Insights and Evolution: A Reflective Journey in Writing and Rhetoric

You can use your three essays as information and reasoning to demonstrate what you've learned about writing and rhetorical knowledge in your reflective commentary. While your writings demonstrate what you are capable of, your thoughtful commentary demonstrates what you have learned from your experiences. The purpose of this reflection is to do just that, reflect on the understanding that a student has gained in terms of learning, communication and other theoretical knowledge. In the duration of this course, which were learnt several things which the student believes they would find useful in their academic and professional life.

Students discuss their learning, how it evolved, and how it could connect to future learning opportunities throughout the process of reflection. It is a talent that is frequently under-appreciated in classrooms that are overflowing with information. However, reflection is a crucial activity for students to engage in in order to take advantage of and develop from a learning opportunity, and it is one that is supported by research.


This reflection will concentrate on the understanding of the modules that were discussed in the duration of this course and apply a reflector outlook to measuring the understanding of what the course entails.

1. Analysis of Gained Knowledge

In this section, the aspects of this course which were discussed during the modules will be explored, from the point of view of exploring their utility.

One of the things that was learned in this course was networking. It is the transfer of information among people who have a shared profession or particular interest, which takes place in an informal social context, that is known as networking. A single point of commonality is frequently the starting point for a network. This course involved understanding how to make a CV in order to properly network with professionals and underline your skills. This lesson involved understanding the importance of a CV a properly writing one.

Another important lesson that was learnt was learning how to improve your memory. We learned about the techniques which one can use in order to successfully make their classroom discussion more fruitful.

Leadership style was another thing which we learned about in the duration of this course and it benefits one in understanding what kind of leadership style one has. The lesson makes on understand what they feel their leadership style is and evaluate oneself on the basis of what the feel their leadership style is.People in the professional sector utilise networking to broaden their circle of contacts, learn about employment possibilities in their industries, and become more informed of current events and trends in their professions or the broader world at large.

It is typical for people to join networking organisations because they have a single common topic of interest that they all share. However, some people find successful networking possibilities in a college alumni association, a church or social group, a private club, and other organisations. The most apparent type of affiliation is a professional connection, such as stockbrokers (

When it comes to networking, trade fairs, seminars, and conferences can provide the most fruitful chances since they are meant to bring together a big number of people with similar interests. In addition to keeping up with current developments in their area, networking allows professionals to build contacts that may benefit their future business or job chances. It goes without saying that it also gives opportunity to assist other individuals in finding employment, making contacts, and keeping up with the latest news.

Another thing which was learnt was learning essay writing. An essay is a written document in which you convey a certain concept and then back it up with facts, assertions, analyses, and explanations to support your point of view. The five-paragraph essay is the most common style for essays; however, essays may have as many sentences as necessary to convey the information. In a five-paragraph essay, there are five paragraphs total. The essay itself, on the other hand, is divided into three sections: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Common essay writing mistakes were also discussed in the lessons. In that lesson, creating a proper structure, and including relevant things.

A significant thing which was taught was reflection. The reflective process assists us in developing a more in-depth understanding of our experiences and in making our intuitive knowledge more accessible to others. It affords us the chance to take a step back and consider what our job means to us and to the people in our communities.

It is a way to assist people in the community, both members and mentors, in reflecting on their work in order to identify their own intuitive understandings and develop them further, as well as explore new directions. The importance of critical reflection was a part of the learning process. Our behaviours, processes, and identities must all be examined in the context of critical reflection. As part of this process, we must go beyond our personal circumstances to consider external variables, public policies, and individuals who may have an impact on the decisions and actions we choose (Sutherland, 2013).

It is the deliberate and intentional effort to shape and affect social perception of a person by aligning them as a leadership in their business sector, elevating their legitimacy, and distinguishing themselves from the contest, with the goal of advancing their career, expanding their sphere of friends, and making a greater impact. Discovering your individuality, developing a reputation based on the qualities you like being known for, and then empowering yourself to be recognised for these qualities are all steps in the process of personal branding. At the end of the day, the aim is to produce something that communicates a message and can be sold for profit.

Another important thing which was learnt was the optimal utility of data sources. Searching for data sources and then putting them to use to solve a query or an issue are both enjoyable hobbies that have a number of advantages. The first step is to acknowledge the importance of the resources. Following that comes the application of new information as well as the creation of new knowledge. When people realise that they are learning, they become more motivated to continue learning. These practical and motivating benefits encourage people to utilise resources longer and to continue learning throughout their lives. Deep learning is made possible by intrinsic motivation (Yusman, 2016).

3. Analysis of Performance

Description: The learning period was a good experience where I got to know several new things about myself and about what I am capable of. The reflection allowed me to understand and reflect on my own learning process.

Feelings: I felt very enlightened during the whole process and made a lot of personal progress on understanding what I am capable of doing in academic and professional life.

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Evaluation: The good experience of the work consisted of me understanding and participating in class. There were no bad things about the course.

Analysis: The learning environment is very conducive to students and I had a very good time learning with my peers and learning with my professors. If I would have to analyze the learning process in one sentence, I would probably summarize it as very productive and very useful. I am confident I will be able to properly use the resources of learning that I have gathered in order to make my academic and professional life fruitful.

Conclusion: I believe the reflective process really helped me re-learn the things I learnt during the course.

Action Plan: I will keep working towards my goal of academic learning.

4. Conclusion

This reflective practice allowed to revise my learnings and understand the gaps I may have had I the learning process. Doing so made me realize that the reflective practice is useful in order to adequately understand what I learn in my classes and through my assignments.

I have learnt many useful things in this module and it encompassed both lessons I will need in my academic pursuits as well as my professional life. The reflective process is a process which has helped me identify some of the mistakes that I have made in my learning process and my understanding is that I need to participate more in class.


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