The Benefits of Teamwork in the Workplace


Team work is crucial part in any workplace, in which entire staffs can work synergistically to achieve common goals. There are several benefits of team work in a workplace such as teamwork enhances productivity of the entre workforces, promotes innovation in the team, improves ethics and morale in workplace, establish healthy work relationship and increase professional standard of the entire workforces. In addition to these benefits, there are some limitations associated with team work in a workplace such as conflict among team members, misinterpretation of information, disagreement and opinion mismatch regarding official matter, missed deadlines, reduced individual strength and unhealthy competition between the team members. This essay is going to discuss one benefit of teamwork in a workplace. in addition to this, the essay will use evidences-based information to mention how the benefit will brings about positive changes in overall organisational framework.


Analysing benefits of team working:

One of the common benefits that is chosen by the essay is, team work boost productivity of entire organisation as well as the entire workforce. It is advantageous, because with enhancing productivity of the entire workforce, an organisation can enhance its overall chances in grabbing highly competitive position in international market as well as dealing with the market opportunities in systematic manner (Morales, 2017). On the other hand, productivity enhancement assists an organisation to improve the quality of service provided by them to their clients which enhance their brand reputation in international market. While working in tea in synergistic manner, staffs as well as manger can share their professional and personal skills, decisions and opinion regarding different business matter which increases the professional standard of entre workforce to meet common organisational goals easily and develop highly productive as well as positive work culture. On the other Hand, through creating the highly productive workforces, team work assist organisations to develop employee engagement and staff’s involvement in terms of working on common organisational goals in synergistic manner rather than working on their individual goals for coping with the ever-increasing market competition. For example, managers in Tesco Plc, always focus on managing highly productive workforce by using systematic team work process that assists this organization to improve professional standard of entre workforce and overall service delivery process in meeting customer needs. On the other hand, with productivity boost of entire team, Tesco is able to track the changes in current market trend that helps the workforce to take effective strategies in meeting changing needs of customers.

Another important benefit of teamwork is promoting innovation in workforce. Team work is associated with developing innovative thoughts and ideas in workplace that are relevant to current market trend (Khawam et al. 2017). This is advantageous because with promoting innovation in workplace, it is possible to an organisation to introduce creative and innovative marketing strategies, new ideas of business operation and highly modern market approaches in workplace that assist marketers to deal with current market challenges. Team work culture assists an organisation to integrate different decisions, skills, performance and ideas of staffs belonging to diverse educational background, profession and community, that lead to develop innovative and creature marketing approaches that are highly relevant to the current business landscape. Team work also allows different team members including staffs and managers to represent new ideas and creative marketing decision that can be implemented into practice such a manner that not only improves the quality of entire service buts also assists the marketers to come up with wide ranges of products and services for customers to grab their attention. For example, Pip & Nut is a famous UK based SME, that sells nut butter and almond milk across the UK. Despite there is potential international sellers of almond butter and milk in the UK, this company successfully operates its sales in this country, due to the fact that, here the managers focus on developing innovative teams in workplace who create innovative marketing approaches and modern sale strategies to grab strong market opportunities. By promoting innovation in the workplace, this company can be able to come up with creative and modern business ideas and sales approaches that assist marketers to grab strong customers attention.

From the overall team working process, the entire workforce including managers, staffs and proprietors of an organisation are benefited. Team work assists mangers to not only enhance productivity of the entire workforces as well as of the entire organisation but also enhance productivity of the individual team members by developing their professional and personal skills (Tripathy, 2018). On the other hand, through boosting productivity, teamwork assists the owner and administrative board of an organisation to grab strong competitive position in the international market which not only create strong brand reputation for the organisation but also catch attention of potential investors and clients in the international market that can lead to strong financial advantages for the company. By promoting innovation teamwork can assists both the managers and staffs on an organisation to set such modern as well as innovative sales and marketing strategies that are highly relevant to the changing market trend as well as changing demand of customers in domestic and international market. In addition to this, team which will also benefits customers as well as client of organisation indirectly. Through developing productive teams, an organisation can improve its overall service delivery process that can make customers to have good experiences using high quality product and services from the company. In addition to this, through maintain creative culture in organisation it is possible for mangers to come up with wide varieties of products and services that can meet the changing needs of customer in this modern business era. Society is also benefited through the team work in an organisation indirectly, in which through developing huge productive workforce, organisation can improve its productivity and financial strength, which make it able to meet financial, social and healthcare needs of the entire society.

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The above-mentioned discussion concludes that, team work is crucial for any organisation to achieve the organisational goals. There are many benefits and challenges are associated with team work. the opportunities of teamwork are such as boost productivity, promote innovation, develop healthy work relations, and promote morale in workplace. The challenges are conflict among staffs, mismanagement of work, misinterpretation of information and opinion mismatch in team. Now it is important for an organisation to use the team-work in such a manner that will assist organisation to enhance its productivity by developing highly-skilled workforce.

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