Patient Care And Community Engagement

Pharmacist’s role is more than just delivering and counting pills and medicine but is required to offers more than that. They have their roles defined and more explained in the modern world since they deal with many doctors and patients to come up with the most appropriate prescriptions. This pharmacy has employees who have lovely and commendable people skills and are have credible professional language speakers and at the same time can double as laymen and explain the facts to customers in simple terms.

These employees can overcome language barriers and any other aspects of diversity. The employees exhibit excellent interpersonal skills as they interact with patients, doctors, and other medical personnel with acute analytical skills and can make deductions that are trustworthy to the customer. This pharmacy takes clinical care seriously and provides it as well. This process involves monitoring those patients who supper long term condition and require trustworthy and reliable expertise and advice.


The Maddock Pharmacy is also used to deliver Flu vaccination thereby making it more critical to the local community around it. With the provision of a consultation room that offers complete privacy and services such as recycling inhalers, a common need in the city and there are no bookings required before consultations according to Davies et al. 2014. These services and the general outlook of the facility reassures patients, and the discussions help improve the knowledge of the patients concerning the products (Mossialos et al. 2013).

These pharmacists can provide assessments with whether a person needs to see a physician and the integration of the internet and home deliveries show the enhanced organization structure of the Maddock Pharmacy puts it in an efficient position to serve the community. Being easy to access the patients to take advantage of the no booking consultation option and this convenience is useful. The staff is friendly, nonjudgmental and their mannerisms are what makes the pharmacy desirable (Castaldo et al. 2016). The referral program is reliable and coupled with the quality of service offered gives it an edge over significant chain pharmacies.

In offering their services, this pharmacy first receives the prescription from the patient, and examination of the same begins. The professional pharmacists also conduct a contact assessment of the patient condition that if he or she requires proper treatment and referral. The communication methods are valid, and they get the patient to be calm, collected and trust the system. The staff then proceeds from there, and the available and qualified physician reviews the script sent to them, prints the script label then do the extraction of the meds from the inventory, overlooks the packaging personally.

The meds are after that double checked against the printed labels then finally the drugs are carefully prepared and delivered or distributed to the patients. The constant possibility of receiving a prescription that is either incorrect or misplaced is always high. This poses the possible case of drug abuse when using a pharmacy. This problem arises from inadequate information or lack thereof between the physician who examines the prescriptions and the person who retrieves the meds from the inventory. Therefore having experienced and reliable employees should be essential to avoid such deadly setbacks. The facility needs more physicians and analysts to prevent the slow process of queuing that patients go through to get their prescriptions reviewed by the few consultants (Castaldo et al. 2016).

A process map that involves the patient delivering the prescription for review or consultation and advice is required to establish the course of action. The pharmacy then receives the prescription then logs it into the computer system for accuracy. This electronic method allows for the billing of insurance information and the filing of the required medication after which this information proceeds to the pharmacist for checking. He or she checks the medicine and gives the patient an offer to educate the patient on the treatment and condition or offer consultation. The prescription goes at this final stage to the patient complete with automatic backup.

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The performance of a pharmacy is dependent majorly on customer service because of the unique nature of the customers. Extraordinary customer service is the secret because the customers are bound to talk to friends and family about the service offered. This scenario is however difficult to achieve. Competitors in the pharmacy business are making taking advantage of the fact that customers are getting more informed and can access medical information faster. Similar pharmacies in the city lack the trust that customers require to entrust complete loyalty to a pharmacy. Customers also are wary of pharmacies with strong commercial connections and high financial motives (Kanyan et al. 2015).

Providing more experienced and educated pharmacist can give the pharmacy an advantage over competitors. Maintaining the standards of referrals and recommendations should keep the facility another step above the competition. For the ultimate customer experience, the pharmacy should address certain factors to ensure the customers are delighted. Therefore avoiding errors in the prescription is vital so that customers do not wait through the process of contacting the prescriber. Competing pharmacies that have adopted the electronic and internet method still require accuracy and downtime. Improving on communication goes a long way towards better customer experience and in turn performance. Specific highly demanded medication are rare all over the city, and the pharmacy with an extensive inventory that covers such cases well and refills stock fast in case of outages stands a better chance at performing higher than the competition.

Quality service provision is a comparison between what the customer perceives as his or her expectations of the business and the result they regard as the performance. High-Quality services should either meet or surpass the expectations set by the customers yet still retaining the economic, competitive edge to maintain top-notch performance according to Knoer 2014. In coming up with the operations strategy, the pharmacy is required to rate the list the competitive aspects like flexibility, customer satisfaction, staff efficiency and experience and cost of providing these services as well as running the business. We need this to come up with an independently generated list of the performance of the pharmacy so that we can prioritize these competitive aspects (Kanyan et al. 2015).

Therefore it is expected that the enterprise considers two significant factors of the vital performance matrix that is what the customers involved with the business plan and how the performance of the business process rates against the production (Gallagher and Gallagher 2012). The recommended improvement priority, therefore, is: First, we consider the advantages we have over other competitors, yet these advantages provide a little or insignificant advantage. Hence, if the pharmacy discovers a strategy that was perceived to have significant effects but in turn ends in low brand impact. These should be made relevant or lowered to a less priority position to maximize resources on other sectors. This action is intended to reach customers that have not yet become loyal customers (Seymour and Hussein 2014).

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Second, wherever the pharmacy shows excellent results in performance and customer satisfaction. Excellent customer service and staff experience should keep on running to maintain a competitive advantage. The customer base targeted is the, disgruntled customers who have failed to get their desired expectations from competing pharmacies. Next case is where there is a low impact on the brand and perception of performance is also low. Here, it is the online purchase system that requires valid proof of prescription, and it is also impossible to confirm the identity and condition of the patient. Being an industry-wide problem, for competitive advantage allocation of resources to this sector should be re-prioritized elsewhere finally, where an issue or competitive aspect turns out to be a complete disadvantage. In this case, the pharmacy should activate corrective action (Azzopardi and Nash 2013).

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Numerous risks face the process of implementing these recommendations; therefore in dealing with the threat, we formulate a risk action plan. The key is to identify and handle the risk. Here we look back at the essential personnel who are well equipped to manage new and existing business and organizational flexibility. Sharp et al. 2012 argues that we, therefore, avoid risks by being careful enough to ensure that only those who are authorized to carry out the stipulated implementations. In this way, all the chances are minimal, and responsibility, as well as accountability, narrowed down to the organization’s best people. According to Green et al. 2015, keeping a record of the progress and continuously analyzing and making changes enables the business to identify patterns that point to possible mishaps and future interruptions (Kanavos and Wouters 2014).

Before placing such responsibilities on any employee, the organization should engage staff and management in group discussions and meetings to understand better their roles. In achieving this and in turn reducing the chances of risks the administration has to train and equip the whole staff to be aware of the changes and be ready to adapt according to Seymour and Hussein 2014.

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