Overview May Moon Walk London


This report intends to provide an in-depth overview of the practices, processes and events engulfing the May’s Moon Walk London as an avenue to illuminate the organisation’s significance and position in the pursuit to alleviate the tragedy of breast cancer from the face of the earth. Besides, the report aims to provide an understanding of the characteristics of the organisation; and the different objectives it seeks to achieve; and indeed how external policies in the local, national and international settings affect its intrigues. The report harnesses scholarly contents from magazines articles, newspaper cuttings; excerpts from government reports, documents and books for its development.


Moon Walk Event Host Organisation

The MoonWalk is a night-time charity event conceived and hosted by the United Kingdom-based grant-making breast cancer charity known as Walk the Walk. The event stakeholders comprise of men and women of good will who Power Walk either in half marathon during the half moon or a full marathon during the full moon; while wearing decorated bras to contribute financial capital for the breast cancer course. The event occurs on an annual basis in Iceland, Edinburgh and London (Foley, McGillivray, and McPherson, 2012). Many designers and celebrities have modified magnificently decorated bras for Walk the Walk; which are put on display at exhibitions to raise awareness for the event and its ramifications, and its ambassador is actress Harriet Thorpe.

Historical Genesis and Development of the Moon Walk Event

The event was conceived in the year 1996 by Nina Barough who one night dreamt about power walking in the New York marathon in a bra to raise capital for breast cancer. Nina Barough made up her mind to translate the dream into a reality and with her thirteen comrades who she joined hands with raise 25,000 pounds. A few months later, Nina Barough found a lump in her breast and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Subsequently, she carried on walking as a methodology for keeping fit.

Nina later on arranged in conjunction with other fifty people to walk the London Marathon to raise financial resources but then Barough plotted her unique walking event through London the night before the marathon sought to take place which triggered the walkers taking part in the official marathon. The whole idea inspired the conception of the Moon Walk. Many years later, the MoonWalk has integrated thousands of men and women gathering in a vast pink tent before setting off for the MoonWalk (Armstrong, 2018).

In Scotland, the first MoonWalk was held in Edinburgh and offered a picturesque blueprint and map across the city and more considerable distances encompassing the back-to-back marathon of 52.4 miles and 6.55-mile walk for children in the new moon. Ever since this report takes cognisance of the fact that the exercise has collected 21.5 million pounds with a more significant fraction of this money helping mitigate the spread of breast cancer in Scotland.

In the context of Iceland, this report submits that MoonWalk events take place at Lake Myyatn; whereby based this geographic position the events occurs during the day. The route is the rural beginning and stopping at the lake’s hot springs.

The first MoonWalk in the United Kingdom happened in the year 1998, and ever since more than 380,000 men and women have risen more than 127 million pounds for the breast cancer charity Walk the Walk. The Walk the Walk Charity then in turns grants money to the needy charities and organisations throughout the United Kingdom. Remarkable celebrities who have contributed into the events include Debbie Chazen, Claire Balding, Charlie Condou, Jojo, Kirsty McCabe, Sally Lindsay, Jane Hill, Lorrane Kelly, Jennifer Saunders, Aliza Reger, Penny Smith and Nell Mc Andrew (Bowdin et al., 2001).

Charities Supported by the MoonWalk London and Services Provided

This report is conscious about the fact that The MoonWalk has dramatically influenced the awareness of breast cancer to the public in the UK. The finances raised through the event are allocated to various breast cancer causes which encompass the following (Quincey, 2017);

Penny Brohn UK in Bristol, Breast Cancer Haven in London and Leeds, Maggie’s Cancer Centres in Scotland, the Christie Hospital in Manchester, all of whom care and support the individuals dwelling with breast cancer

Breast Cancer Now; for research in areas including the Legacy Study, Generations Study, and the Tissue Bank. Tenovus, for vehicles which move to rural communities within Wales to offer chemotherapy, cancer support, and lymphatic drainage Walk the Walk has also offered Scalp Cooling Equipment to 247 health facilities in the UK which has helped prevent hair loss during chemotherapy treatment. Grants have also been provided to groups including the Belfast Lagan Dragons, offering them two 40 ft. boats for their Dragon Boat racing team, which constitutes of people affected by breast cancer. FACT in Gateshead for post and pre-cancer care and support for the society

Maggie’s Centres which are drop-in centres across the United Kingdom and Hong Kong aiming at assisting individuals impacted by cancer. The centres ate caring institutions offering practical advice, support and information related to the disease. Breast Cancer Haven which is a charity organisation in the UK running in London, Hereford, Wessex, West Midlands and Yorkshire to provide free support, complementary treatments, and information to breast cancer patients; especially those affected physically or emotionally by the condition. The MoonWalk London provides the following services; and by so doing which contributes to the commitment to suppress, or prevent the escalation of breast cancer symptoms and effects (Weidenfeld, and Leask, 2016);

Dietary advice Guidance and counselling to both patients and their supporters Complementary medications which assist in alleviating symptoms and associated medical side effects Haven at Home outreach programme for breast cancer patients unable to get to a Breast Cancer Haven centre. Relevant information on breast cancer Lymphoedema Awareness Classes and Lymphoedema Awareness

The country’s political, social, economic, technological parameters provide a favourable environment for the progression of Moon Walk London activities. Besides, there is an element of environmental awareness for participants to ensure environmental degradation is curbed while partaking in the ritual. The awareness intends to promote environmental conservation by discouraging discarding of wastes, pollutions of all kinds; and maintaining the authentic beauty of nature.

The 22nd MoonWalk London is yet the first-night charity walk arranged by grant-making breast cancer charity Walk the Walk. The event takes place in London, involving the walking through the city in decorated bras while raising money and breast cancer sensitisation. The entry fee collected is used in organising the event alongside other logistics including decorating the wonder bras, provisions for hot organic meals, event vests and cap, entertainment, and event-related training.

The event will take a route course which will enable the participants to find merry along the way; while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Among the anticipated scenes are the Peace Pagoda, the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Big Pen, Buckingham Palace, Tate Modem and the Mall. The “Full Mooners” will get an opportunity to cross the Tower Bridge while the “Half Mooners” finding delight in crossing the Millennium Bridge while facing St Paul. The route path is designated to be as delightful a possible; and the team mandated with such a responsibility does welcome insights on how to do it better.

The social aspect of wearing of bras in both males and females is deemed as a unique trademark, which a vision to see the success not only in arousing awareness but also making the event relevant and so inspire much more contribution towards the cause of the event. Walk the Walk is indeed the country’s biggest grant-making breast cancer charity which is meant not only to raise money and awareness for vital breast cancer causes but to also inspire men and women to become more aware of their capabilities towards the threshold of wellbeing and fitness (Bennett et al., 2007).

Regarding this year’s event, the public is welcomed to join more than 2000 volunteers on the 12th or 13th May and have fun while raising the pounds for the said course. The organisers are looking for inspired volunteers to make both the full and half marathons a success in the magnificently decorated bras while arousing awareness and collecting money for the alleviation of the breast cancer menace from the country. Furthermore, this report takes cognisance of the gaps always available for the volunteers. The organisers to the impending occasion intend to split the MoonWalk night into three flexible shifts.

The first shift will constitute the Saturday Evening Crew which will mark the advent ceremony of the year’s events. The walkers and volunteers will arrive in large numbers before five in the evening; to officiate over various functions such as tattoos and balloons, baggage and water crew. The second shift is the Saturday Overnight Crew whereby the participants get out to the streets before the middle of the exciting night to take over the finish line and baggage roles. The Sunday Morning Crew helps in supporting the Walkers towards the end of their journey which is deemed as the most testing and inspirational phase of their challenge. This part begins at 6 am on Sunday 13th May and end at around 12 pm, once the last Walker crosses the Finish Line.

The contributors into the course need to have a positive mentality and a hard working perspective which in return will subject them into mutual interactions with people from different extractions. The event is an opportune moment to experience differentiated fun and an innovative experience on what one can do for the best interest of the people who have breast cancer. A handbook and briefing pack are given to the successful applicants. All volunteers ought to be above 13 years of age, and those ranging 13 to 17 years must be accompanied by a volunteer aged of 18 years and above.

The dedicated volunteers, therefore, form productive reservoirs which assist in programming and plotting the whole events. The victorious volunteers are given a volunteer pack which contains briefing notes and handbook which stipulate the particular roles they are assigned. These successful applicants form the basis of a team working with confidence to bring out the best of the events. The volunteers accrue various refreshments and t-shirts to make them feel appreciated. Besides, the successful volunteers are assigned a supervisor who provides a summary briefing in periodic contacts in the night.

The external environment encompassing of the political, social, economic, technological and environmental components in general do positively affect the success MoonWalk London event. The event comes at a time when the said sectors seek for comprehensive interventions to cut short the spread of not only breast cancer; but other related diseases which have continually paralysed the economy and living conditions of the people. The charity collection from the event plays a pivotal role in strengthening the research institutions that practice inventory techniques for cancer treatment (Duffin, 2009). Besides, the government policies do support the event;and the effort to invest in the healthcare sector. The donations from the organisation have deemed a milestone and an avenue to spread awareness to the people on the need to uphold health lifestyle and preventative measures against cancer.


As discussed in the report, the MoonWalk London event was an idea whose conception was relevant amidst the real tragedy of breast cancer amongst the women. The event has continually contributed actively into the pursuits of healing the planet from the disease and ignorance accompanying the outbreak of breast cancer; which consequently has cut short the reported cases. This report maintains a positive view that the event is an excellent idea; full of not only entertainment prospects but also educational value to many people in the United Kingdom and beyond. There is a need therefore for everyone to get inclined to it pursuits and provide the necessary support which in summation will contribute to dismantling the adverse breast cancer from the face of the earth.

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