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Section A

The company selected for this discussion is Starbucks. The business was founded in Seattle, Washington in the early 1970s and today, it has more than three thousands branches across the globe. Starbucks is a leader in the coffee business but there are many competitors like KFC, Java, Costa Coffee, McDonalds, Tetley and many others (Michelli, 2006). The company deals with “second wave coffee” and it is popular because of high quality coffee. The company has made many changes in the preparation of the coffee, which has brought better services and improved quality. For instance, the business now uses espresso machines, which makes services easier, efficient, and safe.


According to 2018 report, the company employs approximately 291000 employees (Gupta and Malik, 2018). The numbers of employees in US are more or less 190000 with 10000 employees working in the stores while 3000 operate in the regional support offices. Arguably, the reports of employee engagement, involvement, treatment, and satisfaction has had an impact in many people seeking to work Starbucks. As exemplified by Lerman (2014), Starbucks is considered as the employer of choice across the globe. The Starbuck management has heavily invested on employees’ engagement and satisfaction resulting in the company’s ability to retain talented workforce and therefore, registering high quality performance over the years.

At Starbuck, the Human Resource Manage has few key duties which include; Training employees Recruiting employees Handle employee relations Perform background checks of employees Conduct employee orientation

These roles are centralized because the HR at Starbuck oversees all employees from the headquarters. This makes it easier to manage all employees and strategize how to manage the organization across the globe for high performance.

The Flexible Firm Model by Atkinson divides employees into (a) core group and (b) peripheral group. The Starbuck employees can be grouped into the core group because a majority of them are full time workers who play a crucial role in the company. According to Flexible Firm Model, core employees are important because they have talents and cannot be easily replaced.

Section B

Last year, I worked in the healthcare sector as a marketing agent. The healthcare sector is very dynamic and people who work in this field are required to have certain standards and certification. For instance, a nurse should be satisfied and registered by the RNS to work as a nurse in any hospital across the nation. Unfortunately, the healthcare sector has a high turnover rate, which has been an issue of concern for years now. The US government has been encouraging young people to take nursing jobs because of the high number of turnover, but this problem has not been addressed sufficiently.

There are many reasons why the healthcare has high turnover. Firstly, doctors and nurses have a tight schedule and that is a major reason why many medical professionals quit their jobs (Takase, Teraoka, and Yabase, 2016). Most times, nurses work for long hours with unpredictable shifts and that is why many of them want to start new ventures so that they can have more time to spend with their loved ones. Work overload can cause fatigue, depression, and increased stress and therefore, many nurses want to look for jobs that do not have work overload for flexibility. Secondly, personal attributes such as integrity issues and adaptability is another major reason why there is a high turnover in the medical field (Takase, Teraoka, and Yabase, 2016). Nurses or doctors who feel that there is an issue of integrity or corruption quit their job mostly. Other medical professional have not adapted the in the system and they want to look for something different. The third reason why there is high turnover in the medical field is that many nurses lack role clarity and have low sense of control in the career. Unfortunately, although many nurses have trained extensively, there is no clarity on what role they should play in the jobs (Saber, Anglade, and Schirle, 2016). This problem is prevalent because of poor communication in the healthcare sector and the hospital management does not fully engage with the employees. Some of the nurses also lack sense of control in their occupation and therefore, they choose to do other jobs were they have a sense of control of their careers.

Another reason why nurses and doctors are quitting their jobs is because they have minimal opportunities for career growth. Although nursing is dynamic and a vibrant career, many nurses feel that they do not have a clear career path. We all want to work in jobs that provide opportunity for career development but if there is minimal chance to grow career wise, people will look for new ventures that will promote growth and better professional opportunities. Lastly, the nursing field has little trust and collaboration between coworkers. Employees and colleagues should have a sense of trust but if this cannot happen, nurses and doctors will lack meaningful relationship in the workplace. It is important to build a good network and support in the workplace for high performance and quality service delivery.

Section C

Barista is an occupation that requires a well trained profession in the hospitality industry. A Barista at Starbucks plays a crucial duty of educating customers about coffee, selling coffee, serving tea, and making other drinks according to customer specifications. Starbucks has many branches across the globe and every branch has several well trained baristas who earn approximately $10 an hour, depending on experience. Starbuck only hire highly qualified baristas who get health benefits and life insurance among other incentives. Baristas at Starbuck also work on long-term basis and a majority of them are given a huge retirement package.

Performance evaluation is a critical step that should be done properly and carefully. In order to do a performance evaluation of a Barista, the following steps should be done

The HR should do a background work of the job review. This step will clarify job responsibility of a Barista and clarify the interest and needs of an employee. Prepare the employee so that he or she is aware that the review is being conducted Prepare the setting because the location is crucial Collect all necessary information Hold the meeting with all stakeholders Measure performance and create performance discussions, which will include employees name, objectives, and strengths of the employee. This performance review plan is simple, with clear steps, and has few procedures and that is why it is the best.

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