Fine Wine Corrporation


Fine Wine Corporation is a British wine company founded in 2005. It is headquartered in London. The company produces and sells a variety of wine brands which include Almaden Vineyards, Cupcake, and Mogen David. Fine Wine has its operations in the whole of UK where it has established distribution centres in all major cities. Fine Wine headed by a CEO. Under the CEO, there are departmental heads that are responsible for the operations of their departments. The main departments in the company are the marketing, operations, finance, IT, and the human resource departments (Zheng et al., 2010). The company employs 5,000 individuals and has a financial turnover of £60 million.


Going international

There is need for Fine Wine to go international. One of the reasons why the company needs to go international is to increase sales and profitability. The company has almost exhausted the domestic market and for it to realize higher sales, it needs to expand its operations to foreign markets (Szolnoki, 2013). Another reason for going international is realize growth. The growth of the company in the domestic market has slowed significantly due to the saturation of the market. In order for the company to offset the slow growth in the local market, it should venture into international market. Other reasons include: to increase its competitiveness, enlarge the customer base, and create economies of scale. Expanding into international markets will increase the company’s competitiveness through enhanced performance (Olmos, 2011). Entry into international markets will also enable Fine Wine Corporation to enlarge customer base by exploring new markets. Enlargement of the customer base, on the other hand, will increase the company’s sales allowing it to create economies of scale.

The international market

The most appropriate country the company will operate in as the international market is Hong Kong. One of the reasons why Hong Kong is ideal for Fine Wine is because of the potential for growth. Hong Kong is an emerging wine market. There is thereby a huge potential for expansion. Another reason is the favourable market condition (Conto et al., 2014). In February 2008, all local wine duties in Hong Kong were abolished. The government of Hong Kong also supports the wine industry through measures such as simplification of the import and export procedures, facilitating clearance of imports and exports, and assisting foreign countries establish offices in the country (Szolnoki 2013). This makes Hong Kong a favourable market for Fine Wine Corporation.

Fine Wine Hong Kong

Fine Wine Hong Kong is a subsidiary of Fine Wine Corporation. The company is headquartered in Kowloon. Fine Wine Hong Kong has its operations in all the major cities in Hong Kong and sales all the wine brands sold by the mother company. The company is headed a regional manager who is answerable to the parent company. Under the regional manager are departmental heads. The main departments are the marketing, human resource, and finance (Daugherty et al., 2011). The company employs 2,000 employees and has a financial turnover of £30 million. Fine Wine Hong Kong acts as a distribution centre for the parent company in UK.

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