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The United Arab Emirates continues to face challenges in managing its human resource and more so, learning how to deal with technological advancements. Globalization of trade and human capital is largely to blame with companies like Ferrari reporting losses in revenue as a result. This has affected its tourism sector, which is a large contributor to the economy. Competition for employment in the global market ranks highly in a large number of immigrants currently working in the UAE. Immigrants charge cheaper prices for services as compared to locals of which the result is a human resource crisis on one of the Middle East largest economies. Coupled with this is the dilemma associated with technology systems where companies like Ferrari have taken proactive steps to ensure quality services and preventing criminal activities by conmen.


Online ticketing has revolutionized the modern entertainment scene, normally seen as a cheaper and more convenient way of purchasing tickets for your favourite event. Some have made profits by reselling tickets online at a reasonably higher price (Tackmann, 2017). Criminal cases concerning online fraud have also increased with judges reporting increased cases of cybercrime associated with ticketing swindles. Unsuspecting buyers lose millions of Deira from well-planned and coordinated schemes that range from creating false websites and email addresses to identity theft. Reported cases exist of people from foreign nations facing prosecution over crimes committed using stolen identities. These conmen have attacked business entities as well with companies reporting considerable damage from schemes associated with the online business system.

Ferrari lodged investigations into its supply chain management system after buyers complained of buying fake tickets. The investigations highlighted a problem that was prevalent in the UAE and shed light on the ways and schemes that online criminals use to rob people of their money.

Dealing with fraudsters has been particularly difficult since none of the countermeasures have been effective solutions to the problem. The task requires combined efforts by both organizers and clients alike, learning how these master criminals operate is key to reducing the number of cases of online ticketing frauds that are currently on the rise. Before purchasing a ticket online, you should carefully look into the company selling the ticket, scammers operate fake ticketing sites under the guise of promoters. They create websites that may look similar to genuine ticket promotion sites; they then create and sell fake tickets or in some cases no tickets at all. Some have gone to the extent of photo shopping tickets from photos taken by event goers. Which leads to recommendations by experts not to post ticket photos as ticket fraudsters use them to promote illegal activities (Sasmazel, 2000).

A key factor to look at is the price of the tickets compared to the original selling platform; Fraudsters sell their tickets at higher prices compared to the recommended retail price. Conned buyers report instances where fraudsters even carried an emotional story to persuade the unsuspecting buyers. Once paid the actual tickets never arrive and the money and seller disappears. In the UAE, many of the victims have claimed to buy the tickets from online representatives working in the country with the perpetrators hiding behind stolen identities. Identity theft syndicates have well-established networks within the Middle East and operate from sources in China and India. Identity theft victims have given out sensitive information to fraudsters such as banking information when buying tickets online. Fraudsters manipulate this information to create fictional identities allowing people to live other people’s lives and use the same to transact business (Sasmazel, 2000).

To prevent this avoid buying tickets from unauthorized platforms, also look into key features of basic web designs such as the ‘o’ which can be easily replaced by ‘0’. This can be the difference between genuine and fake websites. Photo shopped photos should also be an alerting feature since genuine websites have real-time photos and carry an independent advertising campaign. To curb online ticketing fraud only requires a little of your attention but can have a significant effect on a large population (Tackmann, 2017).

Migration is a point of political consideration today with many countries setting policies to control the influx of migrants based on the various challenges we face today. The UAE ranks as a middle-class economy and described largely as a migrant haven. With over 90 percent of the population migrants living on work visas, the country faces a number of challenges in ensuring equality among locals and non-locals. Immigrants charge cheaper prices for services and have been a driving force in the growth of the country. In recent years, the country has revised labor laws to deal with immigration cases from work visa to immigrant rights. Work visas are temporary can result in eviction once employment ceases. The country operates through a Kafala system that indicates the process of obtaining work permits in the country. According to the system, the visa as a temporary grant gets sponsorship by a business or nation with ENI. It is like child adoption where a worker can only reside there when under the care of a sponsor. Renewal of visas occurs on a regular basis and shows how the UAE has solved its immigration crisis to create a human resource management system, which harmonizes both local and non-local workers enabling an economic model that few countries can boast.

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs coordinates matters affecting immigrants, factors like the minimum requirements to salaries among other issues are resolved by this body. According to them, the economic benefits of migrants far outweigh the challenges. As the rest of the world closes its borders to immigrants, the country has adopted a system that reaps economic benefits for its people (Noe, 2017). The system faces challenges in addressing issues such as immigrant rights. Cases of torture and mistreatment of immigrants have hit the Middle East affecting countries in the UAE. Migrants have died at the hands of cruel sponsors some who limit basic human freedoms like movement.

Employers have power over their workers and can cancel the work permit at will forcing the immigrant to leave the country. This is through deportation proceedings and the deported immigrant may even spend time behind bars. Illegal immigrants get worse treatment and this has caused a global outcry, especially among human rights groups. Government policies have changed drastically in the last few years yet the problem persists. Despite these stringent conditions, the population of immigrants in the country continues to increase as immigrants look for brighter prospects away from home (Lertxundi, 2019).

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