Impacts on Their Individual Livid Experiences


Female athletes experience both sociocultural and sport-specific pressure to change their weight, body, and appearance; this is due to the different types of representation that are portrayed of them especially with regards to their body weight. As such Kantanista et al. (2018) points out that they are at risk of developing dissatisfaction with their body. Body dissatisfaction involves negative thoughts and feelings about one’s body and a perceived discrepancy between current and ideal body size which has the impact of minimizing self esteem and setting in a dip in their performance especially in the sporting activities that they are involved in. Eventually this not only affects their game and ability to perform in their various fields, but also their personal lives and the Lived experiences they go through.

Macadaeg (2016) highlights that most athletes and sports people have athletic bodies and body shapes and as such overweight sports people especially women are often written off and represented on the negative light in public. Further Jackson (2012) emphasizes that the media focuses on behavior, outfits, body size and shapes, hair and parenting of women athletes while trivializing their accomplishments and making them seem less powerful and ultimately less valuable. This highlights the kinds of representation that women athletes both overweight and otherwise, receive and as such the potential of impacting on their livid experiences.


Research Aim

The research study aims to evaluate the representation of overweight sportswomen within the society and further highlight ways with which the kind of representation impacts on their livid experiences as sportswomen. This is broken down into specific research objectives to assist with the actual research process.

Research Objectives

To evaluate the kinds of representation sportswomen and especially overweight sportswomen receive within the society To evaluate the reasons for any prejudicial or Bias representation overweight women receive within the society To highlight the ways in which the representation that overweight women receive within the society impacts their livid experiences

Literature review

Overview of the chapter Theoretical concept Research gap


Overview of the chapter Research philosophical framework Research design The research will adopt a qualitative design as it is appropriate in being able to answer the research questions highlighted. The data collected include individual views and opinions as well as personal perspectives on the representation of overweight sportswomen in the society and the impact it has on their livid experiences.

Data collection

Primary sources: Interview


The populations of the study from which random sampling will be carried out include various groups and specific sports sub cultures, information will be collected by short structured interviews that enable the collection of first hand data.

Data Analysis

Thematic analysis will also be employed in data analysis. Brun and Clarke (2006) highlight that Thematic analysis as a form of analysis for qualitative research studies focuses on examining themes, patterns and connections within raw data collected through different research methods such as interviews as applied in this research study. Accurate and replicable inferences are made from the analysis of the various patterns and themes regarding the representation of overweight sports women and the impact in their livid experiences. Findings and discussion Conclusion and Recommendation

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