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Enhancing Criminology Studies through Additional Modules

Activity 1

Outline: Taking extra modules related to criminology.

Steps: Joining the extra modules that are offered by the university.

Engaging with the activity: I will be required to take the module classes, finish assignments for the modules, and take exams or write essays to earn credits for the modules.


Skills use and enhancing: Extra modules can help me to add skills to myself that are over and above the ones that are offered in the course that I am undertaking. The extra modules I am interested in, include research design and methods, which will help me to develop my research skills by learning more about different kinds of research approaches and methods. This would enhance my ability to research, which will increase my employability. I would also like to learn more about cyber crimes and would like to take up extra modules that will help me develop this knowledge. Another area that I would like to engage in through extra modules would be juvenile justice as this is another area that I may like to be employed in. By doing these extra modules, I will be able to develop more knowledge about these different areas that are also related to criminology. This would help me to increase my employability in one of these areas.

Activity 2

Outline: Taking courses that help me improve my interpersonal skills.

Steps: Joining online courses for the development of interpersonal skills offered by university.

Engaging with the activity: I will be required to finish the classes, assignments or other activities for earning credits for interpersonal skills courses. Online courses have individual requirements and engagement with the activity will depend on the course. Some of the courses may also require group assignments which would require my participation in group activities for the completion of activities.

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Skills use and enhancing: Interpersonal skills have become necessary quality for employability because these help individuals work in teams and engage with others in the teams. Interpersonal skills are important because effective engagement with others in the organisation demands good communication as well as other interpersonal skills like empathy and listening abilities. My employability will not only depend on the skills I have related to my own field of criminology, but also my abilities and skills for working in teams. Learning new techniques and theories on communication and conflict prevention and resolution are key to development of such interpersonal skills. Therefore, some of the interpersonal skills that I hope to develop through these programmes are related to conflict resolution within the teams and organisations. I also expect to learn more about effective communications through these courses. By honing these skills, I can ensure that I communicate effectively and productively with the members of my team or organisation. This would help me improve my employability by developing skills that help me to be a better team player. Every organisation would like to employ individuals with strong interpersonal skills.

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