Analysis of a specific industry

Assessment brief including criteria mapped to learning outcomes

Assessment 1: Written assignment

Learning outcomes tested: 1 - 6

Word count: 2,000 words

This is an individual assignment.

Assignment Brief

Prepare a report analysing one of the industries specified below. The report should include a macro-environmental analysis and a discussion of the attractiveness of the chosen industry, with appropriate business tools and techniques applied in order to arrive at this analysis.

Your report must acknowledge all sources of information using the Harvard referencing system.

Industry Classification Benchmarks:

4030 Media
  • 40301010 and 40301035 Broadcasting & Entertainment - Producers, operators and broadcasters of radio, television, music and filmed entertainment. Excludes movie theatres, which are classified under Recreational Services.
  • 40301020 Media Agencies - Companies providing advertising, public relations and marketing services. Includes billboard providers and telemarketers.
  • 40301030 Publishing - Publishers of information via printed or electronic media.
451010 Beverages
  • 45101010 Brewers - Manufacturers and shippers of cider or malt products such as beer, ale and stout.
  • 45101015 Distillers and Vintners - Producers, distillers, vintners, blenders and shippers of wine and spirits such as whisky, brandy, rum, gin or liqueurs.
  • 45101020 Soft Drinks - Manufacturers, bottlers and distributors of non-alcoholic beverages, such as soda, fruit juices, tea, coffee and bottled water.

4040 Retail

  • 40401010 Diversified Retailers - Retail outlets and wholesalers offering a wide variety of products including both hard goods and soft goods.
  • 40401020 Apparel Retailers - Retailers and wholesalers specialising mainly in clothing, shoes, jewellery, sunglasses and other accessories
  • 40401025 Home Improvement Retailers - Retailers and wholesalers concentrating on the sale of home improvement products, including garden equipment, carpets, wallpaper, paint, home furniture, blinds and curtains, and building materials.
  • 40401030 Specialty Retailers - Retailers and wholesalers concentrating on a single class of goods, such as electronics, books, automotive parts or closeouts. Includes automobile dealerships, duty-free shops and automotive fuel stations not owned by oil companies. Excludes Apparel and Home Improvement Retailers.

Assessment 2: Written assignment

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Learning outcomes tested: 1 – 6

Word count: 2,000 words

This is an individual assignment.

Assignment brief:

Choose a company in the industry selected for Assignment 1 and conduct a 3-year business and financial performance analysis of that company.

Prepare a report to the management of the chosen company, including the following:

  • An introduction to the company
  • A critical analysis of the company’s strategic capabilities and strengths and weaknesses by applying appropriate business tools and techniques
  • An analysis of the company’s financial performance, in comparison to a key competitor

Your report must acknowledge all sources of information using the Harvard referencing system.

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