Corporate Governance

Managing a responsible business is a very tricky task to perform. There are a number of aspects which should be kept in mind. Corporate responsibility has emerged as one of the key areas that should be properly managed so that the company can also operate responsibly. Through proper measures and methods of corporate responsibility, the management can control and monitor operations efficiently and effectively.


In order to conduct this study, the researcher will consider three key aspects of the research phenomena – sustainable purchase decisions, health and sustainable development and better corporate governance. Analysing these aspects will enable the researcher to obtain a thorough amount of understanding and knowledge about the subject matter. By studying the aspect of sustainable purchase decisions, the researcher will be able to analyse the impact on making purchase decisions in terms of the ways
Order Now they can help to make the business more responsible. The researcher could determine that it helps in improving the profitability of the firm and stay away from any kind of unnecessary expenses that could essentially have a negative impact on the shareholders and other stakeholders. Similarly by analysing the health and sustainable development the researcher will explain how performing Corporate Social Responsibility can help in making the firm more responsible. Herein the researcher will give emphasis on areas such as reducing carbon footprint, decreasing the emission of harmful gases, etc. Studying better corporate governance practices will enable the researcher to examine the overall performance of corporate governance practices thoroughly. Herein the attention will be on identifying the benefits of internal and external audit techniques, transparency and accountability, etc.

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