A case study on GExceptional Comfort


Business game strategy or BSG refers to the online game in the business environment, where the organisations participate for gaining scores and identifying the ratings in the market (Trigeorgis, and Reuer, 2017). The aim of BSG is to increase the business rations and sustain in the competition by maintaining the brand position, increasing the growth of earnings, return on average equality investment and providing high return on the investment of the stakeholders. The study aims at analysing BSG for the organisation GExceptional Comfort to investigate the competitive position and performance evaluation. Through this report, it is also possible to review the organisational mission, vision and corporate objectives and explore the strategic planning of the firm to sustain in the competition. After analysing the business environment for GExceptional Comfort, it would be suitable to recommend suitable suggestions through which GExceptional Comfort would be able to secure future sustainable development.

1. Organisational background
1.1 Mission

The mission of GExceptional Comfort is to strengthen their customer’s base for the quality products and services through market expansion.

1.2 Vision

The vision of the organisation is to become the leading organisation in the industry across the globe to serve the best quality products and services that match the customers’ expectations.

1.3 Corporate objectives

The corporate objectives of the organisation GExceptional Comfort are,

To maximise sales volume and profitability of the organisation

To strengthen customers base

To maximise satisfaction of the stakeholders

To provide high return on invest

To maintain transparency and accountability

To create values and respect others

1.4 Organisational performance evaluation

The organisation GExceptional Comfort is able to sustain in the competition and develop corporate strategic planning to strengthen their customer’s base in the market. The leader is playing a crucial role in strategizing the business for achieving the future success. The major strategic planning is to deliver high quality products and services to the customers. The leader focuses on maintaining the quality of the products and supervises the production and manufacturing units closely to satisfy the client with high quality and durable products as per their choice and preferences (Durand, Grant and Madsen, 2017). The packaging style, private levels and strong distribution network are also other corporate strategic planning developed by the leader of GExceptional Comfort to run their business activities efficiently and secure future sustainable development. In order to maximise the above mentioned corporate objectives, GExceptional Comfort must focus on the strategic planning developed by the leaders so that it would be possible to sustain in the competition in such an era of intense competitive market. Through the analysis of what, why and how, it is possible to demonstrate the strategic activities of GExceptional Comfort. As per 'what' analysis, the major corporate strategies are hereby,

To ensure branded products for delivering high quality products and services to the customers

To improve product packaging style for maintaining sustainability and deliver the products safely to the customers

To strengthen the distribution network for delivering quality products to the customers within effective time

These are the major three strategies of the organisation GExceptional Comfort to fulfil the corporate objectives and sustain in the competitive market. As per the analysis of 'why', the organisational leader focuses on creative planning to make the business successful. For maximising the organisational visions and mission, it is crucial to satisfy the customers and retain them for long run. In order to fulfil the customer’s expectations and maximise their satisfaction, the above mentioned strategic planning is fruitful for the organisation to sustain in the market and compete with other competitive brands as per the business strategic game (Okumus et al., 2019). In order to gain high competitive advantage, the strategies are also beneficial for GExceptional Comfort to run their business operations and create values for the customers and other stakeholders. The analysis of 'how' is also necessary to evaluate the activities of the company to implement the strategic planning. The leader at GExceptional Comfort is efficient to reallocate the resources, such as capital funding, organisational infrastructure, arranging raw materials for the production and managing the human resources of the firm. These activities are crucial to reallocate the resources and maximise the capability of the employees to perform better and maximise their productivity in long run.

Financial performance

Through business strategy game and financial performance evaluation, it is possible to investigate the position of the organisation in the market. As per the business strategy game, the organisation GExceptional Comfort is in 10th position and the score is 62. Net revenue of the organisation was 364,513 in $000s and as per the financial analysis and business strategy game, the company EPS was $ 3.24 per share. ROE of GExceptional Comfort was 19.7% and stock price per share was $ 41.41 per share. The credit rating of the company is A and image rating was 61. As per the financial performance of the organisation, the company is efficient to serve the clients and retain more customers for their quality products and services. It is possible for the organisation to create strong customers base and improve the sales volume through market expansion. The credit image of the company is also good, where it can be stated that, GExceptional Comfort is financial stable organisation and it has the capability to repay the loan amount. In addition to this, the company is successful to secure future sustainable development by operating in the market through strategic planning. The product strategy and distribution network are the major strategic choices of the organisation GExceptional Comfort through which it is possible to improve brand image and create stakeholders base in the market. The organisation is also efficient to provide high return on the investment of the stakeholders, which is also beneficial to retain the stakeholders and create values for them. It is the responsibility of the firm to fulfil the economic responsibility and provide high return to all the stakeholders. There are strong stakeholder’s base including the employees, customers, distributions, shareholders and investors, government and social communities as a whole. Through managing the strong stakeholder’s base, GExceptional Comfort is able to run their operations and sustain in the competition for making the business successful by maximising their sales volume and profitability in long run.

2. Influence of Business Environments on Corporate Strategy
2.1 Macro-environment

Macro environmental analysis is important for analysing the business strategic game and identifies the factors that have crucial impacts on the organisational activities. Through PESTLE analysis, it is possible to conduct environmental analysis, where PESTLE stands for political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental (Velikorossov et al., 2019). These factors have important effects on strategizing the business activities and run the operations efficiently to gain competitive position in the market.

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The above mentioned factors have its impacts on the business operations of GExceptional Comfort, where the stable political condition and economic growth are beneficial to run the operations and retain more clients towards the organisational products and services. Moreover, social development, legal framework and environmental sustainable practices further help the company to run the business efficiently towards achieving high competitive advantage by creating values for the stakeholders (Schilling and Shankar, 2019). As per the business strategy game, GExceptional Comfort has strong score and it has the ability to provide high return to the investment of the stakeholders of the business.

2.2 Competitive environment

The competitive analysis can be conducted through Porter’s five forces model, which includes the competitive rivalry, threat of new entrants, threat of substitute products, bargaining power of the suppliers and the bargaining power of the buyers.

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2.3 Micro environment

The micro environmental analysis is also necessary to analyse the firm’s capability to run their business activities strategically. Through McKinsey’s 7S framework, it is possible to analyse the internal capabilities of the firm and analyse the environment in the workplace of GExceptional Comfort. As per the McKinsey’s 7S framework, the seven factors are such as structure, skill, style, staff, system, strategy and shared values.

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3. Emerging Technologies & Impact on Future of Company
3.1 Concept of Emerging Technologies
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Emerging technologies is the term generally utilised to describe the new technology which refers continuous development of the existing technology through technical innovation and creativity in designs the application. In the recent era of globalisation, there is great role of emerging technologies to run the business innovatively (Lasserre, 2017). The major examples of emerging technology are such as artificial intelligence or AI, robotics, 3D bio printing, Nano medicine, cloud computing and developing creative organisational website. For example, the ecommerce organisation Amazon developed AI with latest innovative technology such as Alexa (Hitt and Duane Ireland, 2017). On the other hand, Apple as a great technical innovation company in electronics industry also utilises AI for running their operations (Hitt and Duane Ireland, 2017). Hence, the sectors such as electronics and communication, automotive industry, ecommerce organisations utilise the emerging technologies such as AI, robotics and cloud computing.

3.2 Impacts of Emerging Technologies

There is great impact of emerging technology on the business activities in terms of automated process innovation, system generation, advancement in internal process of GExceptional Comfort and managing customers efficiently through auto generated system. Thence, technological advancement is possible through such emerging technologies, where the GExceptional Comfort will try to adopt latest technology and develop IT infrastructure for better management. It has important impacts of customer’s relationship management, where the organisational representatives at GExceptional Comfort can interact with the clients and develop bonding and trust across the international markets. Strong customer’s retention and improving client engagement are also possible through emerging technology (Hitt and Duane Ireland, 2017). The operational activities of the firm can be performed efficiently within short period of time through emerging technologies where GExceptional Comfort can improve their operational activities through auto generated process. The company GExceptional Comfort can manage the production and manufacturing units through AI and manage warehouse successfully to deliver high quality products to the ultimate users in the market. The emerging technologies are hereby playing role in GExceptional Comfort to maximise sales volume and profitability through strengthening their client base and running the business across the markets innovatively.

3.3 Recommendations for future strategy as per impact of emerging technologies

It is important for GExceptional Comfort to develop AI and utilise latest technology for running their operations innovatively. The organisation must develop Chatbots, which is latest innovation to enhance online communication through text message or voice. The customers can get effective reply for their queries through Chatbots, where the Chatbots of GExceptional Comfort will be able to identify the needs of the customers, analyse the issue and provide appropriate answers.

In addition to this, the Google Maps and Ride-Hailing Applications must be implemented in the organisation to enhance GPS activities for tracking the orders and delivering the products safely to the customers within short period of time.

GExceptional Comfort needs to provide E-Payments services to the customers, where the clients can make payments safely through the website of the organisation. The online data of the customers will be protected safely and the organisation must ensure that the clients can share their personal details for making the payments with security. The one tap option for payments is hereby necessary for the firm, which can be developed through E-Payments facility.

The organisation GExceptional Comfort must develop cloud computing system to handle digital database system at the company, and this further provides a scope to the company to manage their data and information safely and manage the customers within short period of time.


The company GExceptional Comfort is able to score efficiently in the market by ensuring financial stability, strong customer’s base and good stock price and return on investment. As per the internal and external environmental analysis, the business environment is suitable for running the operational activities in the market with economic growth, social development and political stability. The internal capability of GExceptional Comfort is also beneficial to strategies the business and manage the staff for further innovative and creativity. The organisation must utilise merging technology to handle the stakeholders and run the operations proficiently to fulfil the vision of becoming leading organisation in the market.

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