Increasing Crime And techniques

Reasons of increasing crime:

Year to year, the rate of rime in different cities is increasing rapidly for which people and government has the great concern as many citizens are suffering a lot due to such crimes such as cybercrimes, robbery, money theft, narcotic relate crimes like drug trafficking and so on (Singh, Husain and Vishwas, 2014). The major reasons for increasing crime is easy accessibility of money, quick monetary transactions, passion of some people, drawbacks of judiciary system etc. there are many migrants in different cities where some of the people have criminal minds for doing illegal activities in the cities.


Role of government to reduce crime:

The government should take initiatives to reduce the crime rate across the cities by reinforcing the laws and legislations as well as taking care of the people who already have the criminal background. The government ensures the organisations or small business firms to invest in cyber security so that such crimes can be controlled in the cities (Singh, Husain and Vishwas, 2014). Cyber security policies and the developing Information Technology (IT) in the business are also beneficial for reducing the crime rate related to cybercrime. The government also should provide protection against misusing the computers to stop the criminal activities. The government have the control at a certain level to enforce the Computer Crimes Act 1997 for reducing he cybercrime activities (Moore, 2014).

Examples of crime:

There are high numbers of activities which are related to cybercrime where the computers of the users are targeted by the hackers (Moore, 2014). The examples of cybercrime are such as virus attack, hacking, cyber terrorism, IPR violations, hacking of personal information of the citizens, fraud of credit and debit cards, online threating, crimes against children, using personal photos for malicious pictures, online harassment and drug trafficking (Singh, Husain and Vishwas, 2014).

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Reference List

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