Effective Strategies High School Exam Revision

My strategy of undertaking of revision for preparing for the examination would involve would involve multiplicity of steps such as early commencement of the studies, formulation of revision timetable, avoiding time wastage through not performing recurrent rewriting, consulting of past question papers on business skills development in the globalised scenario, identification of crucial points and learning the examples of the points through evidence gathering regarding each topic. Some other revision strategies are preparation of questions which could combine multiple chapters and topics and conducting in-depth study of unexpected or unusual questions.


The revision study tools would be the brief summaries of the reading notes and the carefully managed index cards which would contain key words. Apart from these, the utilisation of flow charts and diagrams could be considered to be other effective revision based study tools for preparing for the high school exam in the business skill development discipline (Dunlosky and Rawson, 2015). Furthermore, study tables with two dimensional structures representing data placement schematics could be as well utilised to formulate a definite list of different chapters and topics which could be studied in a sequential manner as per their perceived priority for the high school exam. The methods which could be comprehended as to be applicable include the utilisation of the study and revision material to answer the questions through transforming the material into charts and diagrams and summarising the content into particular headings and sub-headings so that these could be included in the index cards.

Having effective discussion with those of the other students of the high school could assist me in formulation of effective solutions to the existing study hurdles (Heldman, 2018). Further study groups could enable me to have certain measure of psychological support during the stressful experiences of preparing for the high school examination in business skills. Thus, I prefer to study in a group. The group would be comprised off some of my classmates. One purpose of forming a group study session would be to compare my personal study preparations with that of the study progression of the other group members. My perceptions could be discussed with the other group members rather than only having to be perceived. This could provide active solutions to any of the study related problems and could actively assist me in identification of any section of the business globalisation and skill development curricula which could have been left unattended.

My priorities would be to sustain the pace of study practices for the examination term 1 and 2 and to study in a most comprehensive manner with ascribing importance to core and associated study subjects so that during the term 3, I would have a prepared knowledge reservoir of familiarity with all of the aspects of the subjects under consideration. Further, I have to consistently mark the progress of revision on the timetable schedule which would have to be comprised.

I have to bring in all my documents including the hall entrance admit card and my supporting tools such as measuring instruments for undertaking of statistical representation of data whenever it could become necessary for me.

I have to be calm and composed under any of the circumstances during the examination ad would have to act swiftly to maintain the time management criteria regarding any eventuality. In this context, my time management skills and concentrating on the more crucial segments of the questions would be required to be improved. I would be first attempting the questions in the examination which might appear to be unfamiliar to me and this would be effective for me to understand the measure of my preparedness in the first half an hour of the examination. Further, I would attempt to cover the questions which could be familiar to me at least 50% faster than my usual pace of answering so that enough time could be saved for me to think over the unfamiliar or problematic questions (Cook and Lineberry, 2016).

I would have to be prepared to provide my answers in an argumentative manner and this would require making of comparisons and contrasts in between different strands of my answers. I would definitely feel nervous regarding my performance and the complications related to the questions prior to the commencement of the exam. However, I would not become too much apprehensive since I would be convinced that I poses the appropriate measure of knowledge and information to provide correct and accurate answers. Furthermore, regarding the developments of my answering skills and academic performance during the exam, I would be focusing more on the clarified evidences and key points relating to the content of my answers since long answers would not be possible for me to be written given the short span of time available for the examination to be concluded.

In future, I would concentrate greater on practicing of mock examinations through availing and solving greater number of questions associated with the subject matter.

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