Navigating Success And Challenges

With China and Japan placing exceptional orders on the 787, the project seems to take a successful path. As much as Boeing has been competing with Airbus, the 787 project posits a threat to Airbus A330. The market analysis of the orders that were delivered by Boeing and Airbus between 1967 and 2006 clearly indicate that Boeing puts up a better performance when it comes to the total orders. While Airbus struggled to establish the brand in the later years, Boeing was already a renowned brand. This shows that 787 project is likely to score highly in terms of the orders placed with Japan and China having interest in the new Dreamliner (Kotha et al. 2005).


What makes the 787 project more appealing and credible is the operations strategy. The constitution of the “global systems integrator” strategy, though a threat, is a merger of ideas that attracts efficiency, convenience and flexibility, which are integrated in the Dreamliner. The attractive design behind the 787 project seemingly sets the bar a bit higher than what Airbus expected from Boeing. With thousands of parts of the new plane designed and supplied by the foreigners, 787-Dreamline project has one mission of being at the top of the world (Norris et al. 2005). This is influenced by ideas and contributions tapped from key manufacturers and designers from key parties around the world.

As much as the project is unstoppable, there are profound risks that Boeing is likely to face in the near future. With the operations strategy shared to global partners, the project is likely to face a stiff competition as a result of the leaked ideas that are made accessible to competitors. However, Boeing still stands a chance of working on modifications that reflect the market dynamics.

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