A Study on The Marketing Prospects of Hair


Concerning the formulation of the academic perspectives of analysis of the propagation of specifically selected products within the general market space, the necessary efforts are mostly multidimensional in nature. These could be comprehended as required to be invested into the process of constituting the deliberations regarding the prevalent market conditions and the associated evaluation of the possibilities of achievement of success within the similar market domains. In this respect, it is critical to acknowledge the necessity to adhere to certain time tested as well as standardised operational procedures as well as theoretical constructs through which such vital undertakings related to determination of the success achievement and revenue generation prospects of any particular brand of products or a group of such brands could be evaluated and analysed within any market scenario. The corresponding study draft is reflective of such considerations through a deliberate perspective with the selection of two particular product brands in the form of Hair Rituel by Sisley and Oribe power drops and anti-pollution booster kit produced and launched by Sisley Paris. In the proper discourse of the study, the draft analysis of the marketing prospects of such products would be considered through the utilisation of the Segmentation, Targeting and Promotion as well as the Product Positioning methods as well as the recognition of the best possible marketing mix to determine the probable exactitudes which could determine the measure of success which could be achieved by the aforementioned brands of products launched by Sisley into the current market spheres.

As per the research of Kapferer et al (2017), the initial one of both of the products under consideration could be ascertained to be the Hair Rituel which has been developed by Sisley. This could be understood to be an innovation based product offering which could be better understood to be a specific brand oriented towards the provision of scalp and hair fibres. As per the research of (), this brand of scalp and hair fibres could be considered to be formulated on the basis of the Keratin based hair fibres which are mostly oriented towards the addition of thickness and volume to the hair fibres which could be subjected to thinning or receding processes. Thus, the developed product of Sisley could be envisaged, from the perspective of product quality and commercial value, to be propagated and promoted on the basis of the supposed quality to conceal the areas of thinning of hair and the regions where the scalp could become exposed due to thinning of hair, effectively. The other branded product, which has been under consideration, could be understood to be Oribe power drops and anti-pollution booster kit. As per the observation of Godey et al (2016), power drops hydration and anti-pollution booster could be considered to be the elements which could effectively supercharge the hair of the user. It is primarily a considerably concentrated serum of treatment for the human hair which is constituted for the purpose of providing the necessary and considerably extensive hydration process and substantial protection to the hair against the effects of various measures of external pollutants. According to Atwal and Williams (2017),this product has been formulated through the utilisation of hyaluronic acid, creatine and moringa seed extract, for the purpose of effective and profound conditioning impartation to the hair of the user. Godey et al (2015) have highlighted the constituents of this product to be Oribe Signature Complex involving the watermelon, lychee and edelweiss flower extracts. Such ingredients are proposed to be oriented towards the provision of effective chemical defence to the hair of the serum user from that of the corrosive effects of stress which is Oxidative in nature. This product is also meant to provide comprehensive defence to the natural hair fibres of the users of such serum from photoaging as well as the defending hair from oxidative stress, photoaging and the decay of natural keratin. Other benefits of this product utilisation involve the impartation of protection from the adverse effects of drying, damaging and colour-depleting effects of the elements. The product is also inclusive of the 2% Hyaluronic Acid Complex which could operate as the basis for preservation of moisture contents in the hair of the subscriber and these are also utilised as barriers encircling the cuticle so that the in-depth hydration and conditioning could be effectively realised. According to Moon and Sprott (2016), Moringa Seed Extract is utilised so that the effective protection against the damage which could be imparted by external factors of pollution could be provided to the customers and consumers such hair treatment products. The underlying mechanism generally prevents the micro-particles to gain access and then get attached to the hair shafts and this enhances the measures of softness and exuberance which could exhibit the quality of hair of the users of the hair treatment product under consideration. As per the research of (), Creatine operates as a definite peptide and this operates for the purpose of repairing the cuticles through managing the dual purpose responsibility of smoothing and then restoring the hair elements from the prospects of every damage which could be caused by styling process as well as by brushing. Protecting the hair from the free radicals as well as the development of the deliberate protection elements which could prevent the consistent loss of moisture are to be assessed as prime example of the beneficial effects of the product line under consideration. Finally, the product also could attempt to shield the hair elements from different health complications such as stress of the Oxidative nature and dryness of the hair as well as the enabling of the users to adapt to better options and solutions such as the utilisation and development of different solutions belonging to Oribe hair products.


Ultimately, the utilisation of this specific product has highlighted the fact that dermatologists are extremely particular regarding the capability context analysis of such products. Thus, this product could be also understood to be tested critically in terms of the formulation of the product elements without utilising the parabens and sulphates or sodium chloride. Thus, the company under consideration in this regard, Sisley, also promotes the supposed capability of the later product mentioned so far in terms of the utilised colours and the keratin treatment being completely safe and could further assist the hair of the utilizer from the corrosive effects of the Ultra Violet rays emanating from the Sun. Ultimately, the primary advantage of such a product could be acknowledged as the dearth of gluten which could be observed to be the most significant element concerning the researches and the general evaluation of the data derived from such extensive research study.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) strategic method analysis

As could be derived from the research of Chandon et al (2016), it is of paramount necessity to properly adjust and manage the appeal and value perception of hair care products regarding the effort to properly promote the products. In this respect, both the aforementioned products of Hair Rituel by Sisley and Oribe power drops and anti-pollution booster kit have to be carefully calibrated for the purpose of marketing effort synchronisation since it is not always possible to meet all of the preference matrixes of the entire spectrum of customers and consumers within a definite market segment. Thus, it is always necessary to specify the significance of application of a particular strategic approach in formulation of the segments of customers who could be categorised in the formats of customers with observable commonalities of preferences and characteristics. According to Xu, Li and Fan (2017), this could lead to the tailoring of the entire marketing approach of any company such as Sisley for the purpose of effectively meeting the marketing objectives of the company under consideration within a definite time period and maintaining the effort through a definite and sustained financial framework. This is the most significant aspect of the STP strategy application since cost incurrence is necessary to be kept at a minimum so that better market revenue generation could be realised by a definite possibility for Sisley. Ultimately, the objective of Sisley is to gain the necessary advantage over the market competitors.


Concerning the products under consideration, it is necessary to utilise some of the observed benchmarks on which the products of Sisley could be presented to specific segments of targeted customers. Such benchmarks could be identified, as per the observations of Solomon et al (2014), as the Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic and Behavioural characteristics which could be associated with definite populaces of potential and targeted customers. In terms of the Demographic segmentation, the various attributes of the existing customers of the hair care products, from a personalised perspective, could be considered such as age, gender, ethnicity, class orientation and psychological preferences regarding aesthetics related perceptions which involve the concern for hair preservation as well. For Sisley, this could involve multiplicity of targeted customers of the market since these are general attributes which could be extensive within the global hair care customers, strewn throughout the globe. In terms of the Psychographic segmentation, the personality traits of the individual customers could be considered such as propensity to undertake or avoid risks, personal values and cultural preferences as well as lifestyle related choices. According to (), in terms of the Geographic segmentation considerations, the national identities and the regional particularities of the targeted customer segments could be of vital significance for Sisley to consider. In this respect, the market propagation of the products could be best envisaged to be possible in the context of the emerging economies of the world such as those in the Southern and South-Eastern sections of Asia where sizable middle class populaces as well as the expanding fashion aestheticism related considerations could provide Sisley with greater market horizons and better prospects to launch and improve sales of both the Hair Rituel by Sisley and Oribe power drops and anti-pollution booster kit products. Ultimately, the Behavioural specifics such as the utilisation statistics and variations of hair care products amongst the various customers and consumers of such brands such as Sisley as well as the measure of brand loyalty could be fundamental regarding the determination of the proper market segments to which Sisley could attempt to promote the dual products under consideration. Such considerations could ultimately provide the necessary perspectives of competitive advantage gains for the French company under consideration in this study and this could get then translated into the proper revenue benefits which the company could be coveting about.

According to Schlegelmilch (2016), with the completion of the segmentation process, the next phase of the STP is concerning the targeting of the determined market segments through the analysis of profitability which could be garnered from each of the segments and customer groups. Other considerations could be outlined as the possible contributions which could be generated by each of the groups regarding the determined bottom lines and the possible revenue generation and growth sustenance possibilities concerning the sales perspectives of Hair Rituel and Oribe power drops and anti-pollution booster kit. This involves the considerations regarding the utilisation of the Niche markets for better sales generation prospects and the management of possible detrimental effects which could be generated from the shift of general to Niche markets by Sisley regarding accessing the customers who could have better expenditure capabilities in a comparative manner and could be preferring the aforementioned product groups.


Positioning entails the responsibilities of Sisley to position itself concerning the promotion of the products to target the customer segments which could provide better value regarding the sales improvement of the Hair Rituel and Oribe power drops and anti-pollution booster kit. This could be performed through hiring of celebrities to endorse these products to highlight the fact that Sisley is dedicated to capture the loyalty of the segments of customers of specific Niche segments of the market through promising of the benefits of value addition regarding such hair conditioning products against the purported home brands which could be associated with the cheap and value for money based general conceptions of the customers. Sisley has to infuse better credibility perspectives into the targeted customer segments regarding the perceptions of the offered products through promise of better quality of the products which it provides to the burgeoning middle classes of various different geographical regions where it could operate.

This would also assist the company in selection of the proper marketing mix for the products under consideration. Formulation of the value proposition through specifically designed marketing messages and advertisements could better position Sisley to address the requirements of the customers which it could target in comparison with those of the market competitors. This could be then translated into the most appropriate marketing campaign for the acquisition of the attention of the intended audience regarding the brand image propagation of the products under consideration.

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Marketing mix could be better envisaged as the process concerned with putting the correct product or group of products at the most appropriate place of the market, at the perfect time and at the correct cost. The troublesome part is doing this well, as the company of Sisley has to determine know each marketing criteria regarding the overall strategy application.

In this regard, the factors which are to be considered regarding the utilisation of proper marketing mix of product promotional methods are to be identified as the Place, Product, Price, Promotional methods, the People to whom the product could become valuable and thus purchasable, the process through which the marketing of the products could be undertaken and finally the Physical environment under which the sales of the products could be undertaken. According to (), the cumulative combination of such factors could be subdivided into multiple categories and sub factors. These would have to be considered by Sisley in the manner of the strategies of market penetration, cost evaluation, multichannel retail marketing management, the highlighting of the value and usefulness of the products being offered, the resolution provision to the quality and packaging as well as brand value determination related issues, the management of sales network through a judicious blend of retail, direct sales and wholesale as well as online based sales channel based operations and putting special offers out to the most valued customers as a definite strategy of outsmarting and outmanoeuvring the competitive brands in the specified market segments. Other peripheral considerations of Sisley would have to be related to the considerations of the environment and the cultural values related to the targeted markets and customer segments to which the value proposition of the Hair Rituel and Oribe power drops and anti-pollution booster kit could be perceived differently. Customer service management would be the most vital aspects which Sisley would have to take into considerations and joint ventures with local and other companies could serve it well regarding the emphasis management on such multilevel and multifarious marketing operations.

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At the conclusive level, it could be determined that the previously observed study draft has been effective regarding the observation of the multiplicity of factors which could and are expected to influence the market position and market based value generation and utilitarian effects of the product of Sisley under consideration.

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