Impact of Artificial Intelligence And Advanced Machines


Artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced machines, i.e. robots are played a significant role in the current competitive world, whereas, it can be considered as the next industrial revolution. On the other hand, advanced technology has eliminated many job opportunity, which will consider as a fear factor for human beings. Advanced machinery has been developed by the humans to carry out the worked effectively. Whereas, human controls technology to provide premium quality service, hence, human labour will not disappear in the next 50 years.



Robots are being created by scientists because to run the work systematically. However, everyone is claimed that advanced machinery, such as robots has created a great impact on the economy. Moreover, it can be determined that robots have not that much of ability to replace the needs for appropriate leadership, teamwork as well as creative thinking. Therefore, human beings have the power to control the technology to provide better service towards the world (Rotman, 2013). For example, artificial technology (AI) and robots help to recognise the symptoms of diseases appropriately, whereas, doctors should learn about the technology as well as should control the technology to provide premium quality healthcare service towards their patients. Therefore, it can be asserted that human labour will find their place in the robotic world.

By several research studies, it can be determined that robots are reduced the working hours of the lower skilled employees, whereas, it has not decreased the total working hours of human beings (David, 2015). Moreover, it can also be determined that there are no substitute technological products, which will match with the human or animal skin. Hence, robots are unable to react regarding any other sensory activities. Then, it can be argued that machines will not replace the place of humans in the workplace. For, example, in the transportation industry, it can be identified that the task has been planned for drivers not for the robots to complete the task appropriately.

Professor of computational engineering Moshe Vardi, Rice University in the UK said, “We are approaching a time when machines will be able to outperform humans at almost any task” (Telegraph Media Group Limited, 2018). Moreover, she also asserted that AI technology has already reduced the numbers of middle-class jobs. Nowadays, because of artificial technology (AI), robots can recognise the human voice and performed according to the direction. Whereas, the advanced technology is reducing the price of products or service that everybody can afford it and also reducing the more human jobs.

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Grounded on the different aspects, it can be determined that robots are eliminating the job opportunities, whereas, human beings have the power to control robots to perform the work systematically. Moreover, it can be concluded that robots will not make human labour obsolete in the next 50 years and will not the power to replace human beings in the working sector.


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