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Group dynamic and personal contribution in developing an effective team is beneficial for personal and professional growth where it is posisbel to develop suitable working environment with cooperation and proper communication (Ellis, 2018; Berman et al., 2019). In the recent years, team working activities by working with others play a crucial role ion developing organisational aims and objectives, enhancing performnace and achieving success collaboratively. Through this study, it is possible to utilise Kolb’s reflective model for reflection own contribution in developing team work.


Own contribution in working in partnership

Own contribution in developing an effective team is necessary in which, having clear ad logical objective is important to be established, so that everybody can follow the shared goal and contribute with their full potential to achieve future success. Moreover, supporting each other and maintaining harmony at the workplace are also contributing factors which helps me to cooperate with other members in the team and improve collaborative working practice. Showing respect to each other and valuing each other’s culture are also important where I try to respect all the people irrespective of their cultural diversity. This would be beneficial for me to develop a good team dynamic for working as a team and achieving the team objective (Mark, 2018; Paauwe, and Boon, 2018).

Global Railway versus Air

Apart from the above contributing factors, I also focus on maintaining positive attitude in the team and managing transparency and accountability, so that it is easy to develop fair treatment at the workplace. This further helps me to improve bonding and string relationship with proper trust and loyalty among the team members (Forsyth, 2018; Driskell, Salas, and Driskell, 2018). This in turn provides a scope to create suitable working environment, where the members can rely on each other’s decision and trust other to work as team. Listening each other’s feedback and cooperation needs to be important in developing team dynamic and in this regard, I try to cooperate with all of the team members for building string team bond and working on a partnership basis.

Global Railway versus Air Global Railway versus Air

As per the strengths of myself, I am able to contribute in developing an effective team through improving cooperation and developing collaborative working practice with Trista dn loyalty. In this regard, I also contribute in developing good relationship so that the members can rely on each other. Additionally, managing cultural diversity by treating all of the members fairly. Managing harmony, maintaining transparency and accountability, improving good relationship by trusting each other are effective for developing group dynamics. However, my major weaknesses are such as poor communication, less contribution in decision making skill, poor interactive skill to express own thoughts and understanding for which it is not possible for me to take active part in problem solving and decision-making skill which are important activities in the team dynamics.

Managing conflicts

Through communication, it is possible for me to manage the internal conflicts, and in this regard, I would try to improve my interactive skill and arrange group discussion where it is easy to convince other team members and manage the internal conflicts among the team members. Moreover, open communication with positive attitude and interpersonal skill will also be important for me to manage the internal conflicts and improve the team working activities at the workplace. Through open discussion and sharing each other’s perspectives, it is also possible for me to manage the team members and resolve interact issues as well as convince them to collaborate and communicate positively for achieving the shared goal of the team.

Kolb’s reflective model

Through using Kolb’s reflective model, it is posisbel to discuss the experiences that has been gathered during the team work, and reflect upon own observations by reviewing the experience (McIntyre, Dix, and Ward, 2018).

Global Railway versus Air

The theory of Kolb’s reflective model is effective to develop abstract conceptualisation as well as active experimental, so that own strengths and weaknesses can be evaluated, and the learner can develop proper goal for improving own contribution on creating a good teamwork. As per the model, the experience of teamwork and collaboration are beneficial for improving own knowledge and technical skill as well as sharing each other’s views. This is also effective to improve understanding and develop problem solving and critical thinking skill through conducting more research together. Proper communication further helps to share the vision and goal of the workplace, where all the members try to cooperate with each other for enhancing the overall organisational performnace (Noguera, Guerrero-Roldán, and Masó, 2018; Kozlowski, and Chao, 2018). As per the abstract conceptualisation, it is important for me to improve my interactive skill so that I can communicate with others for managing the team conflict and enhance the cooperative working practice for developing an effective team work.

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Team work and group dynamics needs proper cooperation, communication, respecting each other and fair treatment so that it is easy to improve trust and loyalty among the team members. My strengths of managing transparency, respecting others and cooperation are helpful for me to contribute in the team but I face some problems such as lack of interactive skill and poor knowledge in decision making and problem-solving skill. In order to contribute more in developing the team, it is necessary for me to improve my communication skill so that I can discuss with others and share experiences for improving knowledge and understanding and this would be beneficial for me in near future to improve my problem solving and decision making skill so that I can develop an effective team through positive cooperation and interaction.

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