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Essential Elements of Business Operations


The essay outline here will be focusing on the two major topics of any business organisation without which no business functions and activities can be done. The two topics are Team Management and Business Communication.

Team Management

The team management as suggested by Dwyer and Hopwood (2019) is referred as that ability of any team leader or team manager who is responsible to coordinate or administer a group of people to perform any tasks such as team work, goal setting, performance appraisal and many more regarding the business organisation.

Business Communication


Soni (2020) suggested that the business communication is that element of any business which means sharing the required information and data in between the employees within the company and also with the parties outside the company so that necessary communication can be established to achieve the core objectives of the organisation.

Some relevant information about the organisation chosen for summative essay

The business organisation chosen for this formative and summative assessment is Associated British Foods Plc. located in Greater London, UK which is a food retail company initiated in the year 1935 by the name of Food Investments Limited (, 2020). Later on rapidly the name was changed into Allied Bakeries Limited just within five weeks and on 1960 it was again renamed as Associated British Foods Limited which was legalised in 1982. The company employees nearly around 133,000 people under the organisation and is spread across 53 countries operating a global group (, 2020). Few competitors of Associated British Foods Limited are Kerry Group, Greencore Group, Südzucker, and Ebro Foods. According to statistics, Associated British Foods Plc. has delivered very stable and strong performance in the market with a recent profit of 15 per cent and the profit margin increased from around 10.9 per cent from the past years to 12.4 per cent in last year (, 2020).

Key organisational issues

The organisational issue faced by the Associated British Foods Limited are relevant with the team management and business communication within the company due to which the operational functions are facing difficulty in performing smoothly. Some of the issues are:

Lack of proper communication

It has been found that within the Associated British Foods Limited organisation, the internal communication process is weak and this has become one of the most prominent issues which are causing lack of operative functions (, 2020).

Difficulty in managing teams

The organisation has an issue in handling their internal management teams and is the reason why the business faces so man internal conflicts within their various teams (, 2020). These conflicts arise because the leaders are unable to establish proper communication and a good workable environment within various team members.

Sources of information about this organisation 140

Some of the sources of information about Associated British Foods Limited are presented. Yearly Performance highlights Associated British Foods Plc

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According to this report table (, 2020) –

According to this report table (, 2020) According to this report table (, 2020)

The strengths are mentioned in the table below (, 2020) –

The strengths are mentioned in the table below (, 2020)

Some ideas of how the relevant theories/concepts will be analysed/engaged with topic-related issues.

The two major issues highlighted in this assessment are team management issue and the business communication issue. There are so many concepts and theories that can be applied to resolve these. One best concept to solve the team management issues is the Behavioural Science Theory which says that there are certain attributes of understanding the behavioural traits of individuals according to their surroundings and environment. This can guide the Associated British Foods Plc. to analyse the psychological, social, behavioural and environmental targets for intervention (, 2017).

On concept to resolve the business communication issues of Associated British Foods Plc. is the Information Theory which guides the information travel process from one side to other without or with fewer mistakes and misunderstandings resulting to improved communication process within the organisation (Dulesov et al. 2018).

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Soni, V.D., 2020. Importance and Strategic Planning of Team Management. International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology, 7(2), pp.47-50., 2017. Nudge management: applying behavioural science to increase knowledge worker productivity, available at:

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