A Personal Resilience Action Plan


This assignment purposes to provide a personal resilience action plan. In this regard, the assignment will start by providing a short description of my learning experience as a health worker. Following this, it will then provide a reflection on the completion of the learning log and in this section, the scene of the action plan will be set out by describing what was involved in deciding what to be put in the action plan. Thereafter, the assignment provides the action plan itself, which will be in form of a table, explaining what the action plan will involve. The aim of this section is to provide four key issues identified in the learning log. The assignment will then provide a discussion of learning, and limitation, based on the provision of the action plan

After finishing my nursing degree, I worked in a then newly established health care facility as a practitioner for two years. I had a difficult time, owing to the fact I was not resilient. I could be angry and stressed up whenever something inappropriate affected me and to make it worse, I could extend my feelings to my patients and colleagues, which in most instances, could five me problems with them. This affected me for a very long time, until I had to seek solution on how to overcome it, as I have noted that it is devastating and frustrating to live without resilience (Hollnagel, 2017).


Reflection on completion of learning log

I decided to take a life skill course, I majored my attention on the issue of adaptability, as I noted that failing to be flexible to certain situations was my greatest drawback. As such, I decided to base my first focus on it. In addition, my learning log also presented three other issues of great concern towards my development, and those were confidence, social support (establishing positive relationship with others), and purposefulness (Luthar, 2015). Overall, I included these major issues in my action plan, as they could aid significantly in building my personal resilience.

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Discussion of learning and limitation

Having completed this action plan, I have come to learn that of all the areas I need to consider and be mindful or, in order to achieve success as a health care practitioner. As at now, I have a feeling that I have significant knowledge on resilience and it can be developed. I have noted that one has to be confident enough, adaptable, and flexible, have self-purposiveness, and one should as well purpose to build a significant relationship with others. These elements of resilience are paramount to an individual as they positively influence self-interaction and interaction with other individuals (Dagdeviren et al., 2016). It is also significant to note that there may be limitations that I will have to face when trying to carry out the actions in the plan for instance, I may have problems with financing, owing to the fact that I will need to hire a mentor. Secondly, I may face a limitation in involving my friends, colleagues and family members towards my development, as they already believe that I cannot have a personality change. However, it is evident that these are just challenges that can be overcome, and even with them, I will ensure that I implement the action plan and change for my self-gain.

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