing and citation.

Through the above mentioned analysis, it is understandable that, the researchers must develop particular skill and knowledge to develop an error free academic paper. In this regard, having good knowledge bout subject matter is mandatory so that the researcher can develop evidence based personal opinion as well as analyse the research topic critically. Critical analysis and evaluation is the major part of the academic papers, where in depth knowledge and good understanding about study is essential. The researchers must have knowledge about different data collection and analysis practice (Hendriarto et al., 2021). For example, the researchers can choose primary and secondary data collection methods along with quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques in order to evaluate numeric data and secondary information respectively. Thematic analysis and case study analysis are the qualitative data analysis practice where the researchers should have critical knowledge about representing the theories and developing critical analytical practice (Tanujaya, Mumu and Margono, 2017). On the other hand, the knowledge about MS excel, charts, graphs, and SPSS statistical tools for testing the research hypothesis are also essential, where the researchers can progress in analysing numeric data and conduct quantitative research successfully (Lee, Hitchcock and Casal, 2018). Hereby good knowledge about research topic and the skill of conducting research is important, so that the researchers can gather authentic sources of information and develop a successful academic study. This further helps to develop literature review of the study which is mandatory to improve in depth knowledge and understanding about the research so that the researchers can conduct the analytical part proficiently to develop discussion.

Additionally, the other skills required for developing the academic papers are such as time management, essay writing practice, note taking practice, ability to conduct in depth research and organising and panning. The researcher must have time management skill to prioritise the tasks and conduct the study as per the Gantt chart, so that it would be possible for the researchers to complete the paper within allocated time (Huisman et al., 2018). On the other hand, note taking activities and inability of conducting research must be improved, so that the researchers can gather vast range of information and data and create good notes for conducting the study. Cooperative learning and delegation are also effective for enhancing tea working practice, where the researchers can discuss with other senor members and peers and sharing information for better understanding (Lee, Hitchcock and Casal, 2018). Online learning and self-motivated learning skills are also beneficial for the researchers to conduct a successful paper by indenting authentic information and valid data. Hereby, the researchers are able to conduct in depth research by gathering authentic information so that appropriate discussion and critical evaluation can be developed well. The writers in this regard must have the skill of sentence construction, maintaining good grammar and punctuation and good command over English in order to submit an error free academic paper.

Through the critical discussion, it has been revealed that, the academic writing practice is different from the other forms of writing and it is a complex task for the researcher to develop an error free research project by maintaining suitable structure. For submitting good academic paper, the writes should have the skill set of referencing and citation so that they can include appropriate citation in the project and maintain its authenticity (Huisman et al., 2018). The critical analytical kill and problem solving skill are hereby also important were the writers can conduct in-depth critical analysis after gathering valid data and information. The problems must be mitigated through effective decisions making practice and the decision making skill is also important, so that the researchers can draw final conclusion after evaluation and recommend suitable suggestions as per the research aim and objectives. Communication and cooperative skill set are also suitable for the researchers in order to interact with others, share creative ideas and develop collaborative learning practice of improving knowledge (Sverdlik et al., 2018). It is hereby evaluated that, the writers must develop the above mentioned skills set and knowledge in order to perform better and complete the academic research projects successfully. continuous learning and practice of writing academic paper are beneficial for the researchers to improve own abilities to submit an error free pare and it is totally different from other types of writing, where the writers must follow structure, develop arguments and represent evidence based information and data successfully.

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After critical discussion, it can be concluded that, the academic writing style is different from the other types of writing where appropriate structure is mandatory to be developed for representing the information and gathered data efficiently. The researchers also must follow the academic standard and ethical considerations in order to develop a good piece of academic paper. The researchers must have the skills of time management and critical analytical skill in order to evaluate the gathered data and information critically for developing good arguments and draw final conclusion. The skills like note taking skill, Paraphrasing, good command over English language, summarising and quoting as well as editing and proof-reading the work are also essential skill set that must be developed by the researchers. Developing an error free academic paper is a critical task, where the researchers must follow the ethical considerations and maintain the academic standard by developing effective structure, representing information systematically, developing critical evaluation as well as providing quality referencing and citation practice to maintain the authenticity of the papers. In the academic papers, the researchers must follow theories of referencing and bibliography as well as conduct effective citation, so that the validity of the information and data can be ensured. Additionally, the researchers must focus on good grammar and punctuation, sentence construction, easy representation of the data and information so that an error free paper can be developed. Hereby, it is essential for the researchers to have good command over English language and improve own knowledge for understanding the research topic and create good academic papers by inclusion of authentic information and data. Hereby, as per the arguments, the academic papers are different as compared to other forms of writing, where formal language, third person and appropriate grammar are required to maintain academic standard.

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