University Selection Process and Career Alignment

1. What other UK Universities could you have chosen? Why didn’t you? (full explanation). Can you please explain in detail what led you to your final decision to choose the University of Greenwich rather than the other options?

However, I am not just choosing any Computer Science from any university. I need to choose a university where I can gain the knowledge needed to assist get solutions to global challenges effectively. Therefore, after going through certain universities offering the same course, I have realized that Greenwich University is the best institution to fulfill my dreams. Some universities offering BSc computer science include the University of Edinburgh, University College London, Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and Roehampton. I have realized that these universities offer computer science students with the best mathematical background rather than simply professional training. They also allow their graduates to pursue a wide range of occupations, making them a viable option. However, from a career standpoint and objective, I am continuously looking to learn new abilities and gain experience through various activities. Therefore, while researching the course, I realized that the University of Greenwich is based on reputation, academics, research, and the H-index. Therefore, based on my interest in performance and research in computer science, I have decided to let the other choices and focus on your institution, which will offer me a significant advantage to my career objectives and employment. I have learned that your institution offers an opportunity to gain experience in the underpinning technical skills in the computing challenging and dynamic career. Besides, the institution offers practical and theoretical experience in developing software and computer systems. Therefore, I have all the reasons to choose your reputable institution.


2. Can you explain in your own words each course modules that impressed you, which would help you with your career goal(s) and why? I need a detailed understanding with your own words regarding the modules and why this modules are important to you? Please include the modules from the list of options as well.

Moreover, my interest is in artificial intelligence, and I have learned that your institution course has some incredible modules that will make me the best. Among these modules is Advanced Programming that will equip me with a sophisticated mixture of technical skills and knowledge in the software development sector. Moreover, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence will introduce me to methods used in Artificial Intelligence, thus shaping my knowledge and reasoning in learning artificial intelligence. Likewise, Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures will enable me to learn to be a critical thinker with a remarkable ability to solve some of the world's challenging problems. Other modules that will shape my career are Artificial Intelligence Applications and Machine Learning. Other than forming the basis of my career, these modules will facilitate the knowledge of AL and enable me to test and evaluate ideas.

3. What are your main subjects of interest to you (elaborate in details) and what expertise will you gain through this course and modules?

My main subject is Artificial Intelligence, which focuses on developing intelligent machines, thinking, and working like humans. I am incredibly interested in computing from your institution since it will offer me a significant understanding of the emergence of specific application areas from AI techniques' progress. Moreover, the course will let me know how AL is embedded in real-world applications in terms of system design and the use of data. Lastly, the course will enable me to analyze symbolic AI techniques and Machine Learning techniques critically.

4. How will this expertise help you with your future career?

As an Artificial intelligence specialist, the knowledge gained in these modules will enable me to build intelligent machines capable of performing tasks, thus solving some of the most challenging tasks in the world.

5. The company you would like to work for after your graduation, and the role you need to take on and what is the salary package?

Over the years, I have been fascinated by how Facebook, Inc. work. Therefore after graduating from your reputable institution and gaining transferable life-long practical abilities, problem-solving skills, and analytical techniques, I would like to work at Facebook, Inc. as an AI Software Engineer. In this role, I will work with the engineering team to apply applicable AI, and machine learning approaches to develop intelligent user experiences, construct correct and novel AI algorithms, and code deliverables. As an AL engineer, I'll create methodology and standards to assess the company's various approaches. In this position, I expect a salary of $148,201 per year.

6. What is your long-term plan (elaborate in details)?

After working for about five years, I would like to start an AL company like Nvidia Corp and IBM Corp. However, my application of Al will be more based in medicine and help patients with hypertension, diabetes, and other chronic disorders monitor their condition. In this company, I aim to be the CEO and help in the company's marketing. Therefore, your institution will be a significant part of my career.

7. What accommodation do you intend to use and how much will it cost?

Offered an opportunity at your institution, I would like to reduce the time taken traveling thus I prefer the university hostel accommodation. This would enable me to have a settled mind and visit the library regularly. However, if I fail to get accommodation at your institution, I also consider Great Court – London, which is 30 minutes by bus and 20 minutes by bike. These hostels cost €932 per month.

8. Talk about the local area/social amenities around the university and your place of residence in the UK. Student life in the UK (discounts, travel costs and arrangements, cultural activities). Please do a research about this area and find more details about the social amenities and describe it with your own words and use different sources from the web, not only University website.

The university is surrounded by health facilities like Greenwich Hospital and University Hospital Lewisham and other learning institutions like Ravensbourne University London, which offers significant social interaction with other students. Moreover the area offers the best learning culture and student life.

9. Talk about University campuses and the one you will be studying at?

I am incredibly interested in the Greenwich campus, which has the most anesthetic environment. Moreover, the university offers a campus library and state-of-the-art editing suites

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10. Why did you choose the University of Greenwich? What attracted you?

The University of Greenwich is ideal due to its location and its high reputation and ranking in the world. Besides, it is the world's most highly regarded research institution which has regularly featured in the international rankings. Therefore studying at your institution enable me to create new idea generation, research, and group cooperation. The university is ideal for me due to its environment which offers self-development including creating independence, self-confidence, and responsibility.

11. What is the ranking of the University in the UK University League Table, Times Higher Education, etc.? What about your course ratings? And where did you find this?

Due to the University of Greenwich’s excellence in teaching, research, diversity of its students, historic campuses and high student satisfaction, THE (Times Higher Education) - University Ranking ranked the institution 601-800 in 2021, while the UK University League Table ranked the institution position 64 in the UK and 701-750 in the world. This information was obtained in the respective ranking site website.

12. Why did you choose UK, rather than other countries like the USA, Australia or other countries in Europe? **

Lastly, I have decided to study in the UK due to its standards and highly regarded institutions like Greenwich. Besides, British university education has been the basis for higher education standards globally since a long time ago. Therefore studying in the UK will enable me to be the best. Therefore, offered a chance, I am optimistic that I will be prepared well for the modern job market. Moreover, unlike other countries, the UK is a unique country, with many families with roots from around the world. Therefore, this will enable me to enjoy mix of different cultures, food, and interests.

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