Bridging Cultural Differences for Unified Societal Collaboration

a. Write a paragraph summarising the writer’s argument. Your paragraph should include: the writer’s overall position and reasons for this position.

The author suggests that Britain needs to bridge the differences in their culture. Most people suggest that having various cultural backgrounds is demeaning Britain's original culture. There is also a government policy promoting cultural diversity at the expense of national cohesion. The government does not have segregation policies. Also, there is a public perception that, for migrants to be assimilated, they must pay taxes, respect democracy and learn English. Also, there is a claim that there is a limit to the level of diversity a welfare state can tolerate. However, to counter some negative attitudes towards cultural diversities, there is a need to get people to bridge their differences. Also, people need to be guided to trust each other for a better society. Similarly, the politicians who make policies need to Whatsapp campaign to make people live together and in unity. Therefore, the author concludes that Britain needs to foster egalitarian and representative cultures through campaigns by politicians due to the differences. The author reaches this position due to the need to achieve a collaborative culture where people trust each other.

b. Write a paragraph outlining your position with regard to the argument expressed in a, giving reasons for your position. Base your answer on your understanding of the argument and general knowledge. You are not required to do additional research.
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I would also support collaboration and acknowledgment of cultural diversity. I believe that acknowledging each other culture would broaden our perspective and make connections between ourselves and others that can allow us to be stronger and achieve more significant economic gains. Also, acknowledging cultural diversity is critical in promoting individual quality of life and increasing overall well-being for both individuals and society. Furthermore, I am aware that, lack of acknowledgment of culture leads to differences in the workplace. Therefore, cultural assimilation is vital in promoting productivity, communication, and unity in the workplace. When employees become aware of diversity, employees can enhance communication, productivity thus leading to competitive advantage and great significance to the overall economy and quality of life.

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