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The subject of the dissertation

The thought of cultural accommodation and how globalization is influencing is the central area of focus. Therefore, the research will make an attempt of connecting the global trends to cultural accommodation, and how one area affects the other. Cultural accommodation is largely understood as individuals exposing values and beliefs to the public sphere while retaining the parent culture in the confidential or private sphere. This topic attracted my attention because I wanted to understand the origin of fashion and why the retailers and small businesses have to change their clothing line to reflect the fashion in the market. Basically, communities across the world are only sharing their values and beliefs in form of fashion, instead of sharing their culture in its entirety. Therefore, the aim of the study is to look at how the global trends, in terms of modern clothing and fashion, make cultural accommodation a requisite tool for addressing the market dynamics. Notably, if communities uphold their cultural practices and hide their core cultures, the global market will keep demanding more of the values and beliefs from those cultures. This means that cultural accommodation makes the values and beliefs a limited resource that can only be utilized sparingly.



The research will focus on exploring the phenomena and the trends in the market that converge at the heart or centre of societal dynamics. The research will conveniently make use of the qualitative approach in exploring and describing reasons as to why commoditization of values and beliefs in the global market has made culture accommodation a significant practice today. The trend can be examined through identity, which lies behind the structure of the society, and how human actors keep interacting with each other. Sharing the empirical evidence, in this context, values the societal experiences as far as global trends and culture are put into consideration. The research also sets preference on the need of a one-on-one interaction with the participants, a scope that suggests the use of primary research. The one-on-one or face-to-face interaction is possible through interviews. London has numerous fashion shops, both for multinational and local firms. This means that one stands a chance of interacting with different cultural values that manifest through fashion and modern clothing. The research is set to interact with some of owners and attendants found in most of the outlets in London. The choice of interviews over any other research method is based on the fact that the approach provides first-hand information.

Literature Review

There is a wide range of literature that covers fashion and culture, which is related to the research topic under consideration. However, a search on cultural accommodation gives rare resources. It is of note that the research will make an attempt of connecting cultural accommodation to fashion and global trends while borrowing the idea of the forces of demand and supply. Studies such as the one done by Forbes-Mewett and Nyland (2008) indicate that diversity is top notch and the global markets are highly demanding for unique and exceptional cultural values that can invested in modern clothing. However, Forbes-Mewett and Nyland (2008) argue that the increased demand for new fashions has raised the attention given towards relocation and protection of cultural values and identities. While immigration posits danger on the core cultural values and beliefs hidden by the community, most of the cultural factors are never obvious due to language differences and practices. On the hand, Grabski (2009) looks at a city in fashion. In his research, Grabski (2009) delves deep into how cities fashioned with modern clothing are heavily relying on the local cultures. This implies that an accommodative culture in the contemporary society is highly valued because the values give a unique experience in the global market.


Gives the purview of the research in terms of trends and findings from fashion and culture across the world.

Provides a research gap in relation to the research topic

1.2 Research Problem and justification

The research will derive a research problem from the research gap and seek justification

For example, the current fashion in the global market comprises of the commoditized values and believes in the society, which have not been researched and linked to the global trends. Therefore, cultural accommodation comes in to describe the essence of preserving the values and beliefs, which have a place in the global market.

The main aim of the research includes investigating the extent to which globalization influences cultural accommodation. Supporting includes

To explore the relationship between globalization and cultural accommodation

To investigate how values and beliefs are becoming limited resources in the fashion industry

To explore gaps in global fashion trends that need cultural attention

To discuss the importance of cultural accommodation in the contemporary society

1.4 Scope of the research

Provides the coverage and the limits of the research

1.5 Structure of the dissertation

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Provides the review of relevant case studies connected to the research topic.

Chapter 3: Methodology

Provides a collection of tools that help in conducting the research. These include

3.1 Research approach
3.2 Research philosophy
3.3 Research design
3.4 Research method
3.5 Data collection method
3.6 Data analysis
3.7 Ethical consideration

Chapter 4: Results

Presents the findings from the research process, which includes ideas, opinions and suggestions collected from the face-to-face interviews

This can be presented in themes where findings from related questions are grouped into a single theme. For instance, questions on values and beliefs can be attached to questions on cultural background. All these can be grouped into the theme of cultural performance.

Chapter 5: Discussion

Integrates the findings with theories and other case studies

The section heavily borrows from the research findings and the literature review in justifying the outcome.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Summary : Provides a summary of every chapter
Conclusion: Concludes on the findings of the research, which is a milestone of the study
Limitation and strength: Points at the constraints of the research and areas that bolstered the course of the research
Future research: provides the next research gap related to the covered research

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