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Aire Valley Leeds Areas Action Plan seeks to equip Aire Valley with various benefits. The five area zones in the plan will benefit differently in case the proposal facilitate the rollout of the plan. It is expected that in the five zones there will be major civil engineering issues that will require the exhibition of effective skills that can enable efficient handling of these issues. Given the zones that the action plan should go through the availability of people with adequate skills to identify and solve these major civil engineering issues. The action plan is clear since it aims to impact the area under which the project will be operating (Elonen and Artto, 2003, p.400). Therefore, the reasons for the establishment of the project are aligned with the objectives of the proposal. The spatial goal of Leeds Metropolitan District by 2030 is to become a new working community with good infrastructure. Availability of good infrastructure will enable APP to achieve its dream of making the area good for settlement and erection of other social amenities. The AVLAAP continues to integrate new approach that is aimed at increasing the economic and geographical prosperity of the river corridors in the UK.


The Action Plan seems to increase more opportunities in the river corridors in the UK. The project that will be completed by this proposal will increase the economic engagements in Aire Valley. The provision of job opportunities among the residents living in the area will ensure that the economic status of the river corridors in the UK. The conditions at AVLAAP have resulted in the existence of major developments which enables business growth because of the creativity that is experienced in 142 hectares that are under the project. The proposal shows that the major development will ensure that there is a major development in health and medicine. Growth in these two sectors will be beneficial since it will improve the economic status of the river corridors.

The Leeds South Bank will be an area that will be affected by the presence of this project in the area. The presence of the action plan will enable the Leeds South Bank to regenerate adequate opportunities that will facilitate sustainable growth. AVL provides a good site for business development and residential purposes because the action plan aims at increasing the opportunities in the area (Hirschman, 2014). The existence of the opportunities and the fact that people are there take these chances and convert them into activities that have economic benefits. 13,000 people hosted at AVL and the enrollment of this project will increase space that will facilitate the creation of new homes. The four zones in this project will create accommodation of these people who are in need of new homes and places of settlement. The project will also ensure that there is efficient transport connection in the area. At Aire Valley, there is a high-speed rail that increases the connectivity of the people around the area that is covered by the project. The routes in the phases that are located at Leeds City Centre enable efficient movement in the area.

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  • Hirschman, A.O., 2014. Development projects observed. Brookings Institution Press.

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