Motivated by Compassion: My Journey


For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in caring, supporting, and being responsible for others. My motivation to care for others started when I lost two of my relatives to cancer. Besides, I was greatly motivated by how health practitioners dedicated themselves to save people's lives despite the long hours working. A career in nursing is about compassion, commitment, communication, and courage. I have also come to understand that a career in nursing is very challenging and demanding. Moreover, I have always been interested in protecting and assisting patients in and around society. To me, adult nursing is all about working respectfully and diligently and being able to charge as a leader in a high-pressured surrounding to deliver the best. I believe that adult nursing is the best career to follow since I dream of a profession that allows me to change and improve people's lives. The profession is an excellent opportunity to use my communication skills and other wide range of abilities to help my society. Therefore, guided by my fascination and objectives, I am applying for a bachelor of science in public health at your institution.


BSc in Public Health is a course that is concerned with promoting health and well-being to the public or within a community. This field of study equips learners with advanced research skills and a critical understanding of health policy and global public health, in the contexts of sociology, politics, and psychology. Also, this field of study provides students with the knowledge and skills to contribute to the improved health of populations and particular groups within them through the promotion of health and prevention of diseases thus requires learners who are professionally and academically qualified. Professionally, I have worked as a support worker at London health care where I was tasked with providing support to people in their homes and providing advice and support to the carers, relatives, and other agencies involved with the clients under my care. Also, I helped in completing in-depth risk assessments for the clients under my care and providing routine visits to ensure their wellbeing and safety at home. From this position, I learned management skills, communication skills, and other professional skills that I believe are vital in this field of study. Additionally, I worked as a healthcare assistant in various care homes including London health care, and Uphill care homes. In this nursing care, I was tasked with empowering and promoted the independence of clients and assisting clients with personal care. More importantly, I collaborated with various multidisciplinary teams to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. Also, I offered assistance to the elderly including meal preparation and personal hygiene, and overall reassurance, comfort, and safety. Moreover, I was tasked with promoting the dignity and privacy of individuals at all times. Likewise, I documented care and administering treatments. From this position, I learned transferable skills including being resilient, information technology, being proactive, and effective time management. Nevertheless, I learned to deal with challenging situations and pressure while maintaining work quality.

From my professional experience, I have gained experiences and skills which I believe makes me the most qualified candidate to study undergraduate studies in public health. Besides, I have been equipped with the most appropriate tools and theoretical background which will enable me to be successful in my career. From participating in several patient needs’ assessments, I have developed a strong work ethic and a good understanding of the challenges that nurse experience in the community. Similarly, I am aware of the inequalities in health, poverty, and other rising health issues affecting society and the world. Therefore, I am committed to dedicating my time to meet people's needs by empowering communities to get healthier. For example, from my experience, I have recently volunteered as a smoking cessation volunteer, where I helped young people to quit smoking and educating these people on healthy living. I believe that these skills are transferable thus increasing my fascination to be public health nurse.

Looking at my academic background, I pursued Higher Education in Social Health and Care. From this course, I learned community work and community mental health, family support work, youth and adult offending and rehabilitation and parenting support work. Also, I learned about health promotion and employment support. Besides, I also learned communication skill and teamwork skills which I believe are vital in this field of study. Similarly, pursued a master’s degree in social care which equipped me with various skills including research skills. My master’s studies have shaped me into a pro-active, positive, results-driven, and professional individual with the ability to deliver results.

From my traits, I am a hardworking enthusiastic, and positive person who strives to be the best. Besides, I possess excellent communication skills as well as perfect teamwork skills, which I believe makes me the most qualified candidate for this career. Also, I have an excellent command of information technology which makes me prepared for the modern job market. Moreover, I am a highly ambitious, conscientious, mature, and self-motivated person with a good sense of humor who does not rest on her achievements. I believe that pursuing higher education is vital for broadening my knowledge and developing new skills to fit into the ever-changing world of Health Care. Also, as an individual with lifelong learning objectives, I enjoy learnings new things and constantly seeking new learning opportunities. Therefore, I believe that I can make the most appropriate candidate for your program and increase your institution's reputation through the application of my skills.

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However, I am aware that this field of study is demanding, thus I am fully committed to work hard since I have chosen the most reputable institution that will help me achieve my dreams. Additionally, I understand that this institution equips learners with empirical evidence and theoretical tools necessary for understanding management. Furthermore, it enhances multidisciplinary exploration, which makes me believe that I will be learning at the best university, which will prepare me for the modern job market. Also, I have selected this institution due to its firmly held tradition and commitment to serve rural populations aligns with my research interest. Also, your institution prepares students to become successful faculty members and community partners by equipping the best research tools and offering a stunning learning environment and a wide range of extra-curriculum activities. Therefore, I hope to be a part of your renowned and reputable institution. Lastly, offered a chance, it will be my pleasure to participate in your organization's football and art club.

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