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Employee Relations for Business Success

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  • Published On: 03-11-2023

Understanding the Context of Employee Relations Against a Changing Environment

Explain The Unitary And Pluralistic Frame Of Reference

The characteristics are often associated with the employee relation and are often conceived in two distinct ways known as a unitary and pluralistic frame of reference. These two approaches possess distinct views as well as perception often linked with the ways the relation existing among the staff members can be easily administered in case of British Airways for its welfare. According to the unitary views, it is often believed that the power to take certain decisions often exists in the hands of one particular person that can be considered as management of enterprises. Or in other words, it can be comprehended that the employees who belong to the top level possess the power to take the decisions. The unitary views also demonstrate that leaders of British Airways need to promote commitment as well as loyalty among the members of the organisation. The unitary perspective of employee relation is also of the view that role of the trade union is quite inadequate because when conflicts take place between the staffs and the managers, there is a lack of support from the side of trade unions. However, the pluralistic approach takes into account some other views on the employee relations. It states that the management of the company acts as a mediator and the trade union also has an active role to play in the organisation. With the assistance of the union, the staff members are offered with the decision making power. With the assistance of these two perspectives, British Airways will be capable of deciding if it is advantageous for it to create trade unions or not (Jackson & et. al., 2011).

Assessing How Changes In The Trade Unionism Can Affect Employee Relation

Changes taking place in trade unionism tends to have an impact on employee relations. A trade union is a society of workers and union leaders who work together to protect and promote certain common interest such as increasing their pay scale as well as other benefits for the purpose of the conducive working environment. It can be stated that the disparity in the trade unionism takes place because of the changes in the macro-environmental factors such as political and legal and technological. Execution of new laws in the UK tends to have an impact associated with employee relationship in British Airways. For example, the government has initiated numerous policies that are associated with equal opportunities to the staff members of British Airways. Such conditions often lead to conflicts among the employer and trade union. It shall have a direct impact on the sales and revenues of the company (Marsden & et. al., 2013).

When technology is installed in the organisation, there is less demand for workers in the organisation. Hence, British Airways are supposed to comply with several practices linked with the retrenchment of workers. Under such cases, a trade union has a great role to play in protecting the employees from being retrenched from the job. It can be mentioned that such situations often hampers the association between British Airways as well as the union.

1.3 Explaining The Role Of Main Players In Employee Relation

Maintaining healthy association between the staffs and employees is quite tough and needs the efforts of numerous people in the organisation. Hence, with this aspects, different kinds of individuals have been determined that has an active role to play in dealing with aspects such as employee relation. Some of the players have been demonstrated below.

Managers: Managers of the British Airways have a major role to play in creating an association between employees as well as employers. They are responsible for offering good work environment so that the employees are capable of performing in an efficient manner in the organisation. Managers of the British Airways tend to manage criticism taking place among the workers. They tend to encourage competition in the organization so that there in an increase in the overall performance of the staffs. They tend to implement several methods so that the staffs of the organisation are motivated to work hard and thus attain the goals of the organisation (Marchington & Wilkinson, 2012).

Government Agencies: Numerous rules and laws are developed in the workplace by the government that needs to be followed by the British Airways. With the enactment of laws related to child labour, minimum wage act government is capable of creating a healthy relationship between employee and employer.

Workers: The duty of the worker has been to perform the task that has been assigned to them by the employers. They also need to abide by the rules and regulation made by the British Airways. Hence, by adhering to numerous rules and regulation made by the management, a healthy relationship between the workers and the employer can be developed.

Task 2: Understand The Nature Of Industrial Conflicts And Its Resolution

Explain The Procedure That The Organization Should Follow While Dealing With Different Conflict Situation

There are different approaches that British Airways needs to follow when dealing with different kinds of issues or disputes in the organisation. Collective disputes tend to arise in the

organisation when numerous aspects are present such as improper physical ambience, change in the terms and conditions of employment and so on. When such cases take place in the organisation, the employees tends to raise their voices against the managers which lead to conflicting situations in British Airways. To resolve such issues, it becomes quite essential for the British Airways to implement numerous methods so that the conflicts can be handled in an effective manner. The manager can conduct a discussion with the firm that shall assist in finding some solution to the problems. A time limit of 6 days shall be offered to the HR manager of British Airways to take action for resolving the conflicts. Soon after the time limit is completed, the conflict will be referred to dispute committee prepared by British Airways. Hence, these are the methods to be followed by the organisations to resolve the conflicts taking place in the organisation. In case, this method is not capable of resolving the issues; then an alternative method can be implemented. The strike is considered to be another form of conflict taking place in British Airways. British Airways might have to face strikes under cases when it performs certain activities against the willingness of employees. Hence, under such cases conflicts tends to take place in the organisation. It becomes imperative for the British Airways to implement collective bargaining method.

2.2 Explaining the key Features of Employee Relation in Selected Conflicting Situation

In British Airways, numerous kinds of disputes are taking place among the males and females because of improper allocation of the tasks. Hence, such conditions lead to a negative environment in the organisation. Furthermore, such cases tend to have a direct impact on the sales and profitability of British Airways (UC Berkeley, 2017). Taking into consideration the conflicting situation, the various features of the employee relation are demonstrated below.

Obstructing the association between females and males of British Airways- The conflicting situation in British Airways such as collective disputes might hamper the association between males and females. The main reason behind such condition is that most of the male’s employees tend to complain about their female counterparts. They also complain regarding the improper allocation of the resources in the organisation. These conditions often lead to negative association among the members of the organisation. It shall also have an impact on the customers of the company.

Dissatisfied with the entity- It can be considered as another significant feature of staff member relationship in the context of the conflicting situation. Workers of the British Airways will demonstrate their discontentment if the management is not capable of taking any steps about the conflicting situation. The improvement in the relationship can take place by taking into account suitable actions. The arbitrator shall play an active role, and right solution can be found to the problems for both the parties.

2.3 Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Procedure That Is Used In Selected Conflicting Situation

The overall effectiveness of the methods implemented by British Airways tends to be evaluated in collective disputes type of conflicting situations. Hence, to resolve such issues, the company has taken assistance from the dispute handling methods. Under such methods, a proper discussion is a help between the managers as well as employees. It can be evaluated that this particular step is quite apt as from its support; the male employees of British Airways are capable of expressing their opinion regarding the unproductive allocation of work in front of the managers. The employees will also be capable of asking about the reasons behind such occurrence. The conflicts can be easily resolved if the employees are satisfied with the suggestions offered by the management. Since a time limit of 6 days is being offered to the HR Committee to take a decision, it is less time to obtain an effective solution. Hence, ineffectiveness in the dispute handling method is likely to occur. Collective disputes regarding the matter are presented before the dispute handling team by staffs. The presence of effective people in the committee can help in attaining an efficient solution. Hence, it can be stated that the methods implemented by British Airways to resolve the issue are adequate.

Task 3: Understanding Collective Bargaining and Negotiation Process

3.1 Explaining The Role Of Negotiation In Collective Bargaining

Collective bargaining can be determined as the method where a group of employees tends to perform the task of negotiation with the organisation in matters related to employment. Collective bargaining offers with the ways in which a healthy discussion regarding the issues can be discussed properly between the managers as well as employees. Using collective bargaining, British Airways will be capable of resolving any kinds of conflicts, and it shall also offer a favorable environment to the people working with this organisation. There are numerous roles of negotiation in the context of collective bargaining (Scribd, 2017). It is a negotiation that assists in reaching an effective conclusion. With the process of negotiation, only those employees of British Airways can conduct a discussion with the top management which tends to face serious issues. Hence, an effective solution to the problem can be identified. Furthermore, negotiation assists in enhancing the efficiency of collective bargaining method. The chief objective of collective bargaining method has been to resolve the disputes taking place between employees and the managers of British Airways. Negotiation shall assist the employers to make the employee understand regarding the reasons behind the adoption of specific employment practices in the organisation (Burnes, 2003).

3.2Assessing the Impact of Negotiation Strategy on the Given Situation

It can be stated that it is significant to assess the overall impact of the negotiation method over collective disputes in British Airways. Negotiation can be comprehended as the method that helps in resolving the conflicting situation easily. Hence, different negotiation strategies need to be evaluated that possess a major impact on the selected situation. The various activities such as forcing, compromising and smoothing have been taken into account. In the case of compromising strategy, one individual needs to compromise with their objectives. For example, if in the case of collective disputes the top level manager adopts collective bargaining in the organisation, then the motivation level of the staff decreases. In case British Airways comply with the situation, then the entity will not be able to raise the level of motivation adequately. Forcing is also considered to be another way of negotiation whose objective has been to attain the personal goals at the expense of another. Here, the managers focus on personal goals instead of organisation goals. If British Airways tends to make use of these kinds of strategy in collective disputes, then a negative environment shall be developed. By evaluating the overall situation that the company faces, it can be mentioned that smoothing strategy can be implemented. By implementation of this strategy, the managers shall be able to pay attention towards the opinion of the employees. It shall assist in raising the level of motivation among the staffs as well. The negative feeling of the staff members can also be minimised which tends to be quite high if the managers of the organisation are not capable of paying attention towards the views of the employees in collective bargaining methods. British Airways will be capable of creating win-win situation among the employers and employees by taking into account proper negotiation strategy (Analoui, 2000).

Task 4: Understanding the Concept of Employee Participation and Involvement

4.1 Assessing the Influence of EU on the Industrial Democracy of UK

Industrial democracy can be determined as the structure within the organisation where the workers are offered with the scope to take crucial decisions. European Union tends to have an impact on the industrial democracy in the UK. Industrial democracy in the UK is impacted by the laws that are made by the European Union. Industrial democracy is required to comply with the guidelines offered by the European Union. Failure to follow the guidelines would lead the organisation to face issues such as strikes and lockouts. The cultural differences at the national level in the context of democracy would also have an impact on industrial democracy. Because of the impact of EU, the concepts associated with a partner based relationship in created in the industrial democracy of UK. Such association happens between the union members and management for the attainment of common goals. Hence, it is proved that the European Union possesses an impact on industrial democracy (Hall, 2008).

4.2 Compare Methods Used To Gain Employee Participation And Involvement In The Decision Making Process In Organisation

The methods that can be used to attain employee involvement and participation are attitude survey, consultation and suggestion scheme. Consultation can be determined as one of the methods where the management encourages its workers to take part in the process of decision making. The workers are offered with an opportunity to present their views in front of th manager to improve the overall performance. In comparison to this method, attitude survey is an effective method that shall help British Airways in encouraging its workers to take part in the affairs of the company and speak regarding specific issues. Once the company is capable of determining the perception of its workers, it is capable of altering its prevailing strategies. Suggestion scheme helps in enhancing the level of motivation of the staffs in the organisation. Employees are offered the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process, and the dissatisfied workers can elaborate their views in front of top management (Slideshare, 2017).

4.3 Assessing The Impact That Human Resource Management Has On The Employee Retention

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It can be mentioned that the policies that have been developed by the HR department of British Airways shall have a direct impact on the association between employers and employees. It is well-known fact that there can be a strong relation between the workers and management if a favourable working environment is offered by HR department. This shall lead to high employee retention and also improves the level of motivation of the staffs in the organisation. Person culture can be created in the organisation where the opinion and views of the workers are offered utmost importance, and it also assists in improving the level of motivation of the staffs in the organisation. Hence, the relationship between the manager and the workers can be improved to a great extent. To create a better relation between the manager and the employee, the pluralist perspective of employee relation can be followed. It shall help in enhancing the overall performance of the organisation (Zahoor, 2015).


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