A Journey Towards Becoming a Portfolio Manager


Ideal placement is important in order to augment the self confidence and to improve knowledge along with skills. I intend to become a portfolio manager so that I can manage the assets and attain an ideal placement in UK. The job of the portfolio manager is to manage the funds of people by lowering the risks and increase the profit.

Task 1

In the world of work it is vital to identify the work values so that the contribution is high. My work value is to gain knowledge and augment skills so that the employability is managed in an effective manner. I will be doing the work of managing the funds of people so that the risks involved is minimised through proper analysis. My goal is to be consistent in my approach towards managing the portfolio with minimum risk. I want to help the investors so that the risks involved are reduced through averaging the funds by conducting proper research. My aim is to work for the large scale organisation but initially will be working with small scale organisation to gain proper understanding about the jobs related to the portfolio manager. I want a placement which helps to me to improve my skills in workplace, so that the management of time along with employability process is improved (Eggert, 2013). I am trying for a placement that offers permanent job but the core intention is to augment knowledge and values. I am seeking for such roles as I prefer to manage funds by using my analytical skills and strategically make decisions.


My preferred sector is private because of the growing opportunities and the increasing competitions. The sector is effective and offer opportunities to employees such as portfolio manager to make decisions which is vital for the investors. This sector increases value of employees and helps to meet the basic objectives and goals. As a portfolio manager I intend to gain skills and confidence so that I have a good earning and my decisions are effective in managing the funds in a proper manner. I am of the opinion that placement goals are based upon various factors one of which is to increase value and meet the ethical principles. I tend to work in UK near my home so that I am able to understand the market better by following the ethical values. The opportunity in the UK is increasing as people tend to balance portfolio by taking advice from the portfolio manager. The reputation of the company is another important thing that impacts my choice of employer. It is of fun and of relevance to work with employers with strong reputation as it impacts the personal development and enhances the growth opportunities (Nutley, 2008). It is important for me to work in UK to gather better understanding about the job role and to attain growth.

Task 2

My ideal placement is to be working with the large organisation and be a confident portfolio manager so that I can reduce the risk by managing the fund in an effective manner. There are several skills that are required by the portfolio manager. It is important skill to be confident and have communication skills with strong emotional control. The idea is to make decision by managing time and work independently. For the growth in the placement and to attain engagement in the professional area it is vital to develop some skills such as understanding the psychology and conducting research. Patience is vital so as to communicate properly and manage investment allocations. The outcome in the business is changing based upon several aspects such as making decisions so that the performances are improved. I believe in the fact that personal development is important as it helps to ensure professional development. The portfolio manager needs to understand the psychology of the client and make decisions based upon time horizons so that the return expectations can be maintained through market conditions (Nutley, 2008). The approach of the portfolio manager is to manage several complicated data and based upon knowledge and competitive spirit take strong measures so that the outcome is effective to achieve the placement goals. For the development of the activities and to ensure better placement goals it is vital that feedback is received over the times. The main intention is to improve and develop the skills so that the skills required are identified for better growth opportunities. To become a portfolio manager I need to have proper knowledge about the market and therefore have the analytical ability so that the decisiveness influences the work. The idea is to increase the knowledge and attain satisfaction so that the long term planning to get a permanent job can be attained through market study. I follow news and attain understanding of the market by listening to the experts. The experience that I will gather from the private sector will help me increase my knowledge and augment my value. For attaining the placement goals I tend to work in UK therefore gain knowledge about various sectors and its positive factors.

It is important to determine the strength and weaknesses so that the required skills can be developed. As a portfolio manager and to attain the required goals along with objectives it is ideal to augment the skills based upon the feedbacks. The development that I have witnessed is based upon several understanding so that the professionalism is ensured. To be a manager it is ideal that the assets are maintained and the investment is effective so that the strategies are well implemented. The idea is to grow and learn with time and change the aspect as per the feedback and performances. The interpersonal skills and managing communication is based upon goal orientations so that the analytical skills are effectively managed. Decision making, competitive spirits and the ability to control emotions are very vital as the success of the manager is based upon these aspects. So my intention is to develop my personal values and at the same time improve my professional values so that I am able to attain my goal of having better placement in a large organisation. I have developed personally and professionally and this is evitable by the fact that various activities are performed by taking feedbacks. Earlier I was not patient which impacted the performances and the decision making was impulsive rather than analytical. With the changing scenarios I have learnt to act as change maker by working on feedbacks. I am taking initiatives and am monitoring my progress in a periodic chart so that my improvement is recorded on timely basis.

Task 3

My placement goal is to become a portfolio manager. The process is not simple as the intention is to manage the skills so that the decision making is effective. My action plan is to improve my values and motivate myself by improving my strengths and working upon the weaknesses. I have realised that for the personal and professional benefit it is important that the experiences and skills are well maintained. My action plan is to work upon my strengths such as my communication skills and self motivation. I am taking measures to strengthen my strong points and manage my weaknesses through the help of analysis. For the placement to be effective it is important to build strength. The learning abilities and techniques that were used by me were as per the changing scenarios in the UK. To make the changes effective it is important to use the knowledge and analyse the personal SWOT.

changing scenarios changing scenarios1 changing scenarios2

Over the recent weeks in relation to the placement role in the UK I have realised that I have few unique skills which makes me better in both personal and professional development. The main idea is to make decision so that helps to augment the skills. I have improved my skills but at the same time come across aspects such as portfolio manager needs to follow certain values so that the outcome is effective for the investors. The idea is to reduce the risk with the process of time I have realised that it is vital to understand the nerve of investors so that the funds are managed properly. I thought I have proper knowledge about the market but during the course I realised that environment in the market changes therefore the best way to deal is to be analytically skilled by conducting regular study about the market (Project Management Institute, 2017). Over the week the market has changed and in the same manner the process of decision making changed. Management of funds is not easy because every investor is different therefore as a portfolio manager the idea is to meet the standards. The decision making is based upon the values and goals that are to be attained. In order to seek the placement role I have realised that personal development is important for the professional development. The opinion of peers is too valued and it is vital that the feedback attained is taken positively so that the placement role can be attained accordingly. However, over this period I realised that I am calm and do not get hyper which helps me to make proper decision making. The style of decision making needs to change with the funds and the portfolio development as the investors and their requirements are not the same (Ranganatham & Madhumathi, 2012). I am trying to be part of the personal management so that the work is managed and I stay focussed. It is important to stay positive and to be calmer under threats improves the placement roles. Criticism is to be taken up so that the problems are avoided therefore I try to be positive. For better goals and development process my idea is to learn and feel free to ask so that the consideration and progress is managed.

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I am learning with every passing days therefore with the changing market circumstances my decision making process is changing along with the skills. As a fund manager the decision taken plays a pivotal role. The risks are to be minimised by understanding the market and by processing the skills so that the placement role in UK can be attained with greater effectiveness. The process of decision making for me is changing based upon communication of the financial information, increasing awareness regarding the ethics and social responsibility to mitigate the ethical dilemma. With the time I realised that customer service is vital and therefore the main aspect is to identify the service standards and customer needs to meet the business environment. The main aspect of the business is to improve the satisfaction of customers (The City and Guilds of London Institute, 2013). Critically I have come across several factors which help to meet the goals and values so that the placement is effective. I am of the opinion that it is vital for portfolio manager to develop knowledge and at the same time manage the operations based upon the daily operations and the changing financial market. Communication plays a strong role because communication with interoffice employees and customers needs to be to the point. The main idea is to communicate the philosophies in a way which reduces risks. For the manager it is vital that the body language and the market knowledge are well presented therefore confidence is required with good eye contact. Proper decision making and positive attitude improves the process because the idea is to be part of the placement roles but to attain success. The reflective here is based upon the Gibbs reflective cycle that has six steps initiating by description and ending by the action plan (Refer to appendix). The market of UK is changing and my decision to be a portfolio manager helped me to improve my personal and professional skills. The main aspect is that I am no longer afraid of learning. I learn with the changing environment and change my decision so that the values are well framed. My strengths are improving and the weaknesses are being considered upon so that the goals are to be attained for better future. Various skills have improved and the gaps have reduced with regular decision making process based upon the feedback attained.


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Work value

My value of work is to ensure employability with the skills I have. I am analytical therefore looking towards being a portfolio manager.


  • Analytical
  • Knowledgeable about market
  • Have funding knowledge
  • Risk taker

Strength- I have the ability to make effective decision than anyone else. I am confident that helps me and motivates me to work better.

I am good at listening and accepting my weaknesses thus making me a strong personality.

Weakness- I avoid being judgemental and try to listen to other for proper approach.

GIBBS Reflective Cycle

As per the Gibbs theory is concerned the first step towards becoming a portfolio manager was to be descriptive about the jobs and my preference area UK. My idea is to become portfolio manager so that I have better management of portfolio. The preferred area is UK because the companies have strong market presence and I will have the opportunity to gain better understanding. My feelings were strong as my goals were being accomplished through by efforts. I was taking measures to increase my skills and work on my strength and eliminate my weakness. I was aware of my goals and was working on it by gathering knowledge and understanding about the market movements. My work was being evaluated through my understanding however sometimes I failed to overcome the issues and manage opportunities. The approaches were not effective but I worked upon my weaknesses and tried to grab the opportunities so that I am able to become a portfolio manager.

I was analysing the progress through regular understanding of the events. My experiences were positive as I was making effective decisions by analysing the market of the UK and encouraging building upon a better portfolio for the investors. My action plan is to attain my goals through meeting the promises and understanding the positives and negatives that helps to become a portfolio manager.

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