Business Processes

Identification of quality management organization and comparison with other organization for evaluating the effectiveness

The choice of organization to work with is Amazon. It is quite a well-known brand and it comes with a Total quality management approach. This approach has brought a lot of positivity inside the organization. As commented by Calvo-Mora et al. (2020), further progression is expected through constant improvement of this method. E-commerce is quite challenging and Amazon is effectively managing each of the quality management techniques available for improved sales and people management. 5 strategies that are important to improve quality management are

Building a company culture that focuses on overall quality improvement

Scheduling some internal audit that is run periodically

Designing a robust training program

Developing detailed inspection program on quality

All maintenance of pieces of equipment are needed to be assessed


Amazon is currently managing operations in a combination of in-house employment processes and including third-party agencies. TQM includes long-term success achievement through customer satisfaction. In the case of TQM efforts, all members of the organization are required to be participating in the improvement of processes, products, and services. According to Aikhuele et al. (2020), a work culture encouraged successfully determines functional and operational areas. There is routine collection and analysis of data done for gaining revenue. Amazon has followed these significant steps to create a total quality management system such as:

Developing an improvement plan to work with

Solicit feedback given by customers

Identification of key customer groups to be focused

Developing specific metrics for tracking critical success factors

Clarifying vision, mission, and values

Developing integrated system

Another organization that is facing several issues regarding the quality management system of an organization is associated with an ability to demonstrate the product service and consistency. Quality management inside this organization is identified to be quite poor. Although it can be seen that ISO 9001:2015 is identified as a specific requirement of software management system inside an organization that reflects:

Product and services that meets customer needs and offers regulatory requirements Effective application of a system that gives assurance of conformity in applicable customer regulation

However, this organization has lagged in following quality process management. ISO certification gives approval of management systems and manufacturing along with quality optimization. Design quality, leadership goals are associated with planning successful integration. Leadership goals are meant to be engaging in market capitalization. However, the main focus of customer issue management and total quality optimization is still not up to the mark (Abbas, 2020). Hence, Amazon’s TQM policy is more effective than Alibaba and it can be appraised more.

Here is seven-quality management principle that is required to be focused on by any organization such as:

Leadership management

Improvement of overall performance

Relationship management with customer and employees both

Evidence-based decision-making process engagement

Engagement of people is important

Customer focus for meeting their needs and identification of communication gaps

In current situations, organizations are forced to do quality management to gain sustainability and a great choice of products. This organization Alibab being compared to Amazon has to take these below-mentioned steps for effective management of quality in systems such as:

Getting specific information on what is needed

Lean management principles should be adopted

Uses of software that is useful in retaining information

Elimination of unnecessary documents

Meaningful company objectives creation to align with the strategic direction of leadership

Hiring consultant to help in the improvement of quality management

In this study, the chosen organization's efforts of engaging in TQM are commendable as it is a continual process of reducing errors in the manufacturing process. There is the detection of supply chains seen and ensuring training indulgent is important. All the parties including the production process are associated with the final service in this process. In the case of using TQM, continual improvement of internal practices has been seen. TQM works with the primary focus of customer management along with a common goal of production control in planning and assurance of the process. Error correction and improvement of ongoing processes are aligned with job training in Amazon whereas Alibaba group is not compatible in that. Emphasis is given on business needs for clear communication development and avoiding misunderstandings. Compliance with applicable standards has been achieved (Akao, 2020). Integrity, and courtesy development, and honesty are identified as three pillars of TQM, based on which the entire structure is developed and Alibaba groups lack there. Strategic quality management has also been a part of developing appropriate design quality in customer base optimization. Fact-based decision-making and continuous improvement are associated with high-quality standards management. Therefore, underlying differences are clear and Alibaba group is not scoring in any of this process management criteria.

2. a) Different approaches to project success

Streamline supply chain management is associated with reflecting internal priorities and industry standards in the current place. Measuring project management success is associated with the following steps:

Checking quality: This end project phase has become a good time for the quality review process

Scheduling: Project success is often categorized in terms of scheduling. A project schedule is to build up an online mode of Gantt chart management. Tasks and deadlines are applicable in terms of visual timeline engagement.

Quality: One project management phase requires quality review and managing practices and deliverables.

Cost: Project dashboard is associated with appropriate cost identification and comparing different cost estimates

Stakeholder satisfaction: A team that is essentially built up with getting the work done in an organizational environment is important (Prokopenko et al. 2020). Effective optimization of stakeholders along with an influence of behavior is required to be assessed

Performance to business: Creating a checklist that is important to join in the business case is important for the management of the project life cycle and realizing the working facts.

Measuring a project's success is associated with the differential performance management of project time and level after the project ends. Direct measurement of project success indulges in the total effective XMR chart of business. Budgeted cost against the actual project cost needed to be analyzed while a project is measured using critical success factors. Some crucial factors that are important in project management are associated with delivering expected benefits along with finishing the project on time. Successful controlling on budget and taking the right approach towards project sustainability is important. Evaluations done are supposed to be complete and honest while a budget failure would be checked. Sustaining the right set of changes and looking forward to customer and stakeholder collaboration is important.

The incorporation of project indicators is associated with the sign and factors of realistic project optimization. Leading, lagging and coincident are three major types of indicators that are identifying project success factors. Project success criteria are associated with commercial management of revenues and pitfalls. Project team satisfaction along with end-user satisfaction and supplier satisfaction is essential in meeting all end-user requirements (Prokopenko et al. 2020). If a final product meets all project requirements then it becomes essential in controlling the project budget. Measurement of factors such as NPS is also important for the management of classical pitfalls. Clear communication and identification of clear rationale and scope behind a project are associated with project success. Operational values and success factors leave a major impact on effective process execution.

b) Principles and examples of effective project management and contribution towards project success

A formal project management process requires identifying specific issues and investing insecure channels. Mature value delivery capabilities and baseline performance-management skills are associated with clear goal optimization. Six project-management principles concerning the chosen organization are:

Project success factors are required to be executed in terms of taking sustainable initiatives of project goals (Kintonova et al. 2019). Giving a clear outline of the budget and final product to be delivered is essential in projects.

Business objectives:

The establishment of specific business goals and objectives along with identifying the increasing sales and profit has become important in customer loyalty programs. Service quality and quantity are required for the management of vagueness. The frequency of meeting the standards and engaging in action steps and meeting protocols to be clarified is essential for project sustainability.

Intervention and execution:

It is observed that the root cause of project failure is miscommunication and there is a systematic indulgence of work not followed. Asking what the issues are and interpreting that is also associated with this componential alignment.

Organizational alignment:

The success and sustainability of an organization are the invincible pillars that require complete support from different sectors. As described by Fisher et al. (2020), electronically and in-person reviews can be collected and stakeholder alignment can be taken under intuitive learning. Any project brought onboard that directly impacts the stakeholders and takes the initiative of measuring success is important.

Measurement and Accountability:

Companies like Amazon are highly focused on the measurement of sustainable criteria. There exists accountability that consistently rewards best performers and identifies performance objectives. Refining a new system and implementing a master approach to the project management concept has become important in effectively enhancing brand performance.

Standards of engagement:

Engagement standards are simply measuring the frequency of meetings with clients and stakeholders. Identification of the ground rules of gain suitability inside an organization has become important (Loh et al. 2021). The protocol that is required to be followed in operations management of the organization is identified as a part of the process. Standards should be maintained in terms of ISO to deliver the desired outcome along with achievement project success milestones.

Project management tools are largely being used in several projects such as a Kanban tool. In construction projects, maintaining a schedule becomes important. Examples of project management in Amazon are associated with inventory management along with the development of marketing components. Customer care along with supplier management has been identified as crucial aspects of Amazon that sellers navigate. The e-Commerce business is involved with defining workstreams and incorporation of documentation. Regardless of the product they sell, Amazon's strategy is to gain complete market control along with customer optimization.

Contribution towards project success factors:

The continuous optimization and project success elements are associated with creating training programs for employees and making them efficient in handling problems. Inefficiencies in the area for improvement and writing down the "status quo" in day-to-day business are observed. Setting out clear objectives is essential in terms of defining a team and facilitating the priorities. As commented by Delfanti (2019), Amazon has focused more on short-term goals for creating measurable success factors. These are mostly 3 months or 12-month working plans. Launching websites and giving maximum effort to the customer's work satisfaction becomes important in facilitating a complete goal. Following the 1number +1date formula always helps in applying the concepts of project success. Sales, reviews, and average profits are to be managed here as well.

3. a) Different techniques that improve organizational analysis

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A different technique that improves organizational analysis is associated with six sigma tools. There is the involvement of data collection and minimization of data cycles is effective. Six sigma tools improve customers' overall satisfaction. According to Vukadinovic et al. (2019), DMAIC is one of the tools that involves the overall development of the organization and helps in procedural analysis. Defining is the first thing that needs to be clarified for the determination of requirements. Measuring the relevant CTQ is important in the overall data collection process of determining sustainable projections. Analysis of the data that has been collected including a data gap is important. The root cause of the company's current and future state is enabled by identifying problem areas in this process optimization. Improving the cost and benefit ratio and gaining the test position of chosen solution is effectively managed by CTQ metrics. During the final stage, the utilization of solutions that results in effective simulation of performance is also observed.

DMADV is another method that is used for further six-sigma process engagement. Defining is associated with stating the problems and specifying the customer needs (Tortorella et al. 2020). Target process along with outlining the goals and measurements of the organization is important for process quality optimization. Similarly, it goes with design, verification, and measurement in engaging qualitative action plans.

Simulation is identified to be playing a vital role in terms of improving the processes. Simulation techniques are excellent ways to test the improvement concepts of cost-effective and minimally invasive solutions. A simulation is essential in developing a model of real operations and proposed system development. Time constraints and interaction are essential to be analyzed to generate proper awareness and assignment of work. Simulation is quite a powerful tool that gains faster insights to indulge in improvements of work inside an organization.

Lean Manufacturing is identified to be managing processes terrifically. It eliminates business waste and by doing this, outputs are increased. Transportation along with business materials engagement is benefitted. There is a motion observed that involves production steps to be managed. As interpreted by Sahoo (2019), waiting time is important to be managed as there are times when an employee has nothing to do. Defects are seen as a lot of time that has been wasted for the management of defects in the business process. Hence, simulation is expected to fight these issues. Existing inventory is higher than it should be and lean manufacturing targets these issues.

Moreover, there is BPMN that uses a flowchart for representing the business data. Business process modeling notation is working towards planned business process optimization. A gateway is a point where all effective decisions are taken. Artifacts are extra pieces of information that are added for managing simulated annotation within an organization (Sahoo, 2019). Hence, uses of TQM, which stands for total quality management, optimization is involved, and it does a systematic approach towards the identification of the right goals of the business. Troubleshooting the quality issues and helping the business issues to be effectively managed is improvised. Business includes the performance management indicators to be assessed through employees that are working together in organizations.

Lean tools come up with ideas for managing the office environment so that efficient processes are increased. Promotional safety and lowering the cost of team efficiency are important in terms of implementing 5S (Pombal et al. 2019). Any technical analysis is not required hence, it can be performed by anyone at work. Moreover, there are processes like sorting, straightening, and shining observed for clear goal analysis. To improve a business process, several steps are followed and these are:

Map processes

Acquiring resources

Reviewing process

Implementing and communicating of changes

Redesigning the process

A business process can be analyzed in terms of identifying the need for change. The first step in the BPI process involves phases of current processing and improving superior procedural engagement. As analyzed by Kaouthar (2020), obtaining commitment and support gathering is important within the development of business processes and analyzing the current procedural breakdown of the improvement strategy. Taking action plans that implement root causes is also important. A business process is mostly three types that are operational process, supporting process, and management process. Now, several model-based integrated processes are found that include identification of current business needs and existing processes. A new process implementation process and existing process reviewing are encouraged within an implementation of methodological assessments. This method is identified as a model-based integrated process (MIPI). Uses of super methodology have also been incorporated in a five-step improvement process for overall productivity. This process indulges in the following:

Selection of process

Process understanding


Reviewing collected data

Measurement of process

"PDCA or plan-do-check-act" methodology is something that improvises the organizational procedure and identifies the opportunity of change. The next step involves acting on the proposed changes and checking data-driven metrics. Adopting along with seeking improvement has become necessary for the complete technical analysis of quality standards and improving lean development factors. As derived by Kaur, Singh, and Singh (2019), a digital twin is a virtual model of an existing process simulation is identified in some cases. Virtual recreation of business standards is also required to be analyzed. Teaming up Kanban project management for sustainable change management has been effective as well. The philosophy of long-term goals orientation and uses of process flow optimization is essential. There is typical control found out the employment of people and problem-solving areas are required to be assessed as well.

b) Techniques that will be applicable for the chosen organization

One of the core processes of Amazon is to improve customer satisfaction. Successfully using six-sigma is important in this context. As discussed by Ismael and Ahmed (2020), lean six-sigma philosophy is important in understanding customer needs and focusing on deficit reduction and execution. This philosophy has helped Amazon to grow from a 600 employee company to a global workforce of 1.3 million. Reaching out to an overall sales of $386 billion is seen. Success has involved customers' needs for Amazon in their minds. “Amazon uses the term to describe the process of setting an objective based on the desired customer experience and then working backward through the process to make that happen." Lean thinking can be impressive and it is included inside the organization as every year, a day is specified for the senior manager to work in customer services. This process helps all seniors to understand how it is difficult to organize the challenges of frontline workers. Amazon has a policy of customer service improvement at first rather than boosting the growth of customers. According to Emblemsvåg (2020), Six-sigma has always helped Amazon to actively seek out the root cause of activity variations. Amazon's view of process improvement is varied and it is important to gain the trust of employees in the organization. Amazon has always tried to make their presence noticeable and they are always trying to improve the functionality of work as well. Amazon largely uses lean technology to identify and eliminate waste in reducing costs. Reduced lead-time and increased efficiency and consistency are important.

The lean methodology works on simple ideas that are required to be incorporated inside Amazon and this is:

Delivering values as per customer’s perspectives

Improving on a daily work basis

Elimination of wastage in terms of employee timing and resources

Lean management is also expected to come up with benefits and productivity companion such as:

Efficient work process management and stable production companionship is seen

Optimized utilization of sources are done

Micro-management of operations using kaizen

Six Sigma comes up with data-driven culture. Amazon is quite optimized and has a lot more to deliver than it is capable of currently. "Low price product with great convenience and personalized product recommendation, type of purchase, demand cycle of products on the shelf is identified in this organization with a proper use of the lean method.” As commented by Dombrowski, Wullbrandt, and Fochler, (2019), lean thinking is processed by relentlessly pursuing the root cause and understanding correction of system errors, and reducing them largely. Therefore, it is important to adopt strategies that are effective in giving customers legitimate satisfaction. Regardless of the product they sell, Amazon's strategy is to gain complete market control along with customer optimization. Understanding and involving the vision of work is associated with the achievement of business definitions and goals.

4) a) Generation of opportunities and innovation

The aspects of identifying different information are associated with the building of product competency and emerging into specific integrity companionship of this process. There is more to deal with rather than the identification of variances. According to Vukadinovic et al. (2019), opportunities are found out as Amazon is quite a known company and it is leaving its business process optimization all over the world. Quality management and total quality optimization are associated with organizational authorization and superlative growth management within business-process model innovations. Amazon thinks the ideas are assets that help this organization to engage in operating the different core functionalities. Bezos comes with a statement of filling out a whiteboard in an hour with 100 ideas. Opportunity mindset is associated with specific business unit management. Amazon practices some of the data-driven and customer-led innovations to engage in the analysis of customer satisfaction components. High velocity and high-quality decision-making are important in leveraging data science and helps the organization make fresh moves. High-quality recommendations are associated with scalable, efficient, and automated process breakdown. The process of generating growth for Amazon is associated with customer-centricity. Amazon is thinking ahead of its customer needs. Amazon Echo is identified as a simple virtual assistant that has taken the place of a communal household computer along with style assistance. Amazon provides maximum flexibility of work along with serving the customers that are growing exponentially with organizations (Akao, 2020). Corporate agility is identified as a significant pillar that is important in the management of flexibility and business state growth. Continuous process optimization and development of value chaining to the customers has become an important objective. Running a multi-billion dollar business like Jeff Bezos takes part in business administration and proper growth strategy optimization. Innovative technology invests in the technological operation and tech commerce giants. A product of Amazon is identified as an echo dot that will require maximum support on components and Amazon measured their cost per first stream operation in terms of showing the originality of prime components to people. More growth opportunities are identified as:

Coming up with customer-centric products

Giving more people the job opportunity

Identifying the merging options with social media platforms (Pombal et al. 2019)

Develop stronghold on pharmaceutical business

Medical equipment selling and indulging fresh food market

Making an application for free readings of e-books

b) Implementation plan for assisting chosen organizational opportunities

Implementation plans, that help in assisting the organizational opportunities that are identified are as follows:


Amazon should be following an alliance plan to merge and tie up with other leading regional sellers. This is expected to indulge in the selling progress of fresh products consumed by people like vegetables (Tortorella et al. 2020). Grocery items can be listed upon as per keeping the most needful at first. Moreover, there can be pharmaceutical components organized and these should be added up to a baseline development of products and procedures of a particular region. Customer service experience along with allowing entrepreneurs to sell their product online has become important. The strategic objective is to reach out to a global audience without brick-and-mortar stores. This will be engaged through a lean sigma operating environment inside baseline equity of operation management.

Product development:

Improvement of capabilities of the bookstore has become important. The current expectations of customers that are likely to read books online should be given a chance of reading free through Amazon's application (Emblemsvåg, 2020). Amazon has already developed a setup called Kindle however it is device-based reading and there are paid readings available which is not affordable by most people. Gaining sustainability in terms of specific product line design and expanding business to different countries and territories will become possible through this segment of allowing customers free reading.


Launching new products with improved capabilities like Echodot is important. These products are going to help in the day-to-day life of consumers, which will attract more of the customer base. Collaboration of AWS and Netflix can create better growth opportunities for this organization.



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