Excel as a Powerful Tool for Data Management and Analysis

Week 5

Chapter 8
1. Use of excel

Excel is probably the most popular spreadsheet software for the PCs, where the users try to utilize excel spreadsheet for entering the data in a synchronize way. Through excel, it is possible to enter the data and store it efficiently. Collection and verification of business data is possible through the spreadsheet as well as the administrative and business duties are also controlled efficiently. Excel also provides a scope to perform statistical analysis and modeling for the business activities. Excel is also efficient to manage the data entry and increase the storage of data in a synchronize way so that the researchers can sort the rata and analyses it for some specific purpose. Excel provides a scope to conduct accounting and budgeting for the business activities as well as perform data analysis efficiently, reporting and data visualization are also other uses of excel where the users can store the data and utilize it efficiently. Data analysis through excel spreadsheet is effective for the users to analyze the data and forecast future activities further. Hence, excel is utilized by moist of the people as it is considered to be the most popular software. In alternative of excel software, there are other programs such as Scoro which is effective for conducting the data analysis and data storage. Moreover, Google Docs spreadsheet is also another application utilized by some people for fulfilling their purpose. These are the alternative programs, that can be utilized in site of using excel spreadsheet; where the users can sort the data, store it in a systematic manner and analyses the data for better data evaluation. The business leaders as well as other researchers are utilizing excel spreadsheet for its simplicity and performing different models for in depth data analysis and evaluation, where data predictions and control also become easier.

2. Models and modeling tools in the war against cyber security
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In the recent years, the issue of cyber security is increasing rapidly and in this regard there are different models and modeling tools utilized against cyber security to that it would be possible to protect the data and information efficiently. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) utilizes many models and modeling tools in the war against cyber security and other organizations globally also use the models for fighting against cyber security to protect their personal data and information. Cyber security professionals use models to control their data security and protect them from hackers. Lockheed Martin Cyber Kill Chain is one of the cyber security model where there are several steps through which the exerts try to protect their data from the hackers, the steps are such as reconnaissance, weaponisation, delivery, exploitation, installation, command and control, as well as actions on objectives. The Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis is also another models includes the steps adversary, infrastructure, capabilities and victim. These are effective to identify the hackers and protect the personal data through programing techniques. The MITRE ATT&CK Model is also another crucial model, utilized for fighting against cybercrime, where the steps are such as initial access, execution, privilege escalation, defense evasion, credential access, discovery, lateral movement, collection, command and control. This model is efficient to identify the hackers and it is utilized rapidly over the past few years. Through the MITRE ATT&CK Navigator, the researcher can map specific tactics and procedures for identifying the threat group, target the company and mitigate the risks through developing programming. There are different tools through which it is possible to fight against the issue of cyber-attack. The tools are such as Firewall, PKI service, penetration testing, Antivirus software and staff training.

Chapter 9
1. Big data

Big data is defined as the data which is huge in size and it is the term utilized for collection of the data which is huge in seize and yet growing evidentially with time. In the recent era of globalization, there is huge demand of big data analysis where the companies and the business leaders try to collect authentic data and conduct big data analysis for better management and control. For examples, big data analytics are utilized in stock exchange, social media sites and jet engines etc. There are different sources of big data through which the companies and business leaders try to gather authentic data and information for better analysis and management. Media is considered as one of the major big data source for collecting valid data and information. Other than that, cloud, web, IoT and databases are also other sources of big data from which the users can collect a huge range of data and information and analyses it efficiently. Big data analytic is hereby increasing rapidly, where the business leaders try to gather authentic data and analyses the data and information for future predictions and developing strategic planning. Majority of big data experts agree that the amount of generated data will be growing exponentially in the near future. Moreover, worldwide, the big data market revenue for software and services are projected to increase $56B in 2020 to $103B in 2027. More than 79% enterprises agree that big data analytics are effective for analyzing the data, gathering valid information, maintaining organizational cloud computing system and gain competitive position in long run. Hereby, the market for big data analytics will be growing rapidly in near future, where most of the organizations will try to utilize big data for gathering valid data for further strategic planning and achieving future success.

2. Difference between big data analytics and regular analytics

Big data analytics refer to massive volume of unstructured and raw data from various sources of information where it requires high computing power for collecting and processing the data. The data are gathered from social media, internet, mobile, computer and many more. On the other hand, regular data analytics is the process of collecting structured data from the internet and analyze the information for business operational efficacy. Big data analytics includes a large volume of complex and unstructured data which is difficult to process by using traditional data processing application software. Regular data analytics is the process of inspecting, transforming, cleansing and modeling the data with supportive decision making practice. Big data analytics is utilized for identifying the system bottleneck, for large scale data processing system and for highly scalable distributed system. On the other hand, the regular data analytics is used to come to the conclusion make good organizational decision and take important business insight to achieve future success. Big data is handled by the big data professionals and regular data analytics can be handled by the data analysis. Big data process requires to have knowledge of programming, databases, distributed system and framework, but for regular data analytics, it requires the knowledge of programming, statistics and mathematics. The practice of big data analytics can be seen in the financial service, communication and information technology. On the other hand, the regular data analytics is found in businesses, science, health care and energy management as well as information technology. Regular data analytics is easier as compared to the big data analytics where big data analytics requires complex tools modeling and computing tool to store the data with effective structure and analyze it further by implementing different computing tools.

3. Different industries utilizing big data analytics

In the recent era of globalization, the use of bog data analytics is increasing rapidly over the international markets, where the business firms are concerned about adopting new information technology and computer programming for sorting their data and analyzing the data for better management and decision making behavior. One of the sectors that are using big data analytics is health and social care where the health care leaders focus on implementing big data analytics tools in the system in order to manage the organizational activities efficiently. The health care institutions has huge amount of patient data and for keeping the record of the patients, big data analytics is one of the great strategy to analyze the data and protect the data successfully. It improves patient reduction as well as it also helps to reduce the waiting time of the patients, where computerized data base management system is effective to manage a huge numbers of patient and manage their information for treating them efficiently. Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is hereby great innovation of the health care sector for successful patient management. Moreover, the health care institutions also Clinical Decision Support (CDS) software for making creative decision for the care home as well as develop patient care plan for delivering high quality treatment and care to the entire patient. It helps to improve patient engagement and also enhance communication in the care home. The computerized data base system management also provides guidelines to the care givers to provide high quality care to the patients and in this regard the electronic record as well as big data analytics is crucial for managing the patients as well as the staff members in the hospitals or nursing homes. It also reduces fraud and enhances security in the care home. Where the patients can feel safe to share their personal information and also stay securely in the care home. The organizational decision making practice and health care staff management are also possible through big data analytics.

On the other hand, the retail, organizations also utilize big data analytics for enhancing their business excellence in long run. Through big data analytics, the retailers try to collect a huge range of data and information about the market and conduct strategic analysis for future market prediction. The retail firms try to acknowledge the market activities and choose their product and service base after identifying the actual needs and preferences of the customers in the market. Moreover, the retailers try to collect information through customer feedback form, CCTV footage and GPS connections, for analyzing their needs and expectations. It also helps the business firms to strategies their operations and satisfies the customers efficiently by delivering high quality products and services. Customer data protection can be handled through big data analytics as well as the retailers also try to manage global supply chain through big data analytics, where huge information and database about the suppliers, distributors are analyzed for running the business efficiently. Hence, for future market prediction, business strategic decision making behavior as well as pricing optimization, big data analytics is utilized in the retail firms across the globe.

Additionally, in the communication and media industry, there is great use of big data analytics as it provides a scope to the organizational leader to collect and analyze huge volume of data and information for further strategic planning. In this regard, it is helpful to collect, analyze and utilize consumer insights, leveraging mobile and social media content as well as understanding the pattern of real time and media content. The media house and entertainment industry can gather a huge range of relevant and valid data and information through big data technology and create suitable content to target the audiences. It is also helpful to measure content program and strategies the content programming activities to retain the customers in long run. For example, Spotify, an on-demand music service, utilizes Hadoop Big Data analytics, for collecting data from its millions of users worldwide and then it uses the analyzed data to give informed music recommendations to the individual users across the globe. Additionally, Amazon Prime is also using big data analytics for analyzing customer’s trend and their demand for the Kindle books, videos and music.

Week 6

Chapter 10
1. Adopting robots and robotic machines

In the recent era of globalization, there are many industries utilizing robotics and robot machines in order to adopt automated process. For example, automobile industry adopts robotics system for manufacturing the latest cars to serve the customers innovatively. In last five years, there are many industries adopting robotics in order to run their operations efficiency in the market. For example, restaurants are using robotics to clean the premises, working as receptionist and drink server. Teachers are also starting using robots for teaching the students in the classroom and hence, the education sector also adopts robotics for betterment of the quality standard of education. In addition to this, medicine industry and pharmaceutical companies are also utilizing robotics to handle the distribution of medicines as per the market demand, the security an protection industry and crime investigating companies also utilize robotics in order to ruin their operations faster and in a creative way. There are certain issues of adopting the new robotics technology which are high cost of technology, energy inefficacy, lack of communication, poor skill set of the employees, lack of new materials which may deteriorate the adoption process of robotics in the organization. Robotics system reduces the cost of operations, as well as it also improves the product quality and enhances the efficacy of the employees in the organization. It increases the competitive advantage of the companies and also enhances reduction output within effective time. The organizations also can maximize their profitability and sales volume by serving the customers in an innovative way. Adopting robotics reduces waste and increases yield in the market place. Hence, it is necessary for the industries to adopt robotics for running their operations efficiently and achieve the organizational success in near future.

2. Artificial intelligence (AI) disrupts the economy in long run

In the recent years, the process of communication, shopping and learning activities as well as decision making practice are being changed due to Information Technology and innovative techniques such as robotics and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, unlike the natural intelligence displayed by humans. It has been expected that, AI enhances the GDP of the economy in long run; however it also has adverse impacts on the economy, where adopting AI in the organization may deteriorate the pace of growth in the society. Loss of certain jobs in the economy is the main impact of adopting AI by different industries across the globe, where the individuals may lose their employment due to automation process in the workplace. The machine work practice is increasing efficiently over the period of time which deteriorates the employment generation in the economy. Accelerated hacking is another adverse effect of adopting AI in the business and other activities, where the risk of data hacking will increase due to computerized data base system and automation process. On the other hand, the AI terrorism is another major impact, where it would hamper the business management and hack the personal data and information of the individuals. Hence, though there are positive impacts of adopting new technology of AI for automation process, it also has negative effects in the economy due to data hacking, strict global rules related to computerized data base management system and loss of employment in the economy.

Chapter 11
1. Working as a team in the workplace

Working as a team is effective where as a team member it is possible to contribute efficiently for achieving the team objective. The major limitations of working in a team are such as personality clashes, employee assessment problems, as well as lack of communication and non-cooperation, organizational challenges, lack of independent working practice and responsibility issues. These are the major limitations, for which some of the team members may face challenges to work individually and contribute with their full potential. Working as a team on the other hand is effective for maximizing the workplace culture, promote partnership working practice and enhance the performance of the team members as a whole. Groupware refers to the programs that help the people to work together collectively in the workplace. Through this software, it is possible to arrange the team responsibilities and share clear roles of each team member, group discussion and partnership activities can also be developed through the software, where it is possible for the organizational leader to lead the team members towards achieving the future success. It also enables the people to collaborate on the project to meet the common team goal. Decision making process also becomes easier with communication and cooperation among the team members, where each member can share their thoughts and strategy to perform better and hence group decision can be taken efficiently for achieving the team objectives. hence, the groupware software must be implemented in the workplace to track the performance of the team member individually as well as manage the team working activities within effective time and in a synchronize way. There are several software under groupware through which the individual can work as team and perform better and these are such as telephones, email, office web apps, SkyDrive, desktop sharing software application for web conferencing, online meetings and web collaboration as well as mind mapping software, collaborative project management, social task management and cloud-based file sharing.

2. Group decision support systems

Group Decision Support System (GDSS) is a branch of information technology, and this technology combines communication, computing and decision support technologies for facilitating the formulation and solution of unstructured problems by a group of people in the workplace. Through this software system, it is possible to identify the critical issues at the workplace as well as explore alternative solutions, through which it is possible for the team members to resolve the problems and develop creative decision for meeting the organizational objectives. The main functions of GDSS is to enhance internal communication between two parties, who are taking active part in the organizational decision making practice. Electronics meeting can be arranged where the computers are connected with each other and file server, screens and other information can be shared among the team members. Hence, the system of GDSS is effective to eliminate the problems in the team and enhance internal collaboration for better decision making practice. The major features of GDSS are such as better decision making practice, specific and general support, supporting all the phases of the decision making, and encouraging positive group behavior. The major software tools utilized in GDSS are electronics questionnaire, electronics brainstorming tools, idea organizer and tools for setting priority. Hence, the GDSS is effective to enhance internal collaboration, where the individuals are trying to cooperate with each other and develop open interactions, so that they can share their thoughts with other team members. This improves understanding and trust in the team where each member starts relying on others decision. This further enhances the decision making practice with partnership working, team collaboration, group discussion and electronics meeting, where each team member can take active part and be empowered equally in the organizational decision making practice.

Portfolio Assignment
Business process innovation

In the recent era of globalization, business process innovation is effective for running the organizations efficiently. The retail industry become creative by implementing latest technology and in this regard adopting robotics is one of the great innovative strategies of the retail firms for running their business and achieving the organizational growth. In-Store Customer Service is the major application of robotics, where the organizations try to implement automated process in their retail stores. The customers can review the available product and ask the robots for articular product or services in the firm. It improves customer’s service efficacy where the customers can identify the right products and make effective purchase decision. Chloe has a robotic arm built on a chassis that moves among shelves in an area set behind a clear partition and it is considered as robotics in the warehouse management. The retail firms are able to maintain warehouse and supply chain through such automation process. Retail robots are hereby effective to perform routine tasks and engage the human being in the store for better managerial practice. The real benefits of the robotic system at the retail stores is that it captures the huge volume of data about the products and services and understand the buying pattern of the customers. It further increases the efficacy and accuracy of inventory management in the retail stores. Hence, robotics is beneficial for the retail operational management and it is helpful to serve the customers with right products and services.

There are some consequences of adopting the robotics system, such as data hacking, costly system of adoption, lack of technical knowledge and skill set among the employees at the retail stores, as well as employment retrenchment. Though there are certain consequences, robotics technology is beneficial in the retail section, and thus it is important for the retail firms to adopt the new innovative technology and improve the operations successfully. In order to manage warehouse and supply chain, robotics is effective to collect huge volume of data and manage customer’s services efficiently. The retail firms hereby must adopt robotics for better management of their retail stores and maximize customer’s relationship management in long run. Through robotics, the customer’s queries can also be handled in the retail firms, where it is possible for the retail organizations to engage the consumers and create values for them through delivering high quality products and services. For example, the famous retail firm Tesco adopts Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) robots which are effective for scanning inventories in the entire stores in just an hour. This further maximizes the operational efficacy of Tesco, where the employees are able to serve the customers within effective time by delivering the right products as per their needs and preferences. On the other hand, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is major integrated software for running the retail operations, where supply chain management, warehouse and product management as well as customer’s relationship management are possible for better management.

Week 6 Discussion 1
New ideas of UBI and SIS

As per the discussion, there are adverse impacts of AI on the jobs and society for which the organizations must focus on sustainable solutions to create values for the social communities as well for sustainable economic growth and social development. The idea of Universal Basic Income (UBI) is effective to mitigate the challenges of automation process in the economy. Universal Basic Income will provide a cushion to those, who lose their jobs to AI and it will allow them a chance to retrain themselves for the newly evolved market. This is hereby an innovative idea alternative to AI to support the individuals in the society. The government will provide a fixed minimum income to the bank of the employees, who lost their jobs due to Ai and it is considered as effective way to support the employees. It is beneficial for poverty and vulnerability reduction, improve citizens spending, better targeting of aid, administrative efficacy and boosting financial inclusion in the economy. The major consequences of UBI are such as stress on banking system. Exposure if market risk, reduction of labor supply and fiscal cost of the government. On the other hand, the system of SIS is also generated in the meantime of AI in the economy. SIS is also effective for providing machine based learning and developmental activities to the employees, so that they can learn new automation process and perform better in long run. Though it is expensive for the organizations, it provides a scope to utilize the best software system where the individuals can work efficiently and improve their skill set and knowledge further.

Week 6 Discussion 2
AI is disrupting business process

AI and machine learning activities are transforming the business activities over the period of time where the business firms in different sectors adopt AI for automation process and fast operational activities. The major industries that AI will disrupt within few years are such as health and social care, customer service and experience, banking, financial service and insurance, logistics and operational, retail, cyber security and transportation, marketing, defense and life style. In the recent years, all the companies are trying to transform their system, towards technology based activities and this further helps the firm to adopt AI in the business and improve their operational efficacy in long run. AI is considered as disruptive force as it is helpful for improvement through machine learning process, it is cost effective and faster for the companies to run their operations and there is predictive advantage in the business where AI plays a crucial role to run the business efficiently. AI is hereby beneficial for the corporate firms where the business leader can run the operations within effective time through automation process. Machine learning activities are also effective where the employees can learn the automation process generation and operate the computerized system very efficiently. Hereby, over the period of time, AI is disrupting all the industries for better management and ensuring business excellence. The business leaders also agree that, AI is disrupting different sector due to efficacy of the technology and develop integrated system for working within effective time. It is a cost effective and time efficient way to manage the organizational activities, where the organizations try to adopt AI for running the business operations successfully.

Week 7
Chapter 12
1. Chatbot and its uses in the organizations

Chatbot is an effective software system utilized for conducting online chat conversation via text or text to speech. It provides a scope to the organizations to enhance internal and external communication where the human being can interact with each other through Chatbot. They can send text or voice message through Chatbot for communicating with each other. The major benefits of Chatbot are such as increasing customer’s insights, enhancing communication and maximizing workplace collaboration. Through Chatbot, the agents can interact with each other and resolve any queries as well as it further improve collaboration, where the employees are trying to work as a team by interacting and sharing the knowledge and skill. On the other hand, Chatbot provides deep insight about customer’s behavior where the consumers also can interact with the organizational representatives. It also improves consumer’s satisfaction and provides information to the organizations about the customer’s trend and market condition. On the other hand, the major limitations of Chatbot are knowledge limitations to handle the Chatbot of the organization, lack of skill set of the employees, time constraint, having specific keyboard and impossible human intelligence. As there are major benefits of utilize Chatbot, it is necessary for the organizations to utilize Chatbot for enhancing the employee’s performance. Sharing the skill and knowledge of the staff are possible through Chatbot, where the employees can interact with each other and improve their knowledge for working efficiently. Hence, it is fruitful for the organizations to implement Chatbot and maximize communication with the organizational employees and the consumers in the market. The organization cannot solely rely on Chatbot, as the firms also requires to implement Information and Communication Technology or ICT as well as telephones for enhancing open communication so that the organizational performance can be maximized in near future.

2. Utilizing Chabot and developing questions for effective feedback
Are you using Chatbot in your organization?

Yes, it is beneficial for the organizations to utilize Chatbot for improving communication among the employees. The organizational working practice can be improved through Chatbot where the employees can share knowledge and skill through Chatbot and work collaboratively.

Is it efficient to enhance communication and collaboration?

Through Chatbot in the organization, the employees can share the roles and responsibilities with each other and work as a team. The conversation in Chatbot is effective to improve understanding about working practice as well as help them to create partnership working practice.

Is Chatbot effective for both internal and external communication?

Yes, Chatbot enhances internal and external communication where the stakeholders of the company can interact with each other by sending text or voice messages.

Is it easy for the employees to handle?

The employees can handle Chatbot easily, where the location provides a good system for sending texts and resolving the queries while working. The employees can send voice messages and text to others for improving understanding about working activities as well as work collaboratively.

Who are using Chatbot?

The employees and the managers at the organization are using Chatbot very frequently to enhance communication in the workplace. Moreover, the research team in the workforce is also utilizing Chatbot. On the other hand, the consumers also utilize Chatbot for sending any queries to the organizational representatives and resolve their queries efficiently.

Is it effective to enhance employee ability?

Yes, it is effective to maximize employees ability as through Chatbot, the workers can share their knowledge and skill for working reductively.

Would you suggest the organization to utilize Chatbot?

It would be suggested that the organization must utilize Chatbot for working efficiently and enhancing communication.

What is the alternative mechanism to enhance communication?

There are alternative system such as ICT, organizational online portal and telephone through which the employees and the customers can interact for better managerial practice.

3. Utilizing Chatbot for helping dementia patients

Chatbot is one of the effective devices, where the service user and service providers can interact efficiently and share their thoughts through conversation. Chatbot is also one of the easier ways to exchange emotion between two members. In the health and social care sector, the use of Chatbot is also increasing over the years, where the health care givers try to interact with the patient through Chatbot. Chatbot is hereby also efficient to treat the dementia patients very carefully and develop strong bonding between the health care professionals and the patient. Through Chatbot, it is possible to share the care plan and therapy information with the patient. Medical Chatbot is hereby beneficial to track the patients and provide a platform where the patients can share the information about own thoughts, emotion and daily activities through Chatbot. Hereby, medical Chatbot is considered as two way communicative platforms, where the dementia patients can interact with the care giver and share emotions for getting effective support and continuous care. It is the right of the dementia patient to get proper information about the treatment and in this regard the health care professionals try to share all the details of care plan and continuously interact with the dementia patient so that his or her brain developmental activities can be improved. Chatbot is also effective for the dementia patient to improve communication and thinking process as well. Cognitive skill and emotional bonding can also be improved through continuous conversation between the care professional and the dementia patient and in this regard Chatbot is effective technology to enhance conversation and ensure cooperation so that the dementia patient can overcome the health and mental issues and maximize standard of living.

Chapter 13

1. Smart city

Smart city is the city that utilizes latest technology to provide services and solve the city problems through creativity and technological innovation. A smart city improves transportation and accessibility of the resources in the city as well as social services, remote sustainability and gives the citizen the suitable services and opportunities to stay with good standard of living. For example, Austin, Texas is considered to be a one of the most futuristic cities in the USA. The forward thinking technologies further help to improve the life of the residents in the city. Austin involves in updating the electric gird to a more efficient digital meter system, which is helpful for the citizen to control the cost of electricity and maximize standard of living. An updated electric grid makes it easier to incorporate the renewable energy sources as well as improve the charging system of the network of electric cars. It is a great initiative by Austin, Texas to utilize renewable resources and maximize the use of electric cars in the society, which in turn helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment. Another strategy of Austin is to implement smart station which provides services for connected and autonomous vehicles in the society. Fleet electrification is another program of the city which increases the numbers of electric vehicles in the city. Traffic safety is also another major technological advanced program which reduces fatalities in the city. Hence, the activities of Austin, Texas are efficient to create values of the social communities and it is considered to be a smart city as the technological advanced projects are useful to increase the use of renewable resources, reducing the greenhouse gas emission by increasing the use of electric cars as well as maintaining the green environmental footprint.

2. Latest robot

Jivaka is a remote, launched by the workshop of central railway. It is working as virtual health care workers in the society. It has been launched in India and this med-bot performs several activities related to the patient care such as measuring oxygen saturation level of the patients, temperature of the body, blood pressure and sugar level. This is the latest robot which is beneficial to fight against Covid 19 situation. Jivaka also has two-way communication scope and video coverage of the patient, where it is possible for the doctors to interact with the patient by technological device and make virtual checkup successfully. Additionally, it is an inbuilt device to monitor the patient’s temperature, blood pressure and heart rate as well as it is also beneficial to check oxygen level of the patients. Hence, Jivaka is a great device to handle the patients and maximize patient care in such a pandemic situation. This robot also has a medicine box to give regular medications to the patients and take care of the patients successfully. Jivaka is also famous of its disinfection property and make the patient care automatically. Hence, as per the latest technological innovation and creativity of the technicians, Jivaka is the latest robot, launched in India which is beneficial to create virtual treatment and care where the doctors can interact with the patients efficiently and create a good care plan to support the patents with proper medication and treatment. Time to time monitoring activities can also be possible by Jivaka where the patient’s temperature, blood pressure and oxygen level can be checked up.

3. Internet of things devices

The use of Internet of things devices is increasing over the period of time, where billions of individuals across the globe choose IoT devices for smart activities. There are more than 20 billion IoT devices and the demand for 5g network is also increasing rapidly. It is mainly the device that has the capability to connect with the internet in any way and it is an integrated technology with sensor, functional software and inbuilt technology which support network connection and actuators. The use of Google Home Voice Controller is increasing where it is mainly a smart IoT device which further allows the users to enjoy the features like media, lights, alarm, control of volume, thermostats and much more functions by their voice. It is the latest creative device to support the individuals. The features of Google Home Voice Controller are such as it allows the user to listen to media, control TV and speakers by voice; it is also capable of managing timers and alarms. The individuals can maintain time and alarms through this device as well as it also enable the individuals to control the volume of other devices and home lights as well. It also provides a scope to the individual to plan their daily activities and get the things done automatically. Hence, the Google Home Voice Controller is effective to manage other devices, control volume and get the personal things done efficiently. It would be more helpful if the individual can access their smartphone activities, phone calls and messaging through Google Home Voice Controller so that it becomes an integrated device for helping the individuals to manage several of activities at home.

4. Autonomous devices, self-driving cars

The use of autonomous devices is also increasing rapidly and the great innovation of the autonomous devices is self-driving car which is also known as driverless cars. It is mainly the vehicle sensing the environment and moving safely with little or no human input. There are variety of sensors in the self-driving cars which are radar, GPS, odometry, inertial, sonar, lidar and measurement units, the advanced control system and sensory information are the latest technological innovation through which the self-driving cars operate in the society. There are great changes in the society due to such transformation towards self-diving cars. The major impacts of self-driving car or autonomous device on society are such as passenger freedom, clearer horizons, and curbside appeal. Industrial changes are there where the benefits of autonomous vehicles are such as reduction of labor cost, reducing carbon emissions and maximizing optimized driving. The car insurance also becomes easier where the companies like Google, Mercedes and Volvo begun self-insuring practice for their products that they made. Driving safely is another impacts of autonomous device where the self-driving cars operate in the road very safely as there are many sensors in the car which control the movement of the cars safely. Saving the time of the passengers and give them freedom to utilize the cars are also other effects of self-driving cars in the society. Hence, the autonomous devices are effective to create values for the social communities as a whole and also protect the environment from pollution. The car robotics is hereby increasing rapidly where the demand for the driverless cars is raising across the international markets.

Week 7 – Discussion 1
Chapter 12: Use of Chatbot in the organization

The organizations in the recent era of globalization utilize Chatbot for digitalizing the operational activities in the company as well as enhance efficacy of the employees to achieve the organizational goals successfully. There is increasing utilization of Chatbot in the retail sector and for Wal-Mart it would be beneficial to handle the employees. The organization is famous for providing high quality retail products and services to the customers and the company hires millions of employees across the globe. It is effective for the organization to implement Chatbot in order to enhance communication among the staff members where the employees can share other thoughts and resolve any queries while working in the organization. Moreover, the organization is able to implement Chatbot as it is financially stable firm and adopt latest technology for maintaining strong employee base. The employees can enhance conversation in the workplace through sending messages including text and vive in Chatbot. The other employees can react on the message and provide effective answers so that the knowledge development and learning activities can be possible at Wal-Mart. On the other hand, Wal-Mart can provide access to the customers in Chatbot, so that the customers can also utilize it and provide text messages for resolving any queries. The organizational representatives can interact with the customers through Chatbot and resolve customer query by solving their issues. It further enhances the organizational efficacy to serve the consumers as well as it would also be possible to create strong bonding between the customers and organizational representatives in future. Trust and respect for each other are also improved, where the organization is able to maintain strong employee’s base and retain more long run customers successfully.

Week 7 – Discussion 2
Chapter 13: Smart home devices

In the recent digitalization era, most of the individual choose smart devices at home for improving IoT and enhancing the living standard where through the smart devices, the individual can perform many more tasks at home very easily. It is fruitful to recommend Nest T3021US Learning Thermostat Easy Temperature Control to the colleagues and friends. It mainly helps to control the temperature of home and cooling environment with no such efforts from the user for nest thermostat, the other features of Nest T3021US Learning Thermostat Easy Temperature Control are such as it is possible to interact with Alexa for voice control system, it saves a lot of energy by adapting room temperature, as well as it is compatible with many types of equipment at home. Nest T3021US Learning Thermostat Easy Temperature Control is also helpful to read the display across the room and connect Alexa. On the other hand, Amazon Echo plus Voice Controller is also another device which is highly recommended to the friends and colleagues. The device is mainly a popular and reliable IoT device which is capable of running sings, doing hones calls, setting timers and alarms as well as asking questions and providing information. On the other hand, Amazon Echo plus Voice Controller is also efficient to check the weather and manage to do as well as make shopping lists of the customers. Managing house instruments is also possible through Amazon Echo plus Voice Controller. Both the smart devices are fruitful for the individual to manage home very easily. The common activity of both the devices is that they are effective to measure temperature as well as identify the weather condition. The devices can also be connected with Alexa for resolving the queries, identifying information and others.

Week 8

1. Privacy concerns in using intelligent systems

There are several privacy concerns while using different intelligent systems. Intelligent system is mainly a technologically advanced machine which is effective to receive and respond to the world around them. The field of intelligence system interacts with the human uses in changing the dynamics of technology and social environment. Hence, while using the intelligent system, there is privacy concern about fata hacking, device hacking and other cyber security uses. The security concern is mandatory to be identified so that the individual can utilize intelligent systems so that there would be no such cyber security, data hacking and virus attacking. Hence, it is necessary to maintain privacy of the personal data and information while using advanced technology. In this regard, Data protection Act 1998 is mandatory to be implemented as well as the individual must focus on privacy concern. While using the intelligent systems in personal mobile device, the individual becomes more concern about the personal data and information in the mobile device. Hence, the individual tries to maintain data security and be concerned about using any intelligent system on personal device. Security concern increases while the individual tries to use the intelligent systems on personal device. The major security concern of the individual is data hacking, where installing any external intelligent device may require the access of mobile photos, contacts and messages, which is related to personal data and information and the hackers may access all the personal data through the external intelligent system. Hence, it is the responsibility of the individual to utilize any intelligent system on personal device so that it would be possible to protect personal data and information and avoid data breaches and information hacking.

2. Cases of an individual privacy being violated due to an intelligent system

The business firms adopt new intelligent system for managing the business activities and in this context it is mandatory to maintain individual privacy in order to protect the private data and personal information in the integrated computerized system. There is some critical access, where the individual privacy is being violated due to intelligent system. For example, UBER technologies failed to secure the personal data and information where the data privacy is being violated. There is the issue of data breach in Uber where 600,000 names and driver's license numbers, 22 million names and phone numbers, and more than 25 million names and email addresses are being hackled due to lack of privacy system in the database of the Uber technologies. Through data investigation, submitting the reports, appointing third party audits and retaining the reports, it is possible to resolve the issue of data breach where the access of unauthorized customer’s data can be avoided. Additionally, Lenovo and Vizio case is also related to privacy issues, where Lenovo put allegations that the company sold their computers in the USA with pre-installed software and send consumer information to the third party without the knowledge of the users. It is also another crime to share the customer’s data without theory consent. Vizio then entered into the settlement to resolve the allegations by installing software on its television to collect the previous consumer data through data security program.

Thirdly, VTech also face the issue of children privacy and security matter, where intelligent system is there but the management team fails to protect the data and personal information of the children. Fourthly, LabMD also faced the issue of lack of data privacy in the organization. It is a cancer screening company and it is claimed that consumer medical information and the personal data are not secured efficiently. The company failed to safeguard the data and personal information of the patients and over 9,000 consumer’s information was compromised, this issue is being resolved through cease-and-desist order issued by the FTC. The data security program and the rules are implemented in the organization to avoid such data breach in the institution in order to protect the consumers. As per the cases, all the organizations face the issue related to privacy while they are using the intelligent system in the organization. They fail to protect the customer data and information for which the problem of data breach arose. It is necessary for the organizations to tackle the situation and implement data protect act and other regulations for protecting the data and information and managing the consumers further. The organizations also try to protect their data through computerized password, setting limited access of the information portal and other techniques to overcome the issue of data breach, so that the privacy of the data and information can be controlled efficiently.

3. Data analytics in the context of decision making practice

Data analytics is utilized widely across the globe, where the organizations try to gather a huge volume of data and information and analyze them for better insight about the organizational products and services, so that it would be possible to serve the customers in an efficient way. Hence, the data analytics chance the way that the managers work in the workplace. Through the integrated system in the workplace, cloud computing and intelligent system try to analyze the gather data and information in the organization for better managerial practice. Within effective time, huge volume of data can be analyzed and it further provides a scope to the organizational management team to develop instant decision after reviewing the results of data analysis. Hence, it becomes faster and easier for the managers to make a creative decision for the organization. It further dehumanize the whole process, where the machine learning activities are increasing and it further influence the employees to learn the automated system generation for working in an efficient way. It is also considered as an ethical way to manage database of the organizations and makes good decision for the benefits of the organizations. The organizations try to utilize data analytics such as big data analytics system in order to sort the huge volume of data and analyze it for predicting the organizational activities, market trend, customers’ preferences and other information related to products and services. This further influence the management team to make fair decision for the companies to run their operations efficiently. Hence, the data analytics system is efficient for the management team to conduct faster decisions making activities and make fair and creative decision for the organizations.

4. Intelligent system in enhancing team work

In the recent era of globalization, the organizations transform their operational activities towards technologically advanced manner where digitalization is effective for running the business activities more critically. In this regard, intelligent system is one of the great innovations adopted by the organizational leader to handle their operations and achieve the future company goal. The intelligent system in the organizations is useful to boost team work and enhance the partnership working practice where the team embers try to work as a team and contribute efficiently for fulfilling their team objectives. The intelligent system is basically an integrated computerized system in the workplace such as Customers relationship management software, Enterprise Resource planning or ERP or cloud based computerized system and big data analytics. These are the major intelligent system, utilized by the organizations for managing their activities efficiently. The integrated system provides access to the employees for utilizing the data base of the organizations and work as a team. It further enhances the internal communication, where the employees try to interact with each other and develop open discussion so that they can identify creative solutions for working in the workplace as well as achieve future team objectives. The integrated software system also improves partnership working practices at the workplace, where the team members try to collaborate with each other and improve their understanding to work better. Hence, the intelligent system is crucial for enhancing team working practice in the workplace of the firm and run the operations successfully. The intelligent system also provides online portal to the employees through which the employees can interact with each other and resolve any doubts by helping others. Hence, the intelligent system develops strong team in the organizational workplace, where all the employees try to access the organizational database management system and perform efficiently to meet the corporate objectives of the firm.

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