Annotated Bibliography on Major Wars in History

Cuban missile crisis

In summary, this article demonstrates how the relationship between Moscow and Washington deteriorated in 1962 following the Cuban Missile Crisis; almost culminating the advent of yet another war between the two superpowers. In addition, the article presents the then President Fidel Castro’s instigation if the crisis as the major proponent.

This paper is ideal because it perfectly illuminates on the deep issues underlying the Cuban Missile Crisis especially the political situation amongst the three countries and their role in the Crisis. Besides, this article is one of the rare investigating the extent to which the launching of the Nuclear Missiles in Cuba succumbed to the US’s political turmoil.


Nay, S. (2015) ‘The Cuban Missile Crisis: The Soviet View’, Torch, pp. 29–32

Nay excellently makes magnifies the Cuban Missile Crisis as one which almost cause the end of civilization in history. In this article, she explores this crisis of 27th October, 1962 with its major proponents, shedding more light of how it was operationalized in the perspectives of the soviets and Americans. And so the article is excellent because it gives a comprehensive analysis of these perspectives, which makes us appreciate how deleterious the situation would have been. Besides, article is important to the study of the crises because it informs about allies affiliated to the US and the Soviet during the eve of the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

The Korean War

This article presents the Korean War as the first war by the UN against aggressive nations in the 20th century. Besides, the article talks about the war as one of the most important conflict Post-Cold War. According to the study, the US and the Soviet are participants avoiding direct confrontations, and this war shaped how the Eastern and Western powers dealt with one another. The article further studies the impact of the war on Korea’s military and diplomatic discourses on the global politics.

This article is important for it unravels key areas especially how the war impacted on global politics and how it contributed to the creation of the cold war.

Kang, WC & Hong, JY 2017, ‘Unexplored Consequences of Violence against Civilians during the Korean War’, Journal of East Asian Studies, vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 259–283,

Kang and Hong (2017) study the degree to which the Korean War caused injury to civilians, and peoples’ attitudes to proponents of this war. The study employs differences in differences methodology which compares a group of people born after and before the war and establishes that people who were directly exposed to wartime violence have negative attitudes towards the war pioneers. Contrary, individuals born post-war from affected areas and exposed to anti-communist campaign and lured to distinguish themselves from the victims exhibit huge pride in South Korea and intense gratitude towards the US than toward the North Korea, in comparison to prewar individuals in the same regions and and the same cluster of individuals born in unaffected areas.

This study addresses a rarely covered domain, and it unveils useful insights about people’s attitude about this war. And therefore the article will not only contribute towards the understanding of war origin, but also the protracted attitudinal concerns of the people towards it.

This article explores to the depths of the Vietnam War to find three major decisions made between 1959- 1963 which led to the genesis and escalation of this war. The study conceives the war as based on Hanoi’s view as one which is characterized by lifelong military and political struggles. Chen (1975) proposes that Hanoi does not find peace and war as separate entities as does the US, and that therefore Hanoi’s accomplishment of the sacred mission serve as a crucial cause and escalation of the war.

Whereas many studies have ventured into the subject of Korean War, many have focused on the role of the US in the war. This study is special because it deeply provides insights about the causes and escalation of the war.

Tierney (2018) sets into not only investigating the US’s perspective of war using the Vietnam as case study but also the scholar examines the media, elite and public perceptions about war. Herein, the article studies the US’s perspectives from which to substantiate her role in the Vietnam War. This study is impeccable for it discloses how the war was instigated and major conclusions that can be taken home concerning the US’s role. It is one of the rarest studies directly articulation perceptions of media, elite, and the public on this war that caused intense havoc and psychological disturbances to both direct and indirectly affected victims.

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This book review focuses on the theory of just war in analyzing the moral and political responsibility of policy makers and military officers at the strategic level of war. Further, the article articulates the concept underlying just war and how it is strategized and fought by carefully choosing weapons and target to attain war objectives while minimizing dangerous impacts on those not engaged in harm. The study suppose waging just war entails formulating war aims and selecting policies and strategies and prodding bureaucracies to assess, achieve and war policies and aims as intended. This book is amongst a few in literature analyzing the concept of war and strategy, and therefore having it significantly supplements the understanding of war of any kind.

This book is constructed on the threshold of Japan’s strategic interventions on war. The article seamlessly moves to discuss the battlefield tactics to larger strategic aspects of Japanese government and military. Alongside these discussions is the dilemma Japan faced in deciding whether to venture into military from the standpoint of a maritime power or as a continental power.

The book is very insightful because it revolves around strategy and war, a subject that has not been pervasively studied in contemporary literature. The sentiments herein are informative and give a broader context outside the UK, and therefore we get to know what is happening in Asia concerning war and strategy.

This book unravels the intricacies of World War Two in the West. The book presents the war as one the bloodiest and deadliest in the contemporary history. The book discusses the genesis of war and major drivers and proponents of the war. This book is important because it gives comprehensive story of the intricacies surrounding the war. Catherwood (2014) is as eloquent as she is clear to bring many events into a one comprehensive fold, thus making it easier to grasp the deep ends of the war in one book.

This article presents the impacts of World War II on social spending logistics. The study is motivated by a view that the outbreak of the war induced a plethora of social needs. This study unravels for the first time if and in which way the World War 11 impacted cross-national differences in social spending by studying 18 European welfare countries during the Golden Age era. The scholars establish that the war greatly impacted social spending patterns until t late 1960s. The study further finds that war is not a temporal water reservoir structuring various warfare phases but rather a key factor for mastering inter-state differences in welfare pursuits and social expenditure logistics post war. The subject which the article articulate is queer and has not attracted scholarly attention, but yet one of the most important in mastering the effects of the Second World War in the realm of social welfare.

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