Reflection On University Level Writing

Reflection on Module Learning

In this module, I initially learned about the way writing at the University Level is to be presented. During the process, I was able to identify that I was architect type of writer who framed the structure at first and then writes explanation according to the structure. As per Lobet et al. (2015), advantage of architecture type of writing is that it offers the writer to have a flowchart according ideas to be written can be successfully presented. Thus, it helped me to develop a systematic way of writing as asked in University Level tasks. The disadvantage of architecture writing is that it is time-consuming as the development of framework to write the details requires huge amount of time (Joyner et al. 2018). Thus, I often faced issues with completing my work on time. In this module, I also learnt regarding the way critical reading is to be done to present writings according to University Level along with the way I can improve my learning.


During the module, I also learned regarding the way group work can be developed and its advantages. I learnt from the Tuckman & Jensen in the module, that there are five stages of group develop which are to be successfully accomplished to form a group. I also learnt what issues can be faced in a group and how individual involvement is to be made to ensure success of the group. As asserted by Kutnick et al. (2017), group work promotes productivity and resolves raised issues with collaborative effort in an easier way. Thus, I understood why group work is essential. Further, in the module, I understood the key purpose of research involved in the Health and Social Care field. I learned in this aspect regarding the way different approaches of research are to be implemented and the way the research explores socially constructed world.

In the module, I also learned what literature search is and the way academic search of literature is to be executed. I developed brief knowledge of meaning of peer-review, way scholarly articles are presented and more. As mentioned by Kornhaber et al. (2016), literature search is important as it leads the researcher to be efficient to understand what has already been done in the field of their interest and what more is to be done. Thus, developing information about the way to execute literature search was valuable for me to develop knowledge regarding the way I can build expertise in my field of research. The module has also taught me how to write good easy and the way references are to be presented along with feedback received are to be used for improving writing. These leanings has led me to develop strength of mentioning error-free referencing in my work along with provided me ability to improve my work to get excellent marks.

My strength in relation to the research tutorial was that I was able to effectively understand regarding the important and way research is vital for the field of Health and Social Care. In this tutorial, I did not face any weakness and was most successfully understood. At the end of the module, I had the strength to be able to understand the way any group can be formed. However, my weakness was that I still do not understand the way conflicts between group members can be resolved. Thus, I am going to further research information regarding the way I can resolve conflicts within groups. In future, to further improve my knowledge regarding it I am going to take team management training. My other strength in this module was that I was able to write my assignments in a critical way through critical reading and extensive practice of free writing. However, my weakness was that I would often face issues with submitting my assignments on time as I faced issues with managing proper time for my writing. I am going to execute self-time management to resolve the issues by indicating several deadlines under which I am going to end different steps of my writing the assignment according to the structure so that I can submit it on time.

In future, I may take time management training to resolve the issues more effectively. My other weakness is that I am still unable to effectively explore databases to develop a proper literature search. Thus, I am going to take my tutor’s help to resolve my weakness. Further, in the future, I am going to improve my internet search skills to develop better knowledge about databases to be used for improving my literature searches. Lastly, I am facing weakness in writing a good essay as I have not been able to properly edit my essay in an effective way which is the last part of accomplishing to write a good essay. Thus, I am going to take assistance from my tutor regarding the way I can resolve this weakness and in future would take reference by reading more good essays to resolve the limitation.

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