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Empowering Sustainability

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  • Published On: 13-12-2023

Over the last few decades, I realized that the rapid population growth and the human community's phenomenal technological and industrial developments had placed unprecedented demands on global natural resources. Therefore the earth is experiencing a lot of pressure due to dramatic alteration of ecological patterns and accelerated biodiversity loss. Consequently, I have always believed that global changes have devastating reparations to humanity in the long term if left unaddressed. Therefore, I have been professionally and personally committed to finding solutions to this dilemma over the years. Thus, during my few years of professional experience at M/S Foamtech Antifire Company, I identified gaps in the current market concerning its products' environmental sustainability. I realized that the company products are fluorinated, which is a threat to the environment. Therefore, over the last few years, I have researched how to make the company product safer, and I have come up with a procedure to develop Green Foam that would make the product safer and sustainable. Therefore, I am formulating a plan to make the change available to the company. The developed Green Foam is the most dynamic, effective, and sustainable solution for fighting and suppressing high risk, flammable. I feel contented since I believe that every generation is responsible for creating a better world for future generations. Our generation is no different. With this little progress, I feel that my generation has risen to the challenge and solving commercial and non-commercial organizations' challenges.


After my master’s studies at the Imperial Business School, I wish to explore other industries and verticals to identify gaps in the market and provide more sustainable product innovations. After my studies, I will be committed to research and contribute to solving real-world resource management problems and optimizing healthy ecosystems' sustainability. However, I understand that sustainability is not a minor challenge globally. Therefore, equipped with appropriate management knowledge and tools, I plan to train and organize students who, as a team, can handle ecological issues. Similarly, I wish to build and Order Now maintain a well-traveled bridge between science and management. I have a strong passion for developing close working relationships with practicing resource professionals to addresses real problems and provides practical solutions. As a professional, I would like to link to global teams like the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs to improve how sustainability is handled globally.

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