Women Peace and Security

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Explain the Problems that have been encountered with "data" regarding women, Peace &security awareness and implementation

The experiences women and girls have during war are more drastic than those faced with both men and boys. During confrontations, inequities already faced by women in society intensify and show in form of denial of basic needs, sexual harassment and sometime physical abuse. What`s more, during these times they are left with the burden of caring for young children. Due to these effects upon women, it is important that they be given extra attention during periods of combat. Even though such actions have been taken especially by the United Nations (UN) in their peace missions, they face several challenges during these exercises. First, Women are supposed to be directly involved in peace building efforts at a higher level but mostly few of them are represented in formal peace and conflict resolution processes. However, statistics show that women play key roles in informal peacekeeping and their opinions are highly regarded (Manual, n.d.). It should be noted that protecting women during conflicts and giving them a chance to take part in resolving confrontations is not just a women`s issue but a global concern. In short, more gender inclusive approach should be adopted during peace missions to guarantee that women voices are heard an implemented as far as conflict resolution is concerned.


Explain the consequences of women being considered "penalty free targets' of micro-aggressions

By definition, microaggressions are usually derogatory, hostile or adverse verbal or nonverbal cues that demean the receiver of the information. These actions can be done either consciously or unconsciously to marginalized groups. For the case of women, these actions devalue their contribution to society and make them look as if they are lesser humans in relation to men. In serious situations, women become victims of abuse, which in some cultures may be considered normal. The following example shows how women may be degraded and the hidden meaning behind the statement. A male leader may be considered assertive while a woman in a similar position is regarded as a ‘bitch’. What this sub-communicates is that women should keep their ideas and let make men make all the decisions.

Interestingly, thee forms of misconduct are usually shown by respected people who are oblivious of the fact that they are engaging hurtful towards a socially segregated unit. Several instances these incidences may seem inoffensive and unimportant or may be brushed of as normal. Although, studies have revealed that such action have a psychological effect on the devalued group in this case women (Sue, 2010). Therefore, entities of authority must take these actions seriously, prosecute, and arrest those found guilty of committing them

How is rape part of a strategy in war?

The consequences of rape and sexual violence during wars are wholesome affecting the victim physically, physiologically, socially and psychologically. It is also overwhelming to families and communities as well. In most conflicts, rape is used as payment to soldiers that have emerged victorious in battle to increase their drive as they punish and humiliate men and women as a way of sending a revenge message to their rivals (BMJ-British Medical Journal, 2010). Rape as a strategy in war disorients the whole community by inflicting pain and horror in communities. As a consequent, such communities become easy to control and manipulate.

Studies have shown that 16000 rapes were committed in Democratic Republic of Congo in 2008 and to make the situation worse, reports from local health centers in Kivu province reports that over 40 rape cases are experienced daily (BMJ-British Medical Journal, 2010). Western countries are no exception, in the United Kingdom, over 50% of asylum seekers are raped or are susceptible to rape by immigration officers. Social experts say that the use of rape as a weapon is mostly if not always affected by legal, religious, geographical, cultural and behavioral circumstances. For example, the remoteness of a place may encourage rape because of unclear legal frameworks that protect human rights.

From the Hilary Doctrine, Pick either DOS, USAID or DOD as one of the several US organisations involved with WPS implementation and discuss the pros and cons of each in that role of implementer, as discussed in the book.

In the 1970s as Jimmy Carter was president of the United States, US foreign policy changed to include women in development internationally. This was streamlined by creating an office under the US Agency for International Development that was dedicated to role of women in development and protection of their rights. But real change about respecting women`s rights internationally was observer during a speech by Hilary Clinton in China in 1995 during a conference on women`s rights violation. In her speech, she condemned rate as a weapon during war and called for a halt to the gender base violence against women in most Asian and African countries. Because of her address, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 1325 that considered the significant role of women in peace and security. Furthermore, Resolution 1325 prompted journalist to investigate whether women were taking part in major world keeping missions. In the Bill Clinton administration, Hilary together with the Secretary of State then punished sexual abuse against women by inviting the media in their international symposiums as well as showing the media the barbaric methods used by the Syrian soldiers during the Balkans war. In spite of all these actions to protect women`s rights, Clinton`s political influence, power and passion for progression of women socio-economically had very little impact out of the US.

Clinton`s hopes did not stop. When she was appointed Secretary of State under the Obama administration, She renamed the State Department office as the Office of Global Women`s Issues an increased its budget ten times. In her tenure, she also launched a strategic plan under the USAID dubbed the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review, which includes women in all its policies connected to nutrition, health, violence, data collection, and forced marriage and so on. Since she used USAID as a vehicle to drive her agenda for women globally, her actions begun to payoff gradually (Nossel, 2016). In Guatemala for instance, the USAID built an office for the first appointed female Attorney General and provided here office with funds to investigate and convict perpetrators of women`s rights.

Still, Hilary`s attempts were thwarted in some countries like Saudi Arabia where disrespect for women’s` rights is at its worst. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia passes brutal laws that limit the political, social and economic independence of women. In her quest to save women, she could not force the kingdom to follow her demands because Saudi Arabia was and is still a major economic and military partner with the US. For the status of women to be advanced globally, it will require the issue be made a permanent part of US foreign policy issue (Nossel, 2016). In conclusion, rights of women need to be respected for societies to experience a wholesome form of development where no one is left behind.

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