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Physical and psychological impacts of osteoarthritis on the patients

Osteoarthritis is the common type of arthritis affecting million of people across the globe, where it occurs in the protective cartilage that cushions the end of the bone wearing down over time. The diseases of osteoarthritis can damage the joints ion the human body, most commonly hands, hips, knees and spine. There are many patient, who are suffering from osteoarthritis and they are suffering from serious pain in their joints and in the recent years, and it has been estimated that, the numbers of patients suffering from osteoarthritis is increasing day by day at a high rate. The physical impacts of the diseases of osteoarthritis among the patients are such as high pain in the joints, such as hands, mainly in knees and spines. Apart from that, limitation in activities among the patients is another major physical impacts, for which the patients are not able to move from one place to another and they are unable to conduct daily activities in their lives. In addition to these, there are physical problems in sports, gardening, mobility outside and odd jobs for which, the people are not able to perform in their daily lives. There are other psychological impacts which are depression, stress, anxiety and fatigue which are also related top deterioration of the physical health of the person. For the diseases of osteoarthritis, people, are suffering from sleep disorder and they cannot control their anxiety and depression which may lead the people towards inactivity in their lives and the standard of living among the people is deteriorated.


Summary of the article

Osteoarthritis pain is mainly triggered by the movement and load bearing and it can also be experienced at rest at the night. The people are suffering a lot of psychical and psychological factors due to such diseases of osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis pain is unpredictable for the doctors at the initial stage, where the people are suffering from severe pain in their joints such as hands, knees and spines (Nursing Times, 2012). Osteoarthritis deteriorates the standard of living of the individuals where the people are not able to conduct their daily activities. People with osteoarthritis are at risk of falls due to serious pain, joint instability and medication used during the phase (Nursing Times, 2012). The people are also suffering from psychological factors such as sleep disorders, anxiety, high stress and lack of control over their stress level and lack of self efficacy which deteriorates the quality of life of the individual (Nursing Times, 2012). The wellbeing of the individuals is also hampered due to the diseases of osteoarthritis (Nursing Times, 2012). Hereby, osteoarthritis has many negative impacts, both physical and psychological, which deteriorates the wellbeing of the individual and decreases the chance of mobility and movement where people are not able to conduct their daily activities in their lives.

Plagiarism in academic content

Plagiarism is a wrongful appropriation of the academic content where someone is using the content from other texts and articles and did not use the proper citation of the original writer. The plagiarism is considered to be an academic dishonesty and a breach of journalistic ethics in the field of academics where someone cannot copy the content from the original work without proper citations reference. It is necessary to use proper citation and reference of the original writer in order to maintain the originality of the piece of work. The another author can utilise the content with full of citation and reference list for further analysis and idea generation, but plagiarism is a breach of contract in the academic field and it violates the original work and ethics of academic content. Hereby, plagiarism should be avoided where one needs to use the content from the original piece of work with proper reference and citation of the original author of the content.

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Describing the terms


Analysis is the detailed examination of the elements or the structure of something. Through proper analysis, the writer can express the content of the subject as well as evaluate the information in more critical manner. Through analysis, one can evaluate the thesis and anti-thesis for synthesising the content. The author tries to develop the content after proper analysis of the situation or the factors where the information are developed through proper evaluation and critical analysis (Travers, Morisano and Locke, 2015).


Arguments is mainly differing the view points where exchange of diverging or opposite views can be possible through proper arguments. Argument is necessary to support the ideas or to develop different ideas through which, one can evaluate the situation and develop proper theory and action (Jackson, 2015).


Interpretation is mainly the action of explaining the meaning of something. The author or the writer aim to interpret the meaning of the theories or content for more explanation where proper meaning are evaluated in a simple way so that other author can be evaluated the content or the theory successfully (Raiyn and Tilchin, 2015).

Critical explanation:

Critical explanation is effective where the author can express own views and understanding through critical analysis in which the writer can provide opinion and identify the thesis and theories for more explanation. The critical explanation is effective for critical analysis, where the author can develop critical content after proper analysis and evaluation (Permana et al., 2019).

Modal verbs:

Modal verb is an auxiliary verb that expresses the necessity or the possibility. The modal verbs are such as must, shall, will, may, might, should, can and could.

Active verbs:

The active verb is when the verb is clearly the subject. For example, Rosy loves the dog.

Passive verbs:

The passive verb is when the subject of the sentence is acted on by the verb. For example, the dog is lived by Rosy.

Direct speech:

Direct speech is when the noun conveys any information in a direct manner through first person singular number. For example, they have been taking exercise since morning.

Indirect speech:

Indirect speech is when the third person singular and plural numbers convey the information. For example, they said that, they had been taking exercise since morning.

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