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This assessment task 1 will be highlighting the benefits of minimising the waste production the Sandwell College stating the ways to reduce them and implementing suggestions for bringing change in this regard. In task 3, the need of confidentiality and security is described with the consequences that could rise due to the failure of main security and confidentiality.

Analyse the benefit of keeping waste to a minimum

The major benefits of keeping the wastage to a minimum level are –

It saves the operating costs on a large scale. Repurposing and recycling of waste materials can be used in many ways such as recycling papers can be used later as paper cups.

Vashchillo and Vetrova (2017) stated that reducing the wastage by recycling them also increases the space since keeping waste materials needs a specific space which can be used for any other purpose if these wastage were minimised or recycled.


Most importantly reducing the waste keep the business environment clean and safe with fewer diseases spread and polluted workplace environment

Suggested ways to reduce waste in a business environment

There are few simple ways through which the business environment wastage can be reduced to its least level.

Composting is the best way to handle the heavy wastage materials because the heaviest portion of the wastage stream is difficult and costly to remove so it can be composted nearby.

The waste management facilities and setups in business environments must be audited and reviewed with new and latest technologies.

Sagmeister (2018) advised that almost 90 per cent of the wastage is created from the packaging departments so it needs to be reduced from that side.

The latest suggestion is to be going paperless in the business activities to contribute in waste reduction.

Implementing one of the suggestions to demonstrate initiative and originality

One major suggestion that is implemented in Sandwell College is recycling the wastage of the campus and separating them into categories so that each category can be handled accordingly. The easy recyclable waste materials are sent for recycling and the heavy materials are composted in a nearby ground with permission (Srivastava et al. 2020). The water wastage is sent to the waste composting department and the dry waste are send to people who handles the same. With implementing this measure, Sandwell College contributed towards the reduction and recycling of wastage and moved towards a better and non-polluted environment.

Evaluating the impact of the change

With the implementation of the above suggestion in the college campus, now the wastage level of the college has been brought to reduced levels as compared with previous times. Now all the students also became aware that how they can contribute towards this initiative with maintaining and obeying small changes and improvements in the campus like separate wastage bins for watery waste and dry waste (Huysveld et al. 2019). They campus with the students and teachers now always use dustbins to throw garbage and the waste collecting staffs also put the waste to its place within time avoiding over-loading.

Why security and confidentiality are important in Sandwell College?

The Sandwell College has huge number of students and so do their personal and campus information also. Sandwell College has always maintained their information confidentiality within the campus data and information department but it can happen that any student or any other staff members could breach those security standards and tamper with the financial resources & student information (Gigli et al. 2019). So to avoid those situations, data and information protection and security is important in the college. Sandwell College has prepared and implemented many security and confidentiality policy in campus like the Privacy policy under which the General Data Protection Regulations come, the Data Protection policy which ensures the awareness about correct and lawful treatment of the personal data and many more policies like these (El Zein et al. 2018).

Consequences of failing to main security and confidentiality in line with requirement.

The failure of the protection policies and standards will be a huge incident since if any of the personal data has been treated unlawfully and misused by anybody it will directly affect the reputation of the college in the society (Van Schaik et al. 2018). Also to mention that the parents, teachers and students themselves might be in big problems if any of their data is leaked or breached because no one knows where that data will be misused by the thief. Sandwell College’s future growth and development majorly depends on their data security and protection standards and policies so that neither the college nor any person gets into trouble because of the failure in the main data security and confidentiality process (Dietrich et al. 2018).

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The conclusion says that wastage reduction and recycling is very beneficial for the organisational as well as for the society environment. And in Sandwell College, the data protection is very delicate and its failure will give very harsh consequences to the college and its members.


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