Comparative Analysis: Interprofessional Communication and Teamwork in Patient Care

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  • Published On: 12-12-2023


Interprofessional communication and teamwork are fundamental to improves the care experience of a patient by providing the patient with the quality care. One of the major differences between expert’s response and my response regarding the teamwork and interprofessional communication is that my report presents Katie was able to close loop the communication with Monica and Kelli. On the other hand, expert mentions it comprehensively that Katie did not close loop the communication with MET team. Expert mentions that, Katie did not close loop the communication regarding whether she had done BP or not. Another difference between expert’s response and my response is that expert mentions that Kelli was very clear while using close loop communication for using the names for doing the task effectively. on the other hand I fail to highlight this aspect of the communication.

One difference in expert’s response and my response regarding the impacts of the interprofessional communication and the teamwork on patient, staffs and organization is that, expert discusses wide ranges of impact such as improving patient’s outcomes and determining holistic needs of patients, (Granheim, Shaw & Mansah, 2018). On the contrary, in my response I have only mentioned healthy and trustworthy relation with patients and staffs and communicating the needs of patients thereby enabling the care team to develop effective care plan to meet their needs. I somehow fail to discuss the impacts on organization which is the major drawback of my response.



While reflecting on what I have learned through comparing the two report I am going to use the Gibbs reflective cycle which will assist me to discuss my learning and thinking through the six phases such as description, feeling, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan. By comparing with the expert response (Hwang, Kim & Chin, 2019), I learned about several new aspects regarding the interprofessional communication and teamwork that I never think before. These aspects are the effective delegation of task, close loop communication and transparent information delivery within team. I feel that the knowledge and experience that I gain on the communication and teamwork in my previous assignment are not enough to develop a good response. The analysis of expert’s response changes my thinking regarding the communication and teamwork. Through comparing my response with expert, I am able to determine the drawback of my knowledge and and understanding regarding the case study. I also analyse that; I need to develop good analysing and judgmental skill that will assist me to analyse the in-depth aspects of the case study. In the conclusion, I can say that the assignment is proved to be highly effective to develop my professional and personal skill. This comparison also assists me to determine my areas of weakness and strength. In the action plan I have included different objectives in terms of developing my professional and personal skill., such as communication skill, written communicating skill, analysing and judgmental skill and time management skill. For achieving these objectives, I will attend the extra classes in which I can discuss all these aspects with my lecturers also I will attend the group discussion with my peers to discuss the case study will them and share my views with them. This process will assist me to promote my professional and personal development.

The main idea that I chose to withdraw from the assignment is that, the importance of effective delegation of task among team members and maintain the transparent information delivery system within the team are crucial in improving patient’s care outcomes. The ideas will assist me in near future as a registered nurse to perform all my duties systematically and collaboratively to provide compassionate and high-quality care to patients (Lairamore et al. 2018).

Impacts on future practices:

By comparing the report and working on the assignment I have learned all the aspects that need to be considered while maintaining effective interprofessional communication and teamwork in the healthcare (Omura et al. 2017). In my future workplace I must work on one task at one time and go to another task after completing the one which is on hand. I will work collaboratively with my team members, staffs and patients to ensure the effective transfer of all the important updates regarding patient’s heath to nursing professionals and doctors. I have also learned the importance of the close loop communication that will assist me as the registered nurse to develop transparent information sharing system with other healthcare professionals and patients to ensure safe delivery of care to patient (Rosen et al. 2018). I have also learned about the importance of the effective leadership and management styles that I will apply while leading or managing the team towards improving care experiences of patients. This assignment assists me to learn the importance of the clear and transparent information delivery system within the team, which I can apply in my future workplace to maintain effective interaction system in the team. Here I have also learned the importance of close loop interaction which assists the entire team to complete the tasks that are associated with patient care. I will also apply my analysing and judgmental skill that I gathered in this assignment in my future workplace to understand any situation thereby taking the right decision.

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