Analyzing Corporate Social Responsibility

1.0 Introduction

The corporate social responsibility of two organizations Apple is being selected here in this case. A proper analysis of the case is being carried out for better understanding of the corporate social responsibility in the two organizations. Thus social and corporate cultural issues are being defined here in these two cases for the better understanding of the case. Theoretical framework for the social and environmental challenges are also discussed in this paper. The response or the responsibilities of these organizations regarding corporate social responsibility is being discussed in this paper. Finally a corporate social report is presented that can help in analysis of CSR measures and targets.


1.1 Background of company

The case studies of two companies selected are Apple. This will help in gaining knowledge between the organization's in the employee responsibilities. This CSR forms a betterment for the society and for the CSR vision that is applied in the organizations here. Apple is a multinational organization situated in the USA and is based in designing and developing electronics equipment such as mobiles, laptops and others (, 2019).

2.0 Theoretical framework of social and environmental challenges in business organizations

A conceptual framework can be formed for understanding the social and environmental challenges regarding the business. Theoretical views can be made for the sustainable development within the organization. This looked through the point of view of society and for the capital economy of the organization chosen. Sustainability is defined as the indefinable character that must be applied in the Apple organization. This suitability is referred to the term ecology that means the preservation of the ecosystem by the application of corporate social responsibility (Gunter, 2017). There are following two factors that arises challenges for social and political aspect of Apple:

a) External factor: political and governmental activities are one of the reasons for affecting the business. Regulations, tariffs are also seen to be a challenging part for the social aspect of business in Apple. Many of the legislation plans and rules are required to be looked out thoroughly so that the challenging part of policies can be looked out properly. Moreover two of the economic factors are to be looked out thoroughly in this case so that challenges related to social aspects can be understood in the Apple corporation. In this economic factor the first aspect is of macroeconomic one that is revenue, savings and profits that the organization made (Miller, 2016). Other one is microeconomic one which is the composition of market size, business demand, and competitive aspect of distribution chains in the market. The other factors that can be seen here is related to the social responsibility and dependency related to the business. Technological innovation and the need of new ideology so that new features can be added to the products and attraction of the people can be brought to them easily.

b) Internal Factor: The internal challenges were organizational culture and the diversity that exist in the organization (Clarke, 2017). The customs, shares, thoughts and beliefs of employees were seen to be the challenging part in the organization. Proper supplier selection and the selection of employees are also seen to be important and challenging parts of the organization. Leadership is to be applied in the organization in an ethical manner so that proper responsibilities and resources can be arranged in the organization properly. Selecting the proper mission and vision for the organization was also an important aspect for attaining a good name in the local and global environment. Human resources that are seen to be managed and trained properly by the organization so that different tasks can be processed properly (, 2020).

3.0 Business organizations response for social and environmental challenges

Apple has a good corporate and social responsibility. The social and the environmental challenges that are being seen in the organization are faced properly by the use of methodology. Efforts are made for the employees to take initiative work with the help of team mates and to make strategies regarding the challenges faced. They are oriented to producing green products and safer products that can be used by the population in an efficient manner. Apple's board of directors and team members are efficient one and thus oriented towards achieving ethical goals for their organization. Greenhouse gas reduction goals are being implemented by them so that proper environmental safety can be achieved here easily by Apple (Pun, 2016). Apple initiated a cleaner programme so that they can reduce the emission of accessories and packaging issues. Less power consumption and energy production can be easily seen to be utilised by Apple. Moreover, transporting and recycling of the remains can be a useful method initiated by Apple in this case. An environmental data is presented in this case by Apple so that environment safety can be processed easily in this case. Apple is also initiated towards restricting the substances that are hazardous for the health of people and for the environment. Apple could start scanning the market and business aspects that can be affecting one for them. They started making proper strategy and the vision was also cleared so that they could respond to their upcoming milestones in the firm. The social and economic trends are needed to be focused properly by them so that goals regarding the environment can be achieved by them easily. First the carbon emissions were found to be brought down with the help of certain steps. Economic and environmental factors are seen to be incorporated properly. This could be helpful in shaping the business properly. Economic environment of business, policies and systems are seen to be managed properly so that industrial policies can be maintained properly. Management systems and rewards are seen to be enhanced by firms so that challenges for social and environmental factors can be found out properly (Lwp.georgetown , 2019).

4.0 Corporate Social Responsibility report

4.1 Main social and environmental challenges

Apple still have to look forward to the environmental conservation aspect for the organization. Renewable resource utilisation and its preservation for the future use is also being defined here in this case for Apple. A misleading claim for environmental preservation can be seen in this aspect of Apple performance for energy utilisation and conservation. Policies in the ortgsaniton thus were seen to be impacted by this scenario here. An aspect of improvement was to be applied in the case of production of best materials and products. Climatic changes are seen to be an important aspect for the growth and development of organization for energy. Supply chains were needed to be looked throughout properly so that inconvenience in the business could be managed here in this case. Greenhouse and other environmental effects are required to be found and solved properly by Apple corporations (Soh, 2019). The carbon emissions were one of the biggest problems that needed to be looked out thoroughly in order to gain a good aspect for the environment. Employing the talented and skilled people and also training them properly so that they can become a proper asset of the organization is seen in this case. Formation of policies and also following those policies are seen to be important aspects in this organization.

a) The trade uncertainty is the main problem and milestone for the organization. Tariffs and the trade policies are also an effective part that can be seen in the organization.

b) The main challenge was to reach 100 percent renewable energy for the proper utilisation and transition of clean energy. Thus usage of energy and conservation was the biggest challenge that could be seen here in this case.

c) The old products were to be consumerism without producing any effect on the environment (Albuquerque, 2019). Generation of clean energy and utilisation of renewable energy was the biggest challenge here in this case.

d) The cost and the investors constraints were required to be looked throughout properly so that benefit can be seen in the organization. Moreover managing the stakeholders, employee, customer and employee are seen to be the biggest milestones for Apple corporations.

e) Competency is also a biggest challenge for Apple and they had to focus on this aspect so that they can lead the market in every aspect. A recent analysis shows that Amazon have crossed their corporate goals and also succeeded in producing zero emissions in environmental aspects.

4.2 Corporate response

The corporate response is an ethical one for the removal of all the milestones and risks that are available in the industry. Apple corporate culture is seen to be gone through transition and the application of new tools and technologies are seen to be useful in the organization. The managers and the team mates available in the organization here are responsible for the proper functioning of the firm. The risk and milestones are being evaluated and solved easily by the help of this corporate culture. The employment of highly skilled workers and employees are an important part of their response to the risk that is seen in the firm. There are potential employees that lack bureaucreacy and hence focus on their work so that they can work for the organization. A code of business conduct is provided by Apple in order to fight out the discrepancies in the organization and the proper implementation of the policies in the organization.

Apple is focused on producing good quality products and working with high quality (Ma, 2017). Apple has become a successful organization by solving various problems and dilemmas that exist in today's people requirement. They are orienete to produce a different feature that cannot be seen in other organizations products so that the competence can be increased and new business aspects can be created by Apple. Application of sustainability in protection of environmental aspects can be seen here in this case easily. Apple tried to enhance its version and get upgraded so that it could attract a number of people and also can be used in technological aspects. Recycling was a useful method for the environment and the replacement of old technology with the new one is also an ethical methodology that is used by Apple here for its organization and cultural growth.

4.3 CSR measure and target

Apple is using the corporate social responsibility in order to maintain the employee and the resources that are available in the organization. Social and environmental aspects can be seen to be solved by this corporate social responsibility in Apple organization. As it helps in dividing the responsibility of all those present in the organization thus proper working can be easily seen in this case.

The corporate responsibility of Apple describes that they target on three of following aspects for gaining good name in business:

Climate change: The corporate cultural and ethical climate is required to be maintained in this part for the better production and manufacturing of the products (Choi, 2019). The renewable energy sources and driving the energy efficiency in products and facilitates the supply chain.

Resources: The previous resources are required to be conserved so that itr can be used in future in Apple corporation. An ample amount of resources are present so that can be used at any time of requirement. They target to produce an ethical and proper product that can attract a number of people.

Safe production: Safety is the priority for the employees and then for the people using their products. Health safety for the workers available in the organization is to be seen here in this case (Opus.lib, 2020).

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The corporate social responsibility is being defined in this paper properly. The selected organization is Apple corporation so that proper corporate responsibility can be understood in this part easily. Challenges related to the economical and social aspect in an organization are being defined in this paper clearly. Organization responses to those challenges are also being discussed properly so that different milestones and risk in organization could be understood properly. Proper challenges to the organizational economical and social one are seen in this paper clearly. Finally the corporate social responsibility and the target is also defined in this paper due to these corporate social responsibility here.

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